BOY SCOUT TROOP 750 by HC121002165613


									                              DAY PACK EQUIPMENT
The following list of equipment should be placed in a day pack and be available to bring
to troop meetings as required. This equipment should also be included in your pack on
all campouts.

    2 pens and pencils                           pocket knife (only with Tot-n-Chip card)
    spiral notebook                              10 ft ¼ inch hemp/other rope (knot practice)
    Scout Handbook                               pack of instant hot chocolate
    Rain poncho                                  packs of instant soup
    personal first aid kit equipped with:        sierra cup or mess kit cup
         - band-aids                              compass
         - sting ease                             whistle
         - antiseptic                             flashlight with two extra batteries
         - insect repellent (cutters)             sweatshirt, stocking cap in zip-lock bag
         - sun screen lotion                      set of socks, t-shirt, and under shorts in zip-
         - vaseline lip therapy                    lock bag
         - water proof matches                    $1 in change for emergency phone calls
    personal sewing kit equipped with:           extra zip-lock bags
         - needle and thread
         - safety pins
    toilet paper in zip-lock bag
    soap in nylon stocking in zip-lock bag
    water bottle/container (full of water)

Items struck through are not need for the June 26th backpack check.
In addition to the items above, please bring their mess kit.
All items can be packed in an old school backpack or similar.

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