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									POOJA Vidhi
 o   Make an ALTER, Place Mahanluxmi Photo in sitting position
 o   Place Lord Ganesha Picture by the side.
 o   Hang on wall behind Mhanluxmi Photo, your other DEVI Devtas, and Gurus - All
     respected Deities.
 o   Ignite Pure Ghee Jyoti, Sandlewood Agarbati
 o   Keep some sweets Burfee or Rasgula ( No Grains should be in sweets)
 o   Break flowers into small Pestles
 o   Sit in front of the alter If alter is On Table you can sit on chairs
 o    Recite Aum three times, then Do Namaskar to Ganesh ji with flower pestles
 o   Do Namaskar to your Isht Dev or GURUS and ancestors.
 o   Do Gayatri Mantra three (3) Times.
 o   Now you start Aum Mahaluxmieh Namoo & offer Flower Pestles to the feet of
     Mahaluxmi 108 times – (Mahaluxmi is your main Deity before Pooja invite her to
     be seated when you place HER Picture
 o   Recite Mahanluxmi Ashttotar do Naman with each sttotar
 o   Do Gayatri Mantra three (3) times.
 o   Do Mahaluxmi arti
 o   Offer Sweets or sugar and Water to all Deities
 o   Now take sugar or sweets yourself also
Note: I recommend you to get your Horoscope done, so that if some other treatment is needed. If some planet
is at wrong place we should first block it so that it does not keep on spoiling your whole Pooja Experience. Same
as If you keep on putting water into a utensil which has got a hole in it then the water will keep on leaking.

It is your choice - otherwise if you do not get the results you may call it fake Pooja, which may put you into more

Please stay on Fruits, Juice, milk, tea or coffee during the day, after the pooja you can have hot meal with
Roasted or boiled potatoes, Kachaloo or Shakarkand. Absolutely No Onion or Grains.

Please do this puja with dedication and devotion. We would like to have your feed back after this!

Most Humbly Your Well Wisher

Puru Kaucshal
   The Mahalakshmi Stotra: A Transliteration and Translation
            Shree Indra Uvach,
        Namostute-astu Mahamaye                                    Padmasan-stithe devi
          shri peethe soorpoojite,                                par-brahm swaroopini,
         shankh chakra gada haste                                  parmeshi jaganmatar
        MahaLakshmi Namostute (1)                               MahaLakshmi Namostute (7)

         Namaste Garuda-rudhe                                     Shwetambardhare devi
           kalasura bhayankari,                                    nanalankar bhushite,
            sarva paphare devi                                    jagat-stithe jaganmata
        MahaLakshmi Namostute (2)                               MahaLakshmi Namostute (8)

           Sarvagye sarva-varde
          sarvadusta bhayankari,
                                                                yah pathed bhaktiman nar,
           sarva dukh-hare devi
        MahaLakshmi Namostute (3)
                                                                rajyam prapnoti sarvada (9)

         Siddhi Budhhi prade devi                                 Ek-kale pathen-nityam
          bhakti mukti pradayini,                                  mahapapvinashanam,
          mantramurte sadadevi                                  dwi-kale yah pathen-nityam
        MahaLakshmi Namostute (4)                                dhandhanyasamanvit (10)

          Aadhyantara-hite devi                                 Tri-kalam yah pathen-nityam
        aadhya shakti maheshwari,                                   mahashatruvinashan,
          yogje yog sambhoote                                  MahaLakshmi Bhaven-nityam,
        MahaLakshmi Namostute (5)                              prassanna varda shubham (11)

       SthulaSukshma Maharoudrou                          Iti Shri MahaLakshmyastak Sampoornam
          Mahashakti Mahodare,
            Mahapap hare devi
       MahaLakshmi Namostute (6)

Lord Indra said, "O great force! one who is beseated on the seat of wealth, worshipped by the gods,
Salutations to you! One who wields in her hands Conch, Discus, and the gada, O MahaLakshmi!
Salutations to you! (1)
One who sits on the Garuda, by whom Kolasura fears, and the destroyer of all the sins, O Goddess
MahaLakshmi! Salutations to you! (2)

One who knows everything, giver (of boons) to all, source of deterrence to all evil, & remover of
everybody's sorrows, O Goddess MahaLakshmi! Salutations to you! (3)

Giver of Success (Siddhi), intellect (buddhi), enjoyment (bhog), & emancipation (moksha), O Goddess
MahaLakshmi! Always Salutations to you! (4)

O Goddess, one whose existence is free from the beginning & the end, the eternal force, O Goddess, O
Goddess who has taken form out of YOGA, Goddess MahaLakshmi! Salutations to you! (5)

O Goddess, you are the (main) substance (sthuhl), extremely minute (sukshma), and the most defiant &
angry formed one ( Maharoudrou), you are the great force (of the world), and destroyer of the
extremely big sins, O Goddess MahaLakshmi! Salutations to you! (6)

O Goddess who sits on the lotus, one whose form (swaroop) is as vibrant as the eternal God
(parabrahma), O greatest Goddess, O Jagdamba, O MahaLakshmi, Salutations to you! (7)

O Goddess you are the one who adorns white clothes, several types of jewels. You are the omnipresent,
and the creator of the world. (8)

The man who reads this stotra regularly, with devotion, he acquires all successes & stately adornments.

One who reads this stotra once, daily; his greatest sins get destroyed. One who reads, this stotra twice,
daily, gets abundant wealth & material requirement, as per requirement. (10)

One who reads daily, this stotra thrice, his greatest enemies would be destroyed and Goddess
MahaLakshmi, giver of boons, doer of good for everybody, is always happy on him. (11)

Thus ends the MahaLakshmi Stotra, written by Indra.

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