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					              FRWC Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
                       November 16, 2001

Directors in attendance: Darren Bagley-MSU Extension Genesee County, Linda Berker-Sierra
Club, Bob Carlyon-City of Flint Water Plant, Stef Diana-Mott Community College, Dorothy
Gonzales-Genesee County Health Department, Olof Karlstrom-Attorney, Jeff Mansour-U of M
Flint, Jack Minore-Michigan 49th District Representative, Larry Petrella-Pheasants Forever, Fred
Townsend-Genesee Audubon Society

Directors not in attendance: Jennifer Bigelow-General Motors, Jay Blair-Natural Resource
Conservation Service, Harry Blecker-Center for Applied Environmental Research, Deb Cherry-
citizen, Dan Emerton-UAW 599, John Freeman-Vietnam Veterans of America #175, Howard
Gray-Lapeer County Health Department, Brent Lewis-Kettering University, Roxy Moreno-
Genesee County Parks and Recreation, Robert Podolsky-U Of M Flint, Mary Wines-citizen, Jeff
Wright-Genesee County Drain Commissioner

Others in attendance: Sue Kubic (for Jeff Wright-Genesee County Drain Commissioner), Jeanne

I. Introductions and approval of minutes:

Approval of the minutes from the September 21st meeting were moved by Jack Minore,
seconded by Larry Petrella, motion passed

II. Treasurers report:

A. $8,057.74 - $5,100.00 = $2,957.74 is FRWC. The $5,100 will go back to the Swartz Creek
319 Grant once it up and running. This is GM's donation to the project.
B. Only a hand full of current members paid dues in 2001. Mostly because I did not get due
notices out. I have worked with Dorothy on this and her staff is getting this together.
C. We now have a system in place to thank new applicants once they do join FRWC
D. We received a new application via use of internet in the month of August.
*E. Merrill Lynch normally charges our type of account $250 annual fee for administrative
services and $15 for checks. I explained to them that the interest we would receive from them
would not make up for this fee. Therefore; our agent, Debbie Herman, waived the fee. The fee
was there in our September statement and I pointed this out to her. She will work on giving us
back the $285. I will see if the October statement rectified itself. This $285 is not reflected in the
current Treasurer's report, because I believe it will be rectified.

Approval of the treasurer's

III. Dates for your calendar
A. Annual Meeting & Monitoring Recognition: Saturday, Jan. 26th, 10AM - Noon, Formar
B. Board Meetings for 2002: March 15, May 17, July 19, Sept 20, Nov 15
C. Exec committee meeting: Dec. 14th (2nd Friday), Room 8
D. Exec committee meetings for 2002: Feb 15, April 19, June 21, Aug 16, Oct 18, Dec 13
E. Environmental Quality committee: Immediately following all board meetings.
F. Education committee:
G. Finance committee: Nov. 19th at 4pm
H. Publicity/Public Relations committee:
I. Recreation committee:
J. Steam monitoring dates for 2002: Training April 17th &18th, Monitoring April 27th andMay

IV. Annual Meeting and Monitoring Recognition

A. Annual Meeting includes: election of board members & officers, update on goals &
objectives- Darren will develop a presentation to show to the membership, discussion of
priorities and other issues that need to be addressed,
B Monitoring Recognition is being planned by Dorothy Gonzales

V. Staffing Issues

A. Stef and Olof are working with the Mott foundation to get funding for an executive director.
Approval of job description; Darren moved to accept the description, Linda seconded; motion
passed. Olof moved to approve funding for recruiting an executive director, Linda seconded;
motion passed.
b) Volunteer monitoring coordinator
c) Student assistant

VI. Committee Reports

A. Beautification/Cleanup- River Cleanup will take place Saturday, May 18th

B. Environmental Quality- No Report

C. Education Committee- Next meeting will be Dec 6th at 5:30pm as MSUE office

D. Finance/Membership- The Ruth Mott Foundation was receptive to Public Health or
Beautification Projects, but not for an executive director

E. Publicity/Public Relations

1. Dorothy Gonzales recieved a grant from Saginaw Bay Watershed Initiative Network for
F. Recreation-Larry Petrella is getting dates for other groups' recreational activities in the

X. Old Business

A. Board Liability Insurance- Olof and Linda will figure out what we need. Jeff Mansour will
also look into it.

XII. Adjournment-Everyone motioned, seconded and approved to adjourn the meeting.

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