Science and Research Outcomes for Undergraduate Majors by HC12100216922


									                     Psy 2206 Intro to Research Methods: Concepts and Terms

Psychology as a Science                         Experimental Design

 Theories and hypotheses                        Nonexperimental research designs
 Logic                                              o case studies
     o Inductive reasoning                           o observational (field studies)
     o deductive reasoning                           o correlational studies
 Empiricism, determinism, testability,              o surveys
  parsimony                                          o archival
 Variation/chance/probability                       o descriptive
 Populations/samples                            Experiments
                                                     o random assignment
Reliability & Validity                               o between-groups; within-group
                                                     o control groups
 Validity                                       Variables
     o internal                                      o operational definitions
     o external                                      o independent
     o construct                                     o dependent
     o conceptual                                    o confounding
                                                 Hypothesis testing
 Reliability                                        o validation, falsification, qualification
     o interrater                                    o one-tailed, two-tailed, null
     o test-retest                               Threats to internal validity: (mortality,
     o iternal consistency                                  selection, testing, etc.)
                                                 Subject selection
 Threats to validity
     o response bias                            Data Analysis & Measurement
     o selection bias
     o attrition                                 Nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio
     o history & maturation                      Measures of central tendency (mean, mode,
     o regression towards the mean                median)
     o testing effects                           Measures of variance
     o reaction and demand characteristics            o variance & standard deviation
     o confounds                                 Frequency distributions
                                                      o normal curve
Survey Design                                         o percentiles
                                                      o standard scores
 Interviews & Questionnaires                    Correlation coefficient
 Sampling issues                                Inferential statistics
      o population & samples                          o t-test
      o selection                                Non-parametric
 Content issues                                      o Chi square
 Administrative issues                          Probability and chance
 Question issues                                     o Type I and II errors
      o types                                    Significance
      o response format                               o statistical
      o wording                                       o meaningful
 Scaling issues

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