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                SID Administrator’s Report

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International Forum on ANSI-41 Standards Technology
IFAST Meeting #23
March 24 th -25th, 2004
Atlanta, Georgia

A summary of the status of SID administration since the last IFAST meeting.

For the information of IFAST members.
               IFAST SID Administrator’s Report
 We have had inquiries from both India and Thailand regarding national SID
  assignment. In both cases we have (so far) avoided becoming involved, as we
  believe that this is the responsibility of the national regulator.
 In September, 2003 the SID codes 15904 and 15905 were assigned to the
  CDMA industry for use in PRL (Preferred Roaming List) databases to indicate
  IMSI-based records (rather than SID or NID based). These are adjacent to a
  previous assignment to the CDMA industry.
 In October, 2003, the Kyrgyz Republic was assigned 17 codes in the range
 In March 2004, we tentatively assigned SID codes 10784-10785 to Latvia, at
  the request of Telekom Baltija, with the understanding that the government
  regulator would contact us with a more complete request later. If possible we
  will extend this range at that time.
 We have been monitoring the privatization of US SID administration, and have
  written to all 6 administrators describing the role of IFAST.
 A new conflict between SETAR (Aruba) and Japan was reported. It appears
  that the Japanese CDMA carrier (KDDI) is not using this SID code.
 The SID records for the two Yemen republics have been merged (the republics
  merged in, um, 1990).
 Country names have been changed from the formal ITU name (e.g.
  “Uzbekistan (Republic of)”) to the common usage name (e.g. Uzbekistan). This
  simplified the consolidation of contact information into the IRM Billing
  Contact Database (which contains billing, roamer, regulatory and other

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