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									               South Littleton Parish Council
      Minutes of the Council meeting held at 7-30pm on
                  Thursday 15th April 2010

Present             Councillors:-
                         Sean Witheford Chairman
                         Gary Bailey vice Chairman
                         Warren Davies
                         Roy Gibson
                         Alan Anderson (District Cllr.)
                         Jenny Barnsley
                         Richard Herborn

In Attendance              Two members of the public
                           Tom Bean County Councillor

Apologies                  Cllr. Pete Lancaster

Declaration of Interest
04/10/01    Cllr. Lancaster declared a non prejudicial interest
            in any issue regarding The Littleton Village Hall
            and ‘The Evesham Show’
04/10/02    Cllr Lancaster declared a non prejudicial interest
            as a neighbour in any recreation ground or
            planning issues.
04/10/03    Cllr Witheford, declared a non prejudicial interest
            as members of Littleton Tennis Club, Littleton
            Bowls Club, a neighbour to the Recreation Ground
            and as a manager of various junior football teams
04/10/04    Cllr Witheford declared a non prejudicial interest in
            knowing through business connections,
            contractors being requested to quote for work on
            the Recreation Ground and the Main Street
04/10/05    Cllr Anderson declared a prejudicial interest in
            certain issues whilst discussing Affordable
04/10/06    Cllr Bailey declared a prejudicial interest in any
            issues dealing with HMP Long Lartin as his
            employer has business dealings with them
04/10/07    Cllr Gibson and Cllr Witheford declared a non
            prejudicial interest in any issue regarding the
            Littleton Village Hall
04/10/08    Cllrs Davies declared a non prejudicial interest as
            a member of the Littleton Bowling Club.
04/10/09    Cllr Witheford declared a non prejudicial interest in

            the Parish allotment as he is a plot holder
04/10/10    Cllr Lancaster declared a non prejudicial interest
            in the Parish dealing with Vale Gardens and
            Badham motors as he also has accounts with
            these companies.
04/10/11    Cllr Witheford declared a non prejudicial interest
            as a neighbour with the Parish considering
            cutting/removing trees on the recreation ground.
04/10/12    Cllr Barnsley and Cllr Herborn declared a non
            prejudicial interest as a neighbour to the Parish
            recreation ground and any decision made
04/10/13    Cllr Herborn declared a non prejudicial interest as
            a member of Littleton Tennis club and connection      Clerk to
            with various junior football teams who play on the    action
            Recreation ground.

Minutes of Previous Meeting
04/10/14    The minutes of the meetings held on the               Clerk to
            18th March 2010 were approved.                        action

County Councillors Report
04/10/15  County Councillor Bean gave the Council an
          update on the issue of Roberts Lane. Three
          months ago he had been ‘put on the spot’
          regarding the question of who was responsible for
          the upkeep of Roberts Lane. Cllr Bean saw a
          solution in that if people disagreed as to
          responsibility it was up to them to prove their
          Residents had copied him with the
          correspondence they had written to
          Worcestershire C. C. Cllr Bean had sent these
          letters to W C C solicitor. Subsequently all
          concerned had received correspondence from
          Roy Fullee (WCC Highways Officer) who stated
          that the Council were looking into the issue and
          that they would respond as soon as possible.
04/10/16  Cllr Bean stated that he would ensure that they
          were not diligent
04/10/17  Cllr Bean stated that it was stupid not to copy him
          on any issue as he couldn’t take any action
04/10/18  Agreed that Cllr Bean be copied on all relevant
          correspondence even if he is present at the
          meeting were it had been discussed
          Fire Authority
04/10/19  Proposal for Warwickshire County Council to
          close five fire stations (including Bideford on

            Avon) seems to have been abandoned until after
            the general election.
04/10/20    The high risk of a terrorist attach in local large
            towns and cities when a great number of fire
            fighters would be required is one of the reasons
            that retained fire stations were required
04/10/21    Cllr Bailey asked how this situation affected South
            Littleton Parish Council. Cllr Bean thought that no
            action was required until something happened.

District Councillor Report
04/10/22    Cllr Anderson reported that very little had
            happened since the last Parish meeting as there
            had not been a District Council meeting in that
04/10/23    There had been a couple of planning matters.
04/10/24    The Community Grant scheme was available and
            the deadline for applications is 28th May.
04/10/25    Cllr Anderson offered to write a letter of support
            for any application.
04/10/26    Cllr Anderson reported that he had attended the
            local PACT meeting were the question of whether
            they could attend the Littleton Fun Day. This was      Cllr
            agreed.                                                Anderson
04/10/27    Possibility of visiting the new Rubbish tip was to     to action
            be ‘chased up’

Progress Reports
           Area around Bus Stop in Main Street
04/10/28   Contractors work now complete. Cllrs had
           received positive and pleasing comments from
04/10/29   The new improved area was now showing up
           some of the surrounding area. It was reported
           that one commercial business had recently
           commenced redecorating their premises. Other
           private property owners were to be contacted to
           see if they could improve the appearance of            Clerk to
           their properties and boundary fences/hedges            action

            Street Lights
04/10/30    Clerk reported that he had received notification
            of new rates to be charged by the contactor. It       Clerk to
            was a small increase and the Council agreed           action
            that they would continue using them.

            Scrutiny of Youth
04/10/31    Cllr Anderson reported that there was little to
            report on this subject.

04/10/32   It was reported that a Wychavon Youth bus had
           been seen driving through the Parish.

04/10/33   Open Spaces
           Recreation Ground
           Cllr Davies reported that signs reminding owners
           to clear up dog mess had been placed around
           the recreation ground. Concern was raised as to
           whether a sign was required nearer the
           Children’s play area.
           Paddock Area
           Detailed work quotation had been received from
           Ancient Oaks Tree Surgeons (Actual quote
04/10/35   previously agreed)
           Council were asked to nominate 4 species of
04/10/36   tree that were to be planted                        Clerk to
           Agreed that a Copper Beech, Sweet Chestnut,         action
           Red Oak and Norway Maple be ordered
           Clerk reported that a resident had contacted him
           to complain of tree pruning’s been left on the      Cllrs Davies/
           ground and that the area was mowed ignoring         Witheford to
04/10/38   this area.                                          action
           Cllr Davies/Witheford to investigate.

04/10/39   Tennis Club
           Request by the club for the Council to provide a
           light to illuminated the entrance to the club had   Clerk to
           been received – to be discussed at the next         action

           Play Area on the Recreation Ground
04/10/40   Cllr Herborn reported that a Community Group
           had been formed.
04/10/41   A draft specification was to be submitted to the
           Clerk for onward transmission to 3 horticultural
           architects.                                         Cllr Herborn
04/10/42   Possibility of Grants for the project to be         to action
           investigated. Help on the grant application to be
           sought from North & middle Littleton P C
           Working group to meet

           Flower Tubs
04/10/43   Due to Cllr Lancaster’s absence this item to be
           carried forward.

           Speed Signs
04/10/44   Proposal that South Littleton Parish Council

           co-operates with Cleeve Prior Parish Council on
           the purchase of a shared Vehicle Activated Sign
           was agreed
04/10/45   Cllr Davies explained that the costs would be
           estimated at £1472.50 each
04/10/46   He also explained that there were many details       Cllr Davies
           to be investigated and agreed with Highways,         to action
           Police and Cleeve Prior before the project could
           be finalised
           Shinehill Lane
04/10/47   Cllr Davies confirmed that a hew sign had been
           erected on the Lane near to the ‘Bomford’ Farm

           Land on the Estate
04/10/48   Clerk reported that the Council had replied to
           The Home office explaining that the Council still    Clerk to
           required the land and explaining what it was to      action
           be used for a children’s play area.

04/10/49   One Bench had been sited on the revamped             Clerk to
           Main Street and quotations were being sought         action
           for the placing of the other 4.

           Web Site
04/10/50   Revamp of the site ongoing

04/10/51   Clerk reported that he had received an email
           from Julia de Paris asking for a representative to
           attend the next PACT meeting due 16th April

04/10/52   SLAGA suggested that they (DI Wilson) be
           introduced to all new tenants before they visit
           the allotments prior to them confirming that they    Clerk to
           wished to proceed with their contract – agreed       action
04/10/53   Clerk explained that the latest tenant would be
           charged £10 next for his plot year

           Council Vacancy
04/10/54   Clerk reported that having received confirmation
           from Wychavon the Parish council could now
           co-opt .
04/10/55   Clerk reported that he had received some
04/10/56   Agreed that the vacancy would be advertised on Clerk to
           the notice boards with a deadline just prior to the action

           June Parish meeting were a decision would be

           Littleton Link
04/10/57   Clerk reported that he had been informed that
           the Link was been delivered to Cleeve Prior
04/10/58   Councillor were surprised and found it difficult to

           Fun Day
04/20/59   Cllr Bailey gave an update on the progress that
           has been made preparing for the actual day on
           June 19th
04/10/60   2 meetings were in the diary
           4th May at Cllr Bailey Home and a general             Cllr Bailey to
           meeting for all interested parties the be held at     action
           the Scout Hut 27th May 2010

           Roberts Lane
04/10/61   Clerk and C. Cllr Bean reported receipt of copy
           correspondence from local residents to
           Worcestershire County Council re the question
           as to who is responsibly for the up keep of the
           ‘top’ half of the road.
           They had all received similar replies stating that
           Highways engineer Roy Fullee had been asked
           to investigate and report back to the County
           Council and then the Parish and local residents
04/10/62   Rooftop Housing had stated that they would
           tarmac part of the road at the top last month.
           They have now stated that he work will be
           completed by the end of April.

04/10/63   Clerk reported that he had invited David Hunter
           Worcester Highways who is responsible for the
           Lengthsman scheme. He had replied accepting           Clerk to
           to visit the May parish meeting. It was pointed       action
           out that the May meeting would be very busy
           and that David be asked to in fact attend the
           June meeting. Clerk to action

04/10/64   Approvals: - . N/A                                     Clerk to
04/10/65   Applications: - N/A

            Rate Relief Request
04/10/66    Rate relieve for Canfields Ltd, Premier Stores was   Clerk to
            discussed.                                           action
04/10/67    Clerk requested to establish if this was a further
            request for relief already agreed or a new request   Clerk to
            for the current year                                 action

04/10/68    Urgent planning matters since production of
            agenda       Nil

Bills for Payments/Current Finance
04/10/69     Council agreed payments for April 2010, as per      Clerk to
             schedule supplied of £14,811.83.                    action

Clerks Update
           Schedule of Correspondence
04/10/70   All items brought to Cllrs attention. In particular
           correspondence from the Police informing that a       Clerk to
           youth living in the Parish had been sentenced to a    action
04/10/71   Chairman to speak to the police to see if the         Cllr
           Council could broadcast the name of the individual    Witheford
                                                                 to action
            Urgent Decisions since last meeting
04/10/72    Nil

A discussion on the role of the Parish Council and the individual
responsibilities of the Clerk and the Councillors, in particular the
consideration of procurement of services and communication within the
council and external organisations
04/10/73    Item taken earlier than on the agenda
04/10/74    The Chairman stated that he thought that the
            efficiency of the Parish Council and individuals
            working for the Council and its members was
            being undermined and he felt that the problems
            should be discussed and ongoing procedures

04/10/75    It was established that a great deal of what was
            required is contained within the Parish’s standard
            procedures and it was agreed that all Councillors
            should receive a copy of the latest version.

04/10/76      Clerk reported that the copy supplied was not in
             fact the latest version, This was further
             complicated by the recent issue of new National
             Standard orders.
04/10/77     The Clerk was requested to obtain a copy of these Clerk to
             orders in order for a small working party to be     action
             formed in order to confirm each order, or, draft an
             amendment in order to customise them for South
             Littleton Parish Council.
04/10/78     Meanwhile it was confirmed and agreed that
             Councillors could complete investigation work,
             copying the Clerk with any correspondence
             (including email) but that they could not for any
             reason, official write to an outside source
             committing the Council –
04/10/79     All correspondence including emails must come       All
             from the Clerk ‘

Trees near Bowls Club
04/10/80    Cllr Barnsley was concerned that the roots of the
           trees near the Bowling Club could be adversely
           effected by vehicles travelling over them when
           leaving the Club on the ‘one way’ system.
           It was established that the one way system was          Cllr
           only used once a year.                                  Barnsley
04/10/81   It was agreed that Cllr Barnsley would take             to action
           photographs in order to monitor any changes in
           the future.

Appearance of Properties on Main Street
04/10/82   The improvements to Main Street recently carries
          out by the Council had highlighted the poor
          appearance of some of the private and
          commercial premises in the locality.
04/10/83  Questions were raised as to whether the Council
          could, or, should contact these owners of the
          properties and what they should say.
          It was pointed out that two of the commercial
          properties had recently commenced some                   Clerk to
          improvements                                             action
04/10/84  Clerk to ‘speak’ to private resident.

Councillors Reports for future meetings
04/10/85    Tennis Club request for light to illuminate the path   Clerk to
            way up to the playing area                             action

04/10/86     Dog Fouling on the Recreation Ground and other        Clerk to
             areas                                                 action

Date and Venue of Next Meeting
04/10/87   Thursday 17th June 2010, 7-30pm at the Scout          Clerk to
           Hut on the Recreation Ground, Long Hyde Road,         action
           South Littleton, after the AGM

The Meeting closed at 10-35pm

Signed ……………………………                            Date …………………..

Notes of Public Question Time
           Two member of the public attended the meeting,
           who raised points re the allotments, trees near
           Bowling club and the scout hut, independence of
           the traffic group and dog fouling on the Recreation
           Ground in particular.


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