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					                          Monash University Policy Template
                           [See also the instructions for writing policy.]

Policy Title               [Delete italicised text from boxes as you enter your text.]

Purpose                     Usually a quite brief statement of intent, eg: To prohibit the possession,
                            carriage and use of weapons on university property.

A - Z Index Terms           In this field, which is not published on-line, you are asked to propose key
                            terms or phrases for referencing the policy in the A - Z Index; eg index terms
                            for a policy on plagiarism might include: cheating, collusion, plagiarism,
                            Turnitin, etc.

Supporting Research and     This field, which is not published on-line, is for documenting the process of
Analysis                    policy development and review.

Scope                       Do not write a sentence. Insert a simple list of those to whom the policy
                            applies, eg –
                            All staff
                            All students
                            All campuses

Policy Statement

Supporting Procedures       Mandatory, except with written permission from the Director, University
                            Policy. You have to have a very good reason not to develop procedures!
                            Hyperlink the procedures title.

Supporting Guidelines       Non-mandatory. Hyperlink the guidelines title.

Responsibility for          A simple list of those responsible for implementing the policy.

Status                      New, Revised or Rescinded?

Key Stakeholders            A simple list. Remember that key stakeholders must be consulted in the
                            development/review of a policy and its related procedures, so make your list
                            practical – eg avoid “all staff”, “all students” and the like, unless you really
                            intend to run extensive focus groups, etc.

Approval Body               Either (for “academic” policies):         Or (for “management” policies):
                            Name: Academic Board                      Name: [The appropriate delegate of
                            Meeting:                                  the Vice-Chancellor]
                            Date:                                     Meeting: n/a
                            Agenda item:                              Date: [date signed]
                                                                      Agenda item: n/a

Endorsement Body            Either (for “academic” policies):         Or (for “management” policies):
                            Name: [of endorsement body]               Name: [of endorsement body or
                            Meeting:                                  position]
                            Date:                                     Meeting: [detail or n/a]
                            Agenda item:                              Date: [meeting date or date signed]
                                                                      Agenda item: [detail or n/a]
Definitions                   Non-mandatory. Use format:
                              Key word/abbreviation: definition (maximum 500 characters including
                              Add further terms and definitions as required.

Related Legislation           [This box must be populated unless you can demonstrate that there is no
                              relevant legislation.] List and hyperlink all relevant legislative instruments
                              here. You may need to make separate lists using country-specific sub-
                              headings [“In Australia:”, “In South Africa:”, etc.] In some circumstances a
                              legislative instrument may apply to a particular set of procedures, but only
                              tangentially, or not at all, to the policy and/or other sets of procedures. In
                              such cases it is appropriate to omit the legislative instrument here, and to list
                              it under the (non-mandatory) Related Legislation heading in the relevant
                              procedures. Queries may be addressed to Risk and Compliance at

Related Policies              Non-mandatory. Hyperlink listed policies. [Subject to the relevant changes,
                              the Related Legislation note applies.]

Related Documents             Non-mandatory. Hyperlink listed documents. [Subject to the relevant
                              changes, the Related Legislation note applies.]

Date Effective                “Date of approval” – University Policy will insert the actual date prior to
                              posting to the Policy Bank – or approved “date of implementation”.

Review Date                   “Three years from date effective” – as above.

Policy Owner                  The position of the person responsible for the policy.

Policy Author                 The position of the person who wrote the policy.

Content Enquiries             Not an individual’s email address. The area should log an online request with
                              the IT Service Desk for the creation of a mail box to which enquiries may be
                              directed – eg,,

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