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									        Saskatchewan Athletic Therapists’ Association, Inc.
                                 FEE SCHEDULE

Section 1 - Fee for Service

As of July 2, 1999, the fee for service for Athletic Therapy will be $40.00
(including G.S.T.) for initial assessment and treatment and $30.00 per treatment
(including G.S.T.).

Section 2 - Narrative Medical Reports

A recommended fee of $75.00 will be charged for all reports not exceeding two
(2) pages. For reports exceeding two pages, the recommended fee of $75.00
plus $25.00 per additional half page will be levied.

Section 3 - Public Notification of Fee Structure

The fee for service must be prominently displayed in the treatment area, for
patient information.

Section 4 - Annual Review

The fee for service that is charged by a Certified Athletic Therapist would be
subject to annual review at the annual general meeting.

Section 5 - Insurance Company Notification

The S.A.T.A. will notify all insurance companies that include Athletic Therapy
services in their policies, as to any changes in the fee structure, or when a new
therapist fulfills the requirements for billing privileges.

                                                          S.A.T.A., Revised July 2004

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