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									                               CADE General Meeting Minutes
                                North Haven Public Library
                                      March 9, 2010

This meeting was called to order by Wendy Spurrier at 5:18 p.m.

In Attendance: Leigh Bak, Wendy Spurrier, Sue DeCarlo, Sangeeta Ahuja, Diane Bussolini, Amy
Sullivan, Lisa Gilmore, Betsy Gaudian, Beth Caffrey, Nancy Held, Debra Swanson, Will Dawson, Nancy
Votto, Pat Bak, Kari Davis, Karen Barbone, Cindy Kozak, MaryAnn Meade, Diane Selvaggi, Lisa Bishop,
Michele Perriolat, and Jennifer Polletta

Speaker: Dr. Fadi Al-khayer on Insulin and Cancer relationship

           Item                                  Discussion                        Action/Follow up
Welcome and Introduction:       Welcome and introductions. Wendy would
Wendy Spurrier                  like feedback on the site. If this area works
                                out we can divide the meetings up between
                                Meriden and North Haven.
Acceptance of January 28        Motion: Amy Sullivan
2010 Minutes                    Second: Sangeeta Ahuja
President’s Report: Wendy       DiabetesExpo is coming up on 4/17. There
Spurrier                        is a sign up sheet to help. Please consider
                                helping out; looking for help from 9a-4p.

                                Wendy would like to thank Sanofi Aventis
                                for sponsoring this months meeting.

                              Diabetes educator of the year is coming up;
                              please start thinking of nominees.
President Elect Report: Betsy How do we get the word out to the public          Beth to follow up with
Gaudian                       about diabetes educators in the area.             Cindy Kozak to discuss
                              Suggestions are to get info into the              screening options that
                              newspapers about CDE’s and what we do.            are available and how
                                                                                do we get our name out
                                                                                to the public.
                                Question raised as to why are we not
                                running public service announcements.
                                DPH is supporting public service
                                announcements. Cindy to see if DPH can
                                help us to do a public service
                                announcement about diabetes educators.

                                Kari suggested to possibly have a video and
                                place it on the web or do a U-tube video
                                regarding Diabetes Education and educators
                                in CT.

                                Question – Do we earmark budget money
                                for ads? Maybe next year – think about
                                using money for public relations. Will
                                continue to discuss this as the next year’s
                                budget comes up.

                                Suggestion made to display a poster in the
                                library locally for a month talking about
                                local diabetes educators and educational
                                opportunities for communities.

                                Get a committee to make a plan and
                                template for a poster. Include local           Betsy will coordinate
                                programs.                                      and work with Wendy.
Treasurer Report: Molly         Board approved the budget –
                                Total income for 2010 – $6957
                                $7750- total expenses

                                Discussion – none
                                Motion by Pat Bak
                                2nd by Nancy Held
                                Accepted = Budget Passed

                                Feb total balance = $14,283.05
                                See copies of budget for details
Membership: Debra Swanson       Deb reported that we currently have 114
and Brian Feroldi               members; directories are here.

                                Brian did a great job on production. Please
                                pick up yours at the end of meeting and
                                take a colleagues if you can to deliver them
                                for us.
Members at Large: Karen         Scholarship applications reviewed: there
Barbone and Kari Davis          were 4 applicants; thank you to all the
                                applicants. The recipients are:
                                Beth Caffrey and Lynn McPhee –
                                Congratulations to both!
Education: Sandy Micalizzi,     Sanofi Aventis sponsored tonight’s lecturer
Sangeeta Ahuja, Beth Caffrey,
& Lori O’Keefe
                                Top areas of interest in survey.
                                Diabetes and exercise; Quality assurance;
                                Cancer and insulin; Nephropathy and
                                Gestational diabetes.
                                 GDM speaker lined up for the fall.
Legislation: Michele Perriolat   Michele reports that you can look at the
and Kari Davis                   Advocacy area under the AADE website to
                                 see changes; etc.

                                 Michele and Kari will keep us updated.
                                 They will disseminate info through Wendy
                                 via email and put in newsletter

                                 ADA dropped off packets for the Tour de
                                 Cure here tonight; please take a packet if
                                 you are interested.
Hospitality: Lisa Gilmore, Ann   Sanofi Aventis - Thanks again for
Lanza, and Karen Barbone         sponsoring tonight.
By Laws: Linda Ferro & Pam       Nothing to report

Public Relations: Diane          Discussed previously
DeMain and Betsy Gaudian
Resource Library: Barbara        Wendy reporting that you can sign things
Nadolny                          out through Barb. There is a listing in
                                 directory of our resources.

                                 Slides from last presentation going in.

                                 If there are resources we should be getting
                                 please let Barb or Wendy know.
Newsletter: Nancy Held           Newsletter will be out in the next couple of
                                 days. Also a blank piece of paper is going
                                 around for kudos, interesting news, etc to
                                 be added to the newsletter. Also any
                                 information you would like in the
                                 newsletter please email to Nancy.

                                 Next newsletter to come will be in June.
Nominating: Amy Sullivan,        Please consider running for office for next
Diane Bussolini and Jill Ely     year. If you are interested please see Amy,
                                 Diane or Jill.
Old Business                     Nothing to report
New Business                     ADA office is moving to 2080 Silas Deane
                                 Highway, 2nd floor, Rocky Hill 06067
Member Sharing                   Merck rep left conversation tabletop maps
                                 to be handed out. If there are not enough
                                 and you would like one check with your
                                 Merck rep.

                                 Will Dawson from CCS medical offered to
                                 talk to different educators regarding
                                 partnering to help make brochures, etc. If
                                 you have any questions or would like to
                                 utilize this benefit please contact Will

                                 As an FYI: Leigh shared that St. Raphael’s
                                 ADA recognized program was audited by
                                 CMS. It required a desk audit. Did anyone
                                 else go through this?

                                 ADA went to 4 years for recognition

Meeting Adjourned at: 6:06 pm
The next meeting will be: Thursday, April 29 at 4pm Board/5pm General/ Speaker at 6pm at
       Midstate Diabetes Center
       61 Pomeroy Avenue
       Meriden, CT. 06450

Respectfully Submitted By: Jennifer Polletta

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