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                        Dartford West Executive Learning Committee

                                Wednesday 5th May 2010, 2pm

                              Held at Dartford Technology College

                                    MINUTES OF MEETING

     Maggie Bolton                MB    Chair & HT, The Grammar School for Girls, Wilmington
     Kate Reynolds                KR    Vice Chair & HT, Joyden’s Wood Junior
     Lallie Godfrey               LG    PEP HT, KCC
     Heather Overton              HO    HT, Gateway Primary School
     Trish Burleigh               TB    HT, Dartford Technology College
     Pauline Hindle               PH    HT, West Hill Primary School
     Karen Major                  KM    HT, St Alban’s Road Infant School
     Lynda Hammond                LH    ESDM, KCC
     Nick Fenton                  NF    LCSPM, KCC
     Rachel Hill                  RH    PA to Nick Fenton (Minutes)

1.   Welcome & Apologies

     Apologies received from Simon Webb.

2.   Minutes of Last Meeting


3.   Matters Arising

     MB confirmed that she had written the response on behalf of the ELC and this had
     been sent to the CFE Restructuring team.

     It was noted that Merril Haeusler had been invited to the Headteacher meeting on
     9th June but was unable to attend.

     Concerns were raised regarding Looked After Children who have been adopted,
     as these children no longer receive the same support despite having the same
     needs. NF clarified that post adoption support is a statutory right for all such
     children but recognised that this does vary in quality and quantity.

     MB agreed to contact Jane Wheatley to establish progress of the MyPlace follow      MB
     up meeting with Denise Hatton and Secondary Headteachers.

4.   2010/11 Budget

     NF referred to his written report and outlined available funding for 2010/11.

     NF agreed to find out why there has been a reduction in Hands on Support             NF
     funding. Is this a national or Kent reduction?

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     It was noted that Secondary Headteachers need to provide evidence of how
     Hands on Support funding has been spent.                                             MB/TB

     A discussion took place regarding the Dartford Animation Project. Trophies           LG/RH
     needed to be ordered. LG to send information to RH. RH to order.

     NF to find out why AEN funding is no longer available.                                NF

     A discussion took place with regards to funding Primary School Counselling. NF
     advised that there is not sufficient funding to continue the current service for a
     whole year. It was therefore suggested that schools could join together in
     geographical areas and allocate the service themselves, according to the level of
     need. This could perhaps be led by a lead school in each area. NF agreed to           NF
     discuss this with the LCSP board at their meeting on 13th May and also to have a
     proposal ready for the Headteacher meeting on 9th June.

     LH referred to the Extended Services budget and agreed to email further details of   LH/RH
     capital funding out to schools. This would also be discussed at the Headteacher
     meeting on 9th June.

     NF agreed to circulate the accounts for the LCSP board, as well as the Extended       NF
     Services proposed budget spend, to the ELC by email.

     LH to obtain evaluations of Extended Services, including PSA and FLO’s, from          LH
     schools in the next week.

5.   Plans for Headteacher Meeting – 9th June

     It was agreed that ‘Student Voice’ would be removed from the agenda as
     unfortunately the meeting would need to focus on planning for the next academic


     1. Arrival/Coffee

     2. Welcome/Introduction - Maggie

     3. Celebration of Dartford West
         Writing Workshop - Pauline (20 minutes)                                          PH
              o Explanation, perhaps with rolling slideshow of photos in background
              o Show DVD
              o Video interview of 3 or 4 children
         Secondary Angle of Literacy – Trish (5 minutes)                                  TB
         Music - Heather (5 minutes)                                                      HO
              o To include DVD of choir performances
         Mantle of the Expert – Lallie & Kate (5 minutes)                                LG/KR
              o Explanation DVD
         Extended Services – Lynda (5 minutes)                                            LH
         ADHD, model of effective inter agency partnerships - Nick and possibly           NF
           Cathy Leigh. NF to ask Cathy. (10 minutes)                                      NF
         Social Services Update – Nick

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     4. Coffee Break

     5. ‘Looking forward in the context of the CYP Plan 2011 – 2014’
         An opportunity to highlight priorities
         What support will be available to help retain collaborative working?
         How can we engage with Dartford East? (List DE Priorities on agenda)              RH

     6. Capital Funding – Lynda                                                             LH

     7. Primary School Counselling - Funding Proposals - Nick                               NF

     8. Lunch & Close

6.   Proposals for the ELC post September

     NF referred to his written report. A discussion took place and the committee raised
     concerns regarding their capacity to keep the ELC together without the support of
     local authority staff.

7.   Any Other Business

     NF advised the committee that Sarah McLeod had joined Dartford West as a
     Specialist Teacher for Cognition & Learning, on a temporary basis until the end of
     the summer term.

     NF also informed the ELC of a recent meeting between Dartford Headteachers
     and Children’s Social Services. Attendance was disappointing from Headteachers
     but this was partly due to the Primary Headteacher Conference also taking place
     that week. Positive feedback had been received following Headteachers
     shadowing members of the duty team. Social Services are committed to ensuring
     that every social worker will shadow a member of a school Senior Leadership
     Team at least once per year. Plans for a student social work unit in Dartford,
     where students would be based in local schools, were making progress.

     NF formally congratulated LG on successfully securing a Headteacher post in
     Essex, with effect from September. The ELC acknowledged LG’s extremely
     valuable contribution to their work and wished her every success in her new post.

     Primary Headteachers raised concern following the recent Primary Headteacher
     Conference. Attendees did not feel that the conference made best use of public
     money or Headteacher’s time. KR, HO and KM to draft a letter to Rosalind Turner       KR/HO
     expressing these concerns.                                                             /KM

8.   Date of Next Meeting

     Headteacher Meeting: 9th June, 08:30 – Lunch. Brandshatch Thistle Hotel
     ELC Meeting: 30th June, 14:00. Dartford Technology College. RH to book room.           RH

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