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									       Math. 1325.004 – Business Math. II – Spring 2009 – TR 3:30–4:45pm

Instructor Contact Information
Name: Nan Bailey
Office: RBN 4009
Phone: 903-565-5837

Office Hours
MWF 11-12 noon
TR 1-2pm
Other times by appointment

College Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences and Social Sciences, 11th
edition, ISBN# 0-13-157225-3

Course Description
To provide the student with the modern tools of Calculus required for today’s managers.
The ideal objective, sometimes reached, is that these tools will be used by the student
with confidence in management in the future.

Course Syllabus
Tuesday Jan. 13            10-1 Introduction to Limits
Thursday Jan. 15           10-2 Continuity
Tuesday Jan. 20            10-3 Infinite Limits and Limits at Infinity
Thursday Jan. 22           10-4 The Derivative
Tuesday Jan. 27            10-5 Basic Differentiation Properties
Thursday Jan. 29           10-6 Differentials
Tuesday Feb. 3             10-7 Marginal Analysis in Business and Economics
Thursday Feb. 5            Test 1
Tuesday Feb. 10            11-1 e and Continuous Compound Interest
Thursday Feb. 12           11-2 Derivatives of Exponential and Log Functions
Tuesday Feb. 17            11-3 Derivatives of Products and Quotients
Thursday Feb. 19           11-4 The Chain Rule
Tuesday Feb. 24            11-5 Implicit Differentiation
Thursday Feb. 26           11-6 Related Rates
Tuesday March 3            11-7 Elasticity of Demand
Thursday March 5           Review
Tuesday March 17           Test 2
Thursday March 19          12-1 First Derivative and Graphs
Tuesday March 24           12-2 Second Derivative and Graphs
Last day to withdraw is March 25
Thursday March 26          12-3 L’Hopital’s Rule
Tuesday March 31           12-4 Curve-Sketching Techniques
Thursday April 2           12-5 Absolute Maxima and Minima
Tuesday April 7            12-6 Optimization
Thursday April 9           Test 3
Tuesday April 14           13-1 Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integrals
Thursday April 16          13-2 Integration by Substitution
Tuesday April 21           13-3 Differential Equations: Growth and Decay
Thursday April 23          13-4 The Definite Integral
Tuesday April 28           13-5 The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
Thursday April 30          Review
Our comprehensive Final Exam will be Thursday May 7th from 3:30-5:30 in our regular

Grade Calculation
There will be 3 major tests given during the semester. These tests will count for 60% of
the final grade. The comprehensive final exam will count for 30% of the final grade and
homework will count for 10%.
Please note the test dates, which will not change. I will not be giving make up tests. I
will substitute your lowest test grade with the final exam grade, if it is higher. If you
miss a second test, that grade will remain a zero. Athletes and other students involved in
extensive university activities should schedule a meeting in my office during the first two
weeks of class.

There will be almost daily homework assignments.          The homework assigned in one
calendar week will be due the Tuesday of the following week. Put your HW on the front
desk as you come in.
Homework is to be done on loose-leaf paper, with all problems clearly labeled. Each
assignment should be folded lengthwise, and labeled on the outside with your name and the
section number. This should be done before you come to class. Two problems will be
graded randomly from each assignment.

Calculator Policy
If you bring a calculator to class, you will be allowed to use it in class and on tests.

Cell Phone Policy
When it is time for class to begin, please turn your cell phone to silent or off. Any
student using a cell phone during class will receive a grade of 0 for the most recent
homework grade.

Students Rights and Responsibilities
To know and understand the policies that affect your rights and responsibilities as a
student at UT Tyler, please follow this link:

Grade Replacement/Forgiveness
If you are repeating this course for a grade replacement, you must file an intent to receive
grade forgiveness with the registrar by the 12th day of class. Failure to do so will result in
both the original and repeated grade being used to calculate your overall grade point
average. Undergraduates will receive grade forgiveness (grade replacement) for only
three course repeats; graduates, for two course repeats during his/her career at UT Tyler.

State-Mandated Course Drop Policy
Texas law prohibits a student who began college for the first time in Fall 2007 or
thereafter from dropping more than six courses during their entire undergraduate career.
This includes courses dropped at another 2-year or 4-year Texas public college or
university. For purposes of this rule, a dropped course is any course that is dropped
after the 12th day of class (See Schedule of Classes for the specific date).
Exceptions to the 6-drop rule include, but are not limited to, the following: totally
withdrawing from the university; being administratively dropped from a course; dropping
a course for a personal emergency; dropping a course for documented change of work
schedule; or dropping a course for active duty service with the U.S. armed forces or
Texas National Guard.
Petitions for exemptions must be submitted to the Registrar's Office and must be
accompanied by documentation of the extenuating circumstance. Please contact the
Registrar's Office if you have any questions.

Disability Services
In accordance with federal law, a student requesting accommodation must provide
documentation of his/her disability to the Disability Support Services counselor. If you
have a disability, including a learning disability, for which you request an
accommodation, please contact Ida MacDonald in the Disability Support Services office
in UC 282, or call (903) 566-7079.

Student Absence due to Religious Observance
Students who anticipate being absent from class due to a religious observance are
requested to inform the instructor of such absences by the second class meeting of the

Student Absence for University-Sponsored Events and Activities
If you intend to be absent for a university-sponsored event or activity, you (or the event
sponsor) must notify the instructor at least two weeks prior to the date of the planned
absence. At that time the instructor will set a date and time when make-up assignments
will be completed.

Social Security and FERPA Statement:
It is the policy of The University of Texas at Tyler to protect the confidential nature of
social security numbers. The University has changed its computer programming so that
all students have an identification number. The electronic transmission of grades (e.g., via
e-mail) risks violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act; grades will not
be transmitted electronically.
Student Learning Outcomes: By the end of the course students should be able to:

      Find limits of polynomials and rational functions.
      Have an understanding of continuity
      Be able to find the derivative of a simple function and use it to do analysis in
       business and economics
      Have an understanding of exponential and logarithmic functions
      Analyze continuous compound interest and related rates problems
      Know the chain rule and how to do implicit differentiation
      Know how to graph and use the first and second derivative tests
      Have some understanding about integration and it’s uses in economics and
      Know the fundamental theorem of calculus

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