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in Brisbane, Australia
Brisbane is rapidly emerging as Australia’s new world
city – and is now proving its prowess on the national
and international stage as a centre of innovation and
enterprise, art and culture. Our knowledge-based
industries and world-class research and development
communities are at the forefront of scientific
breakthroughs; and our creative city strategy is setting
new benchmarks for artistic endeavours.

Brisbane City Council is committed to maintaining the
unique attributes and lifestyle characteristics that make
Brisbane special. We’re also harnessing opportunities
for economic growth. As a wholly owned subsidiary
of Brisbane City Council and the city’s economic
development agency, Brisbane Marketing plays a key
role in the ongoing evolution of our city. By helping
to position Brisbane as Australia’s new world city,
Brisbane Marketing is working hard to help Council
deliver our vision for a world class, easy living, smart
thinking city.

 With the fastest population growth in the country,
consistent and strong economic development,
competitive labour and property costs, close proximity
and access to Asian markets, highly-skilled labour
and leading educational institutions, world-class
infrastructure and our clear lifestyle advantages,
it is not hard to see why Brisbane is well and truly
Australia’s new world city.

Campbell Newman
Lord Mayor


Brisbane is diverse, increasingly sophisticated and           f   information and communication technologies
globally connected. With its eyes on the future, the          f   creative industries
city has embraced its rapid growth to establish an            f   life sciences
influential foothold in global business. The financial        f   food and beverage
crisis has irrevocably changed the world’s economic           f   logistics
landscape. And while Brisbane has not escaped its             f   manufacturing
effects, its broad economic base will provide a stable        f   tourism infrastructure
foundation from which to recover.                             f   mining technology and services
                                                              f   aviation
Brisbane’s cosmopolitan energy is a magnet for
                                                              f   clean technologies
talent – and the city welcomes the skills, capital,
ideas and culture that new residents and investors
                                                              Brisbane Marketing is the city’s economic
are bringing into our economy. Our ability to attract
                                                              development agency – its Investment Attraction
quality professionals, combined with Brisbane’s
                                                              division is experienced, world class, and plays a
highly-educated and motivated locals creates a
                                                              strategic role in Brisbane business. We focus on
labour pool with both depth and breadth. The open,
                                                              securing investment that will maximise long term
supportive and stable business environment is
                                                              economic growth for Brisbane, whose vibrant
boosted by pro-business governments at all levels.
                                                              economy is taking its place on the global stage.
Our excellent quality of life combined with a relaxed,
                                                              Brisbane’s reputation as a progressive and globally
subtropical atmosphere creates the unparalleled
                                                              competitive destination has steadily developed and
Brisbane lifestyle.
                                                              Brisbane Marketing is a driving force in its success.
Brisbane offers investors opportunities across a
                                                              Welcome to Brisbane – Australia’s New World City.
broad range of sectors:

   f Population – 21.8 million                                    f Australia is positioned in the Asian Time Zone and
   f The International Monetary Fund (IMF) puts                     bridges the closing of the USA and the opening of
     Australia’s GDP at around US$1 trillion, making                the European business day.
     Australia the fourth largest economy in the                  f Australia is ranked as having one of the highest levels
     Asia-Pacific region and the 14th largest in the world.         of political stability in the world and highest within the
   f The country’s annual gross domestic product                    region for industry productivity and quality of life.
     (GDP) growth rate from 1998 to 2009 is expected to           f Australia is ranked as the third most resilient
     average 3.5 per cent, well above the average world             economy on the planet – above Singapore, Hong
     growth rate (3.0 per cent) and ahead of France,                Kong, Japan, USA and the UK.
     Germany, Japan, UK and the USA.

                                                                                                     INVEST IN BRISBANE      3
                                                                                                                                                     N E T M I G R AT I O N



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           NET INTERSTATE MIGRATION
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           NET OVERSEAS MIGRATION

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           NATURAL INCREASE


economy                                                                                                                   20,000



                                                                                                                                                                                      NORTHERN TERRITORY



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           SOUTH AUSTRALIA

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            WESTERN AUSTRALIA

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          NEW SOUTH WALES

ECONOMIC RESILIENCE                                            Brisbane continues to be the engine room of
                                                    A U S T R A L I A Q U I C K FAC T S
Australia’s ability to withstand adverse changes               Queensland’s performance. Valued at $85 billion in        -20,000

in economic cycles is one of the best in the world.            2005/06, the Brisbane economy accounted for almost
According to the 2009 World Competitive Yearbook               half (46.4 per cent) of the total Queensland economy.     -40,000
release by the Institute for Management Development            And between 2000 and 2006, Brisbane contributed a
(IMD), Australia is ranked the third most resilient            massive 13.5 per cent to the total recorded growth of                                 Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, June 2009

economy globally, above Singapore, Hong Kong,                  the national economy, and increasing its total share of
Japan, the USA and UK.                                         the Australian economy from 8 per cent to 8.8 per cent.
                                                                                                                                                     Q U E E N S L A N D G E N E R A L LY O U T P E R F O R M S A U S T R A L I A’ S E C O N O M I C P E R F O R M A N C E
Australia’s reaction to the global economic downturn         P O P U L AT I O N A N D
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Asian                                      Dot com                                                                                                                     Global
has been markedly more mild than other developed             E M P LOY M E N T G R O W T H                                                                                                                 Financial
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         GST                                           Housing boom                           Mining boom
nations. Its GDP rose by 0.6 per cent in the June            Queensland is the fastest growing state in Australia.
2009 quarter, an incredible result given the fragile         Its capital city Brisbane has reached 1.8 million people                            7

state of the global economy. Federal stimulus and            and the larger South East Queensland corner is
                                                             home to over 2.7 million people, and growing by 1300                                6
macro policy has resulted in the avoidance of a

                                                                                                                           Economic Growth (%)
technical recession – going forwards while the major         people per week. This represents over 70 per cent
advanced economies have all gone backwards. From             of Queensland’s population growth. The South East
June 2008 to June 2009, the USA contracted by 3.9            Queensland Regional Plan for 2009-31 forecasts the                                  4
per cent, the European area by 4.7 per cent, the UK          region’s population will increase by 1.6 million to
by 5.5 per cent, and Japan by 6.4 per cent. These            4.4 million by 2031. Meanwhile, Brisbane’s employment                               3

figures highlight the challenging conditions we face,        is growing at more than twice the rate of population and
and really put Australia’s growth of 0.6 per cent into       will account for over 40 per cent of employment growth
perspective.                                                 in South East Queensland to 2031.

Brisbane’s resilience in particular is underpinned by        In relation to Queensland’s employment and
harnessing the past decade’s outstanding financial           population growth, Brisbane punches above its














performance, strong population growth of working age         weight, contributing 47 per cent of total Queensland
migrants, the residual effects of the resource boom,         jobs growth and 44 per cent of total Queensland
                                                                                                                                                     Sources: Queensland Government, State Budget 2008-2009, Major Economic Statement Mid-Year Fiscal and Economic
and a phenomenal infrastructure spend.                       population growth over the past decade.                                                 review; Office of Economic and Statistical Research, Queensland State Accounts, June Quarter 2008.

                                                                                   REAL GDP GROW TH – 2 0 01 TO 2 0 0 9

                                                                                    Country                  2007        2008        2009F

                                                                                    China                    13.0        9.0          7.5

                                                                                    India                    9.4         7.3          5.4
                                U N E M P L OY M E N T F O R E C A S T
                                Percentage of total labour force                    Australia                4.0         2.3          -0.5

                                 Country                      2009                  Brazil                   5.7         5.1          -1.3

                                 Spain                        18.10                 USA                      2.0           1.1        -2.6

                                 France                        9.70                 Switzerland              3.3         1.6          -3.0

                                 Russia                        9.60                 Thailand                 4.9         2.6          -3.0

                                 USA                           9.30                 France                   2.3         0.3          -3.0

                                 Germany                       8.70                 Spain                    3.7         1.2          -4.0

                                 United Kingdom                8.20                 UK                       2.6         0.7          -4.2

                                 Australia                     6.20                 Hong Kong                6.4         2.5          -4.5

                                 Hong Kong                     6.00                 Japan                    2.3         -0.7         -6.0

                                 Japan                         5.20                 Germany                  2.5         1.3          -6.2

                                 China Mainland                4.60                 Singapore                7.8           1.1       -10.0
                                Source: OECD Economic Outlook, June 2009           Sources: International Monetary Fund, World Economic
                                                                                   Database, April 2009; World Economic Update, July 2009;
                                                                                   Austrade. F = Forecast

                                R E S I L I E N C E O F T H E E C O N O M Y T O E C O N O M I C CYC L E S

                                 Rank     Country          2007 Score      Country              2008 Score     Country           2009 Score

                                   1      Denmark              7.45        Australia               6.78        Qatar                6.16

                                   2      USA                 6.90         Denmark                 6.73        Norway               5.96

BRISBANE’S RESILIENCE IS           3      Israel              6.82         Switzerland             6.43        Australia            5.83
UNDERPINNED BY HARNESSING          4      Austria             6.67         Israel                  6.14        Chile                5.83
THE PAST DECADE’S OUTSTANDING      5      Malaysia            6.64         Austria                 6.00        Denmark              5.79
                                   6      Switzerland         6.43         Norway                  5.96        India                5.78
                                   7      Australia           6.38         Chile                   5.89        Brazil               5.54
EFFECTS OF THE RESOURCE            8      India               6.33         India                   5.87        Israel               5.53

BOOM, AND A PHENOMENAL             9      Hong Kong           6.33         Brazil                  5.83        Switzerland          5.38

INFRASTRUCTURE SPEND.              10     Singapore            6.19        Finland                 5.80        China                5.05

                                Sources: IMD World Competitiveness Online 1995 – 2009, May 2009; Austrade

                                                                                                                             INVEST IN BRISBANE   5
BRISBANE IS NOW ATTRACTING   With burgeoning population growth, the city is              born overseas – 25.3 per cent from United Kingdom           Brisbane’s economic base is moving away from a
                             benefiting from the arrival of new skills, capital,         and Ireland, 19.3 per cent from New Zealand and             current dependency on resource and population
                             ideas, innovation and cultures. Growth is not               10.7 per cent in South-East Asia. Many businesses           growth in favour of globally competitive knowledge
                             based solely on population and economic activity            are utilising this diverse language mix to service global   intensive sectors. We recognise that knowledge is
CONTRIBUTING TO THE CITY’S   alone. Growth can be measured in a maturing                 consumer markets from Brisbane.                             the platform for economic growth and sustainability.
INCREASED DIVERSITY.         culture, city identity and global connectivity. The                                                                     Brisbane is an emerging leader in innovative
                             Brisbane economy is one of diversity, increasing            I N N O VAT I O N                                           industries – biotechnology, aviation and aerospace,
                             sophistication and internationalisation.                    Whilst the global downturn continues to command             ICT, clean technologies and mining services. There
                                                                                         the attention of the public and private sectors –           has been a strong growth in professional services
                             While Australia’s workforce is one of the most highly
                                                                                         innovation should never take a back seat. Business          in Brisbane. These companies locate in Brisbane
                             skilled and multilingual in the world, remuneration
                                                                                         diversity and a city’s growth prospects are                 because of the availability of skilled employees, high
                             levels for management staff in Australia are lower
                                                                                         inherently linked to innovation, and it remains an          levels of amenity and access to clients.
                             than in the USA, the UK, Germany, France, Canada
                             and Hong Kong. Australia’s net overseas migration           essential point of difference.
                                                                                                                                                     E D U C AT I O N A L E XC E L L E N C E
                             is at an all time high and recent data suggests that        In February 2009, Brisbane was identified as a
                             Brisbane received 57 per cent of all overseas migrants                                                                  Brisbane draws great strength from its tertiary
                                                                                         ‘Hot-Spring’ for innovation. McKinsey & Company
                             into Queensland. Brisbane is developing a knowledge                                                                     education sector, boasting three world-class
                                                                                         partnered with the World Economic Forum to create
                             economy, so it is encouraging to learn that these                                                                       universities each recognised for the quality of its
                                                                                         an Innovation Heat Map, used to classify cities by their
                             migrants tend to be in identified skill shortage areas of                                                               graduates and its R&D. Comprehensive undergraduate
                                                                                         growth and diversity. McKinsey defines a ‘hot spring’
                             which many are highly skilled professionals.                                                                            and postgraduate programs are offered by all, as well
                                                                                         as an “ecosystem with fast growth fuelled by new
                                                                                                                                                     as specialist studies. Australia celebrates thirteen
                             Brisbane’s population is not only young – showing           players in emerging sectors”.
                                                                                                                                                     Nobel laureates in addition to landmark inventions –
                             a higher cohort of 0 to 17-year-olds and 18 to                                                                          from the black-box flight recorder, to the world’s first
                             49-year-olds than Sydney and Melbourne – but also                                                                       cervical cancer vaccine.
                             multicultural. One quarter of the city’s population was

                                                                                                                                                                                     BRISBANE IS A CITY
                                                                                                                                                                                     TRANSFORMED – VIBRANT,
IN 2009 McKINSEY & COMPANY AND                                                                                                                                                       CONFIDENT AND TAKING ITS
THE WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM                                                                                                                                                             RIGHTFUL PLACE IN GLOBAL
IDENTIFIED BRISBANE AS A ‘HOT                                                                                                                                                        BUSINESS. BRISBANE IS A CITY
SPRING’ OF INNOVATION.                                                                                                                                                               TRANSFORMED – VIBRANT,
                                                                                                                                                                                     CONFIDENT AND TAKING ITS

The University of Queensland (UQ)                             Through industry collaboration and partnerships,           The world’s largest agribusiness company,                  students and was the first Australian university to offer
The University of Queensland (UQ) is one of Australia’s       UQ’s contribution to Queensland, and indeed                Swiss-based Syngenta, chose QUT as its international       degrees in areas considered pivotal today – Asian and
premier learning and research institutions. UQ has            the rest of the world, can be seen economically,           partner in the commercial development of a sugar           environmental studies. Griffith is the headquarters for
100 years of experience in tertiary education, and is         environmentally and culturally.                            cane-based ethanol industry – this is the first time       the National Climate Change Adaptation Research
consistently ranked alongside the world’s top universities.   Today, more than 38,000 students and almost                Syngenta has established a partnership of this type        Facility and the ARC Centre of Excellence in Policing
In 2009, UQ was ranked 41st in the world by the Times         6000 staff, from more than 120 nations, study and          with an academic body. QUT is home to major IT             and Security, demonstrating the depth and scale of the
Higher Education-QS World University Rankings.                work across the four main campuses in south-east           research facilities such as the Microsoft QUT              University’s research capabilities.
                                                              Queensland: St Lucia, Ipswich, Gatton and Herston.         eResearch Centre and Information Security Institute
UQ offers Queensland’s most comprehensive range                                                                                                                                     Internationally, Griffith has formed links with many
                                                                                                                         (ISI). The ISI multi-disciplinary approach provides
of undergraduate, postgraduate and research higher            Queensland University of Technology (QUT)                                                                             prestigious organisations including the UN and
                                                                                                                         QUT with an opportunity to play a leading role in
degree programs. Its graduates are in demand in               QUT’s reputation as ‘a university for the real world’ is                                                              World Bank, corporations like AstraZeneca and
                                                                                                                         research in the area of Safeguarding Australia.
Australia and throughout the world.                           founded on the strong partnerships and relationships                                                                  Pfizer, and research organisations and universities
                                                                                                                         QUT is internationally recognised for its focus on
                                                              it continues to develop with business, government and                                                                 including the Karolinska Institute, Pasteur Institute
On a variety of measures, UQ is considered one of                                                                        applied research; consequently QUT has produced
                                                              the broader community. It is one of the nation’s major                                                                and Peking University. Researchers from Griffith’s
the top three research universities in Australia. It is a                                                                a significant portfolio of technologies which are
                                                              universities, and with over 40,000 students, it is the                                                                highly regarded Griffith Institutes of Health provide
founding member of the Group of Eight universities,                                                                      commercially applicable, and in many cases
                                                              largest provider of bachelor degree graduates into the                                                                a holistic approach to medical research focusing
which conducts two-thirds of all university research in                                                                  industry backed.
                                                              Australian workforce.                                                                                                 on prevention, early detection, better treatment and
the country.
                                                              Over the past decade, the university has extended          Griffith University                                        efficient delivery. They are also engaging with public
UQ leads research funding for Australian universities.        its profile in innovative areas of research and            Griffith University is regarded as one of Australia’s      private partnerships in the infectious diseases area
Its cross-disciplinary research institutes and centres        development. QUT builds relationships with                 most innovative tertiary institutions and one of the       including the Medicines for Malaria Venture, Drugs
are drawcards, both nationally and internationally,           community, corporate and private partners, to solve        Asia-Pacific region’s most influential universities. Its   for Neglected Diseases Initiative and the Asia-Pacific
for an ever-expanding community of scientists,                real-world problems. Its researchers are committed to      multi-disciplinary teaching and research programs          Influenza Taskforce to deliver outcomes such as
researchers and commercialisation experts.                    collaborating across traditional boundaries to provide     are committed to promoting sustainability and              novel drug leads, vaccines for combating infectious
                                                              high impact solutions to some of the major economic,       community engagement with a strong international           diseases and healthy living programs.
                                                              environmental and social challenges of our time.           orientation. Griffith fosters global perspectives in all

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      INVEST IN BRISBANE     7
Bernard Salt, Demographer, KPMG.

Brisbane is the lifestyle capital of Australia. Youthful,      Australia is consistently ranked in the top ten
progressive and confident it is home to world-class            countries in the world for its quality of life. The most
facilities, visionary infrastructure and remarkable            recent quality of life rankings released by the IMD
leisure experiences.                                           place Australia sixth globally. The report focused on
                                                               infrastructure, health and the state of the environment.
Brisbane is the ideal environment for not only fostering
economic growth but for nurturing and inspiring                For those migrating to Brisbane for employment and
creativity. The city has a deep commitment to the arts.        education opportunities, our lifestyle is a principal
From Australia’s premier live music scene in The Valley        drawcard – offering an excellent quality of life, a lower
to the exclusive and world-first exhibitions at the nation’s   cost of living and a safe community environment.
largest Gallery of Modern Art at Southbank – Brisbane is
                                                               Australian cities, including Brisbane, remain affordable
a hotbed of cutting-edge cultural expression.
                                                               destinations for overseas expatriates. Thus increasing
The beautiful Brisbane river is the focal point of the         the appeal of Australia for multinational organisations
city. It leads out to the natural splendour of Moreton         seeking to manage and contain the costs of a mobile
Bay – home to some of the world’s largest sand                 workforce in tighter economic conditions. The recent
islands and most diverse marine wildlife. With more            Mercer Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2009 ranked
daily hours of sunshine than any other capital city in         Brisbane’s cost of living as significantly lower than
Australia, Brisbane represents an unique environment           other key Asia Pacific economies Tokyo, Hong Kong,
that is both relaxed and cosmopolitan.                         Singapore and Taipei; and lower than domestic rivals
                                                               Sydney and Melbourne.




































                                             HONG kONG



                                                                               NEW YORK CITY







                                                                                                                                                         LOS ANGELES



                                                                                                                                                                                              NEW DELHI





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      kUALA LUMPUR






                             Top 10 Ranking                                                                                                                                     Other key Economies

  Sources: Mercer Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2009; Austrade


      Rank             Country                                                   2007 Score                                        Country                                                   2008 Score                                   Country                                                    2009 Score
      1                Austria                                                                  9.71                               Switzerland                                                            9.71                            Switzerland                                                          9.70

      2                Switzerland                                                              9.45                               Austria                                                                9.64                            Austria                                                              9.57

      3                Norway                                                                   9.25                               Australia                                                              9.28                            Norway                                                               9.56

      4                Australia                                                                9.24                               Canada                                                                 9.27                            Denmark                                                              9.36

      5                Luxembourg                                                               9.21                               Luxembourg                                                             9.21                            Canada                                                               9.21

      6                New Zealand                                                               9.10                              Norway                                                                 9.16                            Australia                                                            9.20

      7                Denmark                                                                  9.08                               Sweden                                                                 9.08                            Sweden                                                               9.20

      8                Canada                                                                   8.96                               Denmark                                                                8.98                            Luxembourg                                                            9.13

      9                Singapore                                                                8.96                               Netherlands                                                            8.91                            Finland                                                              9.07

      10               Netherlands                                                              8.74                               New Zealand                                                            8.91                            Germany                                                              9.05

  Sources: IMD World Competitiveness Online 1995 – 2009, May 2009; Austrade

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         INVEST IN BRISBANE   9
business environment

Australia offers one of the world’s most stable             TA X
political environments, with the lowest risk of             Completed in 2009, the Henry Tax Review is the most
political instability in the Asia Pacific, and the          comprehensive review of the Australian taxation and
second lowest in the world. All levels of government        transfer system, including state taxes, for the past
in Australia are pro-business. Strong policies of           50 years. The Review has taken a ‘root and branch’
flexible corporate and financial structures for foreign     approach and has examined Australian federal and
investment are reflected in Brisbane’s open and             state government taxes, and interactions with the
supportive business environment.                            transfer system in order to make recommendations
Australia is ranked first for its corporate governance      that will position Australia to deal with the
environment by GovernanceMetrics International.             demographic, social, economic and environmental
This is based on business transparency, meaningful          challenges that lie ahead.
shareholder rights, and the climate of engagement and       Popular for investors is the fact that Australia is the tenth
dialogue between the business community and the             lowest taxing country in the 30 member OECD, with its
Australian Government.                                      tax revenue as a percentage of GDP being 30.9 per cent
According to KPMG’s 2008 Competitive Alternatives           compared with an OECD average of 36.2 per cent.
Survey, Australia is one of the least costly countries in   The corporate tax rates are on par with other developed
the industrialised world in which to base a business –      countries, as is the more important measure of average
ranking the most competitive outside North America.         effective corporate tax rates. Australia’s consumption
The World Bank Group ranks Australia as third in            taxes are among the lowest of the OECD countries, as
the world for ease of starting a business – based on        are personal income taxes (including social security
number of days, capital and procedures required. The        contributions and payroll taxes).
2009 e-readiness rankings released by the Economist         Queensland’s payroll tax rate of 4.75 per cent is the
Intelligence Unit (EIU) places Australia second             lowest in Australia. In comparison with Queensland, a
in the Asia Pacific and sixth globally. The report          company with a total payroll of $5 million pays
indexes countries on a range of categories including        9.5 per cent more payroll tax in Victoria and
technology, infrastructure, business environment,           10 per cent more in New South Wales. A company with
social, cultural and legal environments, government         a total payroll of $20 million pays 9.5 per cent more in
policy and consumer/business adoption.                      Victoria and 18 per cent more in New South Wales.

Tax and regulatory facts:                                 I M M I G R AT I O N                                           K E Y I N D I C AT O R S O F D O I N G B U S I N E S S

                                                          Australia is committed to encouraging business and                                                                                                                                Employing workers
f Average cost of business in Australia is 8 per cent                                                                                         Starting a business          Closing a business             Enforcing Contracts
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Difficulty       Difficulty   Firing Costs4
                                                          skilled migration. The federal government controls              Economy            Procedures      Duration       Time1            Rate2       Procedures   Duration
  to 9 per cent cheaper than the USA.                                                                                                         (numbers)       (days)       (years)   (cents in dollar)    (numbers)    (days)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   of hiring        of firing      (weeks of
                                                          immigration to Australia, with support from specific                                                                                                                      index3           index           salary)
f Australian law recognises a wide variety of
                                                          state government agencies as appropriate. There                 Australia              2              2             1.0           78.8            28         395             0               10              4
  business structures – public companies, trusts,
                                                          are two key classifications – business migration and
  partnerships, sole trading and joint partnerships.                                                                      Singapore              4              4             0.8           91.3            21          150            0                0              4
                                                          general skilled migration. Under each category there
f Capital assets held by an individual or trust for       are visa classes and different eligibility criteria apply to    Hong Kong              5             11             1.1           79.8            24          211            0                0            62
  more than 12 months reduce Capital Gains Tax            each. In most cases there is the option to be sponsored         France                 5              7             1.9           44.7            30          331            67              40            32
  (CGT) by 50 per cent.                                   if you meet certain criteria. Please see the Australian
                                                                                                                          USA                    6              6             1.5           76.7            32         300             0                0              0
f Foreign investors in Australia will attract CGT only    Government’s Department of Immigration and
  on taxable Australian property.                         Citizenship for further details visit           UK                     6             13             1.0           84.2            30         404             11              10            22

                                                                                                                          Japan                  8             23             0.6           92.5            30          316             0              30              4
I N T E L L E C T UA L P R O P E R T Y                    GRANTS AND INCENTIVES                                           Thailand               8             33             2.7           42.4            35          479            33               0            54
As the knowledge economy gathers pace, a                  The Australian Government places a premium                      Malaysia               9             13             2.3           38.6            30         600              0              30            75
strong intellectual property framework is critical to     on world-class innovation and actively promotes
business success and for safeguarding commercial                                                                          Germany                9             18             1.2           52.2            30         394             33              40            69
                                                          research and development. Through a range of
investments. Australia has federal IP laws that reflect   innovation centres, tax concessions, science                    Spain                  10            47             1.0           73.2            39          515            78              30            56
international best practice.                              collaboration programs and fellowship schemes, the              India                  13            30            10.0           10.4            46         1420             0              70            56
Australia’s patent and copyright enforcement regime is    present government intends to substantially raise
                                                                                                                          China                  14            40             1.7           35.3            34         406             11              50            91
ranked second in the Asia-Pacific region, and among       the level of R&D. In all cases, companies will need to
                                                          apply to the relevant government body for the grant             Brazil                 18            152            4.0            17.1           45          616            78               0            37
the top six globally, according to the IMD. The country
ranks among the top eight countries globally and in       or subsidy in question.                                        Notes: (1) Time is recorded in calendar years. (2) The recovery rate is recorded as cents in the dollar recovered by claimants - creditors,
                                                                                                                         tax authorities and employees - through the bankruptcy proceedings. (3) Each index assigns value between 0 and 100, with higher values
the top three in the region when considering adequate                                                                    representing more rigid labour regulations. (4) The nonwage labour cost indicator measures all social security payments (including
protection of private property and personal security.                                                                    retirement funds, sickness and maternity leave, health insurance, workplace injury, family allowance, and other obligatory contributions)
                                                                                                                         and payroll taxes associated with hiring an employee in the 2006 fiscal year. (5) The firing cost indicator measures the cost of advance
                                                                                                                         notice requirements, severance payments and penalties due when terminating a redundant worker.

                                                                                                                         Sources: World Bank Group, Doing Business 2009; Austrade.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                INVEST IN BRISBANE         11
                          B R I S B A N E C I T Y C O U N C I L’ S                     The 2009 edition of the plan identifies $124 billion in
                          COMMITMENT TO INFRASTRUCTURE                                 estimated infrastructure investment, which is expected

     infrastructure       For the 2009/10 financial year, Brisbane City Council
                          (BCC) has committed $1.53 billion in new infrastructure
                                                                                       to create up to 900,000 jobs through to 2026. It details:

                                                                                       f $94.6 billion in road, rail and public transport
                          including roads, transport and other capital works.
                                                                                       f $4.6 billion in water
                          Current infrastructure priorities include the delivery of
                          two major components of the TransApex network –              f $5.8 billion in health
                          the Clem Jones Tunnel and the Go Between Bridge.             f $3.3 billion in energy networks
                          Together, these projects will deliver the biggest boost to   f $6.8 billion in social and community infrastructure
                          Brisbane’s accessibility in many decades. BCC will also
                                                                                       f $9.1 billion in completed projects.
                          continue the procurement phase of the Northern Link
                          component of the TransApex network. Recognising              Highlights of the SEQ Infrastructure Plan and Program
                          the critical and increasingly important role that public     2009-2026:
                          transport needs to play in supporting Brisbane’s future      f It is the largest infrastructure program in the country,
                          economic growth, BCC is also investing $160.4 milllion         and largest public infrastructure spending program
                          in public transport in 2009/10.                                in Australia’s history.
                                                                                       f The plan comprises 378 identifiable projects to 2026.
                          THE SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND
                          INFRASTRUCTURE PL AN                                         f Four years into the program, 87 projects are
                                                                                         complete, another 173 projects are underway,
                          Representing a long-term commitment to infrastructure
                                                                                         $16.4 billion has been invested and 130,000 jobs
                          delivery, The South East Queensland Infrastructure
                                                                                         have been created.
                          Plan and Program 2009–2026 will manage the extreme
                          growth of the Brisbane region.

f In the next year, expenditure is forecast to increase      and investing in new infrastructure to match the           Brisbane has the second largest international            RAIL
  by around $5.8 billion to reach around $22.2 billion,      port’s strong trade growth. In the past five years,        arrivals behind Sydney, and with annual passenger        Queensland’s rail network is one of Australia’s largest
  creating a further 45,000 jobs.                            PBC spent over $724 million in the development of          numbers expected to exceed 25.6 million by 2015          and most modern with a total 9,400 kilometres of
                                                             port infrastructure, and is committed to the continued     and around 50 million by 2035, Brisbane Airport          narrow gauge (1067mm) track. Approximately
PORT                                                         investment in new infrastructure budgeting to spend        Corporation has committed more than $2.2 billion         20 per cent of the rail network is electrified and there is
The Port of Brisbane is one of Australia’s fastest growing   over $950 million in the next five years.                  to fund new public infrastructure projects over the      a 1435mm standard gauge line directly linking the Port
capital City ports and the closest major container port                                                                 next 10 years. Included in these new Infrastructure      of Brisbane to other Australian states.
                                                             On 2 June 2009, the Queensland Government
to Australia’s largest export markets in the Asia Pacific                                                               projects is the new parallel runway, planned for
                                                             announced a restructure of their asset portfolio, which                                                             The vast majority of Queensland’s rail network
Rim. Just 24 kilometres from the city’s Central Business                                                                completion between 2012 and 2015. The new
                                                             included the sale of PBC. This process will occur within                                                            is owned, operated and managed by the various
District, the port has world-class cargo-handling and                                                                   runway is expected to add billions of dollars to the
                                                             the next three to five years and is driven by Queensland                                                            departments of Queensland Rail. However, the
warehousing facilities. It also provides an interface                                                                   region’s economy, generating tens-of-thousands of
                                                             Treasury. As the sale program proceeds it is business                                                               Queensland rail market has been deregulated and
between rail, road and sea transport at the Brisbane                                                                    extra jobs in the next two decades.
                                                             as usual for PBC, with a continued focus on growing                                                                 logistics providers such as Pacific National have made
Multimodal Terminal (BMT). The port comprises
                                                             trade through the port, developing the substantial land    Brisbane Airport is operated and developed by            significant investments into rolling stock and standard
6.5 kilometres of quay line, 1047 hectares of land
                                                             resources and investing in new facilities.                 Brisbane Airport Corporation, whose close ties with      gauge track to service Brisbane’s freight needs in a
holdings and 999 hectares of wet land.
                                                                                                                        Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, one of the world’s           competitive environment.
In 2008/09 total trade reached 31.9 million tones up         AIR                                                        most modern and efficient airports, helps ensure
5.6 per cent from last year. The ports diverse trade                                                                    world-class standards in owning, developing and          Q-Link is an integrated rail/road transport and
                                                             Brisbane Airport is also a major expanding
portfolio has led to the 16th consecutive year of                                                                       operating a global airport city of the future. Already   logistics management system. It also provides
                                                             commercial and industrial centre of the future. It
continuous growth in total trade.                                                                                       there are 320 businesses and nearly 16,000 people        freight consolidation and distribution, materials
                                                             consists of seven integrated precincts that will
                                                                                                                        who work on Brisbane Airport every day. This is          handling solutions for difficult freight, warehousing,
The Port of Brisbane Corporation Limited (PBC) is            together provide a 970 hectare, 24-hour global trade
                                                                                                                        forecast to exceed 50,000 people by 2029.                on-shipment, delivery to retail outlets, and repacking
responsible for the management of the port. PBC is           and commerce centre, attracting business, jobs and
                                                                                                                                                                                 from bulk to smaller loads.
focused on driving port efficiencies, sustainability         prosperity to greater Brisbane.

A FURTHER 45,0 0 0 JoBS.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   INVEST IN BRISBANE     13
strategic precincts

BRISBANE IS NOW GROWING A   There is growing recognition that collaboration and          of culture, academia and innovation. Brisbane is now
CRITICAL MASS OF FLAGSHIP   knowledge sharing is key to business success. A “one         growing a critical mass of flagship precincts after
                            size fits all” approach is unlikely as the dynamics of an    several years of public and private investment.
                            R&D precinct, industrial zone or cultural community
                            will be different to some degree. What does unite            A U S T R A L I A T R A D E C OA S T
PRIVATE INVESTMENT.         the precinct concept is clarity of strategic intent. The     Australia TradeCoast is one of the largest and
                            impetus behind precinct or corridor developments             fastest-growing trade and industry regions in Australia.
                            will range – from urban renewal, investment attraction       Covering 8,000 hectares, the region is home to
                            into industrial districts or clusters, to the promotion of   2,500 leading businesses and is the second largest
                            research and innovation hubs.                                employment zone in Queensland after Brisbane
                            Phenomenal population and employment growth                  CBD. Only 10 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD,
                            in Brisbane placed significant pressure on existing          Australia TradeCoast has world-class infrastructure,
                            infrastructure which in turn has inspired an                 unparalleled transport links and Australia’s fastest
                            extraordinary amount of active projects around the           growing port and airport. The region is a hub to
                            city. The results are Brisbane’s many strategically          a variety of industries including manufacturing,
                            planned, well designed and flourishing precincts. And        transport and logistics, distribution and more.
                            with a number of Transit Orientated Developments             Australia TradeCoast is a partnership between four
                            (ToD) underway, the city boasts significant corridors        of Queensland’s most influential Government and

industry leaders who work together to promote and            businesses. Home to more than 80 national and              Australia and covers both human and animal health as         T H E B O G G O R OA D E C O S C I E N C E S
develop the region as a premier location for trade           multinational companies, BTP is an area of                 well as food sciences in one physical location.              PRECINCT
and industry – Queensland Government, Brisbane               33.5 hectares at Eight Mile Plains, under 15 minutes                                                                    The Boggo Road Ecosciences Precinct is a part of the
City Council – Brisbane Marketing, Brisbane Airport          to the Brisbane CBD and around 20 minutes to the           T H E P H A R M ACY A U S T R A L I A C E N T R E O F        9.5 hectare Boggo Road Urban Village redevelopment,
Corporation and Port of Brisbane Corporation.                Ports via the Gateway arterial road which also allows      E xC E L L E N C E ( PAC E )                                 a master planned community at Dutton Park. The
                                                             easy access to the Gold Coast and Ipswich. BTP is a        PACE is a world-class research, education, clinical          precinct will enable a variety of state of the art
K E LV I N G R O V E C R E AT I V E I N D U S T R I E S      managed technology park with conference facilities,        practice and industry precinct on a 1.7ha site at the        facilities including offices, workshops, laboratories,
PRECINCT                                                     meeting and exhibition areas with accommodation            centre of Australia’s rapidly growing biotechnology          insect houses and greenhouses. The precinct will be
The Creative Industries Precinct is Australia’s first site   variations via multi-occupancy, single tenancy or          heart in Brisbane, Queensland. The precinct                  Australia’s first centre dedicated to solving some of
dedicated to creative experimentation and commercial         owner-occupied options.                                    includes the Translational Research Institute (TRI)          the country’s biggest environmental issues. Priority
development in the creative industries. The $60 million      H E A LT H A N D F O O D S C I E N C E S P R E C I N C T   and BioPharmaceuticals Australia, also known as              will be given to climate change, water issues and
Creative Industries Precinct boasts some of the most                                                                    the Smart Therapies Institute. This facility will be the     balancing the needs of our environment and growth of
advanced digital facilities in Australia.                    The Queensland Health research facilities at Coopers       first institute of its kind in Australia – and one of only   our industries.
                                                             Plains are being expanded to create a Science              a few in the world – to have the ability to manage the
B R I S B A N E T E C H N O LO Gy PA R k ( B T P )           Centre of Excellence. Upon its completion in early         discovery, clinical testing and manufacture of new
                                                             2010 around 200 scientists from Queensland Health,         biopharmaceuticals and treatments all in the one place.
The BTP precinct provides technology based
                                                             Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries and
companies with accommodation options in
                                                             CSIRO will join together to create a knowledge centre
an environment with similar or complementing
                                                             for health and food. It will be the first of its kind in

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    INVEST IN BRISBANE   17
brisbane’s key sectors
                                                                                                                    Case Study: Red Hat
I N F O R M AT I O N & C O M M U N I C AT I O N           Brisbane, in particular, boasts
                                                                                                                    Red Hat has launched a new engineering and
T E C H N O LO Gy ( I C T )                               particular expertise in the areas
                                                                                                                    support facility in Brisbane to sustain its expanding
The Queensland ICT industry directly employs over         of e-Security, open source,
                                                                                                                    product line. The new facility is triple the size of
77,000 people in over 5,600 businesses, with estimated    mining technology, wireless
                                                                                                                    its predecessor and is now Red Hat’s largest
revenues in excess of $23.6 billion. Brisbane and the     technology, enterprise software
                                                                                                                    engineering centre in the Asia-Pacific region.
South East Queensland region is the base for over 80      development, simulation and
                                                          multimedia applications.                                  According to Paul Gampe, Vice President of
per cent of these companies, with over 70 per cent
                                                                                                                    Engineering Services and Operations, many
of the Queensland industry directly involved in either    Brisbane has a deep pool of ICT talent to select
                                                                                                                    technology companies have moved their
software development or the provision of ICT services.    from, with this talent augmented by the major
                                                                                                                    development and support functions to China
The wider Australian ICT sector is incredibly robust      universities in Brisbane. In addition to education, the
                                                                                                                    and India.
with fast and secure network infrastructure and world     local universities have cooperated with a number
                                                          of international firms, leading to the development of     “But for Red Hat, the growth of these two
leading intellectual property protection underpinning
                                                          a number of research institutes including the SAP         economies has contributed to the expansion
the industry. Brisbane’s geographic position,
                                                          Research CEC, Microsoft QUT e-Research Centre,            of our operations in Australia. Brisbane is the
allows multinational ICT organisations to pursue a
                                                          Information Security Institute, and the Smart Services    regional headquarters for Engineering in Asia,”
24 hour development and support cycle allowing
                                                          Cooperative Research Centre.                              Mr Gampe said.
for continuous development across the world. In
a 2009 report by the Economist Intelligence Unit          Attracted by the availability of highly-skilled and       Red Hat’s Brisbane location was chosen nine years
benchmarking country’s overall e-readiness, Australia     innovative staff, software development multinationals –   ago because of overwhelming government support
was ranked sixth in the world, and placed first within     Microsoft, SAP, Red Hat, Boeing, IBM and Mincom –        and the quality of local engineering talent.
the Asia Pacific Region.                                   have invested in Brisbane. These firms have
                                                                                                                    Red Hat’s Asia Pacific engineering and support
According to analyst firm IDC, the Australian IT          capitalised on Brisbane’s cost-competitive operating
                                                                                                                    staff conduct software research and development,
services market was valued at $13 billion in 2008, and    environment, unique lifestyle opportunities, and ease
                                                                                                                    product engineering, project management and
has been forecast to grow by 4 percent per year, for at   of access to their Asian operations ensure the success
                                                                                                                    software engineering activities.
least the next four years.                                of their operations.

                                                             Case Study: Tantalus
Recent Queensland Government estimates, suggest
that the Queensland Creative Industries sector is worth      Tantalus, one of the world’s leading independent
$3.4 billion annually and generates approximately            video game development companies has chosen
$1.1 billion in annual export sales. A $60 million           Brisbane for its second development studio.
Creative Industries Precinct at the Queensland               The company renowned for titles such as Cars,
University of Technology is dedicated to the                 Top Gear Rally, Mx vs ATV and SpongeBob
co-location, development and promotion of the                SquarePants, opened a brand new multi-team
creative industries in Brisbane.                             game development studio in Brisbane’s CBD
                                                             fringes in December 2008.
The convergence between creative industries and ICT
will continue to be a focus for sourcing investment          Brisbane Marketing, the city’s inward investment
into Brisbane from major markets such as the UK,             agency worked with Tantalus to provide critical
USA and Asia. Games development, digital media and           introductions, develop detailed business cases
digital content will provide outstanding opportunities       and assist with property searches, amongst other
for multinationals looking for a location that offers both   tailored services.
cost and quality advantages.
                                                             Securing the new development studio reaffirms,
Brisbane is the unquestionable hub of games                  yet again, Brisbane’s reputation as the games
development in Australia. Low production costs,              development hub of Australia with almost half of
fresh creative talent and a high quality development         the country’s industry based here.
environment (compared with other centres globally)
                                                             CEO of Tantalus, Tom Crago said the company
are drawcards for publishing giants Sony, THQ,
                                                             was attracted to Brisbane because of the
Sega and Microsoft. Established games developers
                                                             potential growth opportunities.
based in Brisbane include: THQ, Creative Assembly
(Sega), Krome Studios, Tantalus, Wildfire Studios and        “We’re setting up our studio at Queensland
Halfbrick Studios.                                           University of Technology’s Creative Industries
                                                             Precinct at Kelvin Grove,” said Mr Crago.
Local developments and innovations within the
multimedia industry are also giving Brisbane an              “We have always been impressed with the
innovative and creative edge within the field of digital     quality of graduates coming out of Brisbane’s
media. Brisbane-based multimedia firm Hoodlum                educational institutions, so in the end the choice
has just been awarded its first Primetime Creative           to establish our new studio in Brisbane was
Arts Emmy in Los Angeles for Outstanding Creative            straightforward.”
Achievement in Interactive Media Fiction.

                                                                                           INVEST IN BRISBANE     19
brisbane’s key sectors

F O O D A N D B E V E R AG E                             improved products for customers in Australia, New
The food and beverage sector is Australia’s largest      Zealand and throughout Asia.
manufacturing industry, employing more than              Queensland is also the undisputed capital of beef
200,000 people. This $100 billion industry has           production in Australia – home to more than
continued to experience strong results during the        50 per cent of the Australian industry. As a result,
global downturn, boasting 5.4 per cent growth from       the meat processing industry is prominent in the
June 2008 to June 2009.                                  Brisbane region. In 2008 Swift Australia (a division of
Nowhere is this growth more evident than in the          JBS – the world’s largest meat company) announced
Greater Brisbane region. The growing consumer            a $30 million expansion at their Ipswich plant. Chicken
market, skilled workforce, lower operational costs       processing and smallgoods manufacturing also
and excellent infrastructure have drawn companies        feature. In 2008 Inghams increased production at
such as Coca-Cola Amatil, Kerry Ingredients, Smiths      their East Brisbane plant with a $13 million expansion
Snackfoods (PepsiCo), Schweppes, and Arnotts             creating 210 new jobs, and Primo Smallgoods will
(Campbell Soup Company).                                 soon commence construction on a state-of-the-art,
                                                         $70 million factory.
The ingredients sector in Brisbane is at the forefront
of global best practice. Companies choosing to           2010 will see the opening of the Health and Food
locate in Brisbane can gain advantage right through      Sciences Precinct at Coopers Plains – 20 minutes
the supply chain, with access to high quality            from the Brisbane CBD. The first of its kind in Australia,
raw materials, advanced R&D and production               the Health and Food Sciences Precinct will cover both
technology, and excellent logistics. In 2009,            human and animal health and food sciences in one
world-leading manufacturer of renewable food             physical location.
and industrial ingredients, Tate & Lyle, invested
$7 million in a brand new Australian head office
and manufacturing facility in Brisbane’s west.
Also included in the investment is a R&D Centre
of Excellence, where staff will develop new and

LIFE SCIENCES                                               A quarter of modern medicines are derived from natural      C L E A N T E C H N O LO G I E S                           TOURISM INFRASTRUCTURE
Brisbane offers outstanding opportunities in the            compounds making Brisbane and Queensland gold               Brisbane is located in a state rich in renewable energy    Leveraging from the $1 billion spent by overseas
fields of agri-food, biomedical, biopharmaceutical          mines for biotech companies. Queensland is comprised        resources from solar, geothermal, biomass, wind            visitors in 2007, Brisbane Marketing, guided by
and human therapeutics, diagnostics and clinical            of 19 terrestrial and 17 marine bioregions and five world   (offshore and onshore), to hydro, wave and tidal. This     the Queensland Government’s Regional Tourism
trials. Brisbane is a recognised centre of excellence –     heritage sights covering 40 million hectares. Just one      is complemented with a selection of broad policy           Infrastructure and Investment Plan, acts as a catalyst
home to not only the Queensland Institute of Medical        hectare of the Daintree Rainforest in North Queensland      platforms created to expand the sector and accelerate      for change by working with Tourism Queensland,
Research (QIMR), the largest medical research               contains more species of native plants than the whole of    the Queensland economy towards a clean energy              local councils and industry bodies to determine future
institute in the southern hemisphere, but also the Clive    North America, and about 80 per cent of those species       future. Queensland is well placed to capitalise on the     directions for the region that will facilitate ongoing
Berghofer Cancer Research Centre.                           can be found nowhere else on earth.                         world’s growing demand for energy and become a             tourism investment.
                                                                                                                        global leader in energy innovation.
The University of Queensland is host to the Pharmacy                                                                                                                               Brisbane Marketing is already leading several
Australia Centre of Excellence, Australia’s leading           Case Study: Pfizer                                        Not only is the state rich in reserves of coal and gas,    projects including the Moreton Bay & Islands Tourism
facility for pharmaceutical research, education and           In the quest to develop the next generation               but the reserves position Queensland strongly to           Infrastructure Plan and is assisting Brisbane City
drug commercialization, while Griffith University             of anti-infective medicine, Griffith University           become a world leader in clean coal technology. The        Council with the development of the Mt Coot-tha
partners with global giants AstaZeneca and Pfizer in          and Pfizer, the world’s largest research-based            region’s climate is conducive to innovation particularly   master plan. And through its 2009 Brisbane Hotel
the natural drug discovery arena. The world’s largest         pharmaceutical company, announced another                 in solar energy production and technology, while           Investment Analysis conducted by KPMG, the team is
agribusiness company, Swissbased Syngenta, chose              leading industry partnership for Griffith’s Eskitis       the sugarcane industry and other agricultural crops        linking investors and developers for the development
Queensland University of Technology (QUT) as its              Institute. The Institute has spent the past 14            equip the state for innovation in biomass and biofuels,    of five star hotels to counter Brisbane’s historically
international partner in the commercial development of        years developing Nature Bank, a unique library            including ethanol production and use.                      high occupancy rate.
a sugar cane-based ethanol industry. This is the first        of 200,000 natural product fractions derived from
                                                                                                                        Brisbane Marketing has commissioned Ernst & Young          Other opportunities for investment include
time Syngenta has established a partnership of this           a collection of over 40,000 samples of plants
                                                                                                                        to conduct a Clean Energy and Related Technologies         Moreton Bay & Islands eco-tourism and resort
type with an academic body.                                   and marine invertebrates collected from diverse
                                                                                                                        Audit to highlight the opportunities and potential         accommodation, marine transport infrastructure, and
                                                              areas of tropical Queensland, the Great Barrier
This collaboration of tertiary education with the                                                                       offered by the sector in Brisbane. It will also showcase   high-profile tourist attractions.
                                                              Reef, Tasmania, Papua New Guinea and China.
private sector delivers a world-class pool of scientists,                                                               the FDI opportunities around Brisbane-based research
                                                              The Institute’s research includes a program to
engineers and technical staff. In fact, Australia has                                                                   towards solutions in emerging areas including climate
                                                              search new compounds from nature that can be
more PhD graduates in biotech-related disciplines per                                                                   change, clean energy, drought management, recycling
                                                              developed into drugs.
capita than the USA or UK.                                                                                              and greenhouse gas emissions.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   INVEST IN BRISBANE   21
                                                                                                                                                                                 BRISBANE IS AN INTERNATIONAL
                                                                                                                                                                                 CENTRE OF ExCELLENCE IN THE
                                                                                                                                                                                 FIELD OF MINING TECHNOLOGY
                                                                                                                                                                                 AND SERVICES, MAJOR PLAYERS
                                                                                                                                                                                 ANGLOCOAL, RIO TINTO, BHP BILLITON -
                                                                                                                                                                                 MITSUBISHI ALLIANCE AND xSTRATA
                                                                                                                                                                                 ARE ALL LOCATED IN BRISBANE.

M I N I N G T E C H N O LO G I E S A N D S E R V I C E S    The majority of the MTS firms in the Greater Brisbane     was not only attracted to the innovative local research    a day. The next 20 years will see the development
Queensland boasts a concentrated cluster of over            area are SMEs with a specialised skills base.             base, but also Queensland’s strengths in bauxite           of the Gateway Arterial Expansion (duplication of a
300 MTS companies, with the clear majority of               This highly developed industry cluster consists of        extraction and alumina refining. The consolidation         six-lane toll bridge), the North-South Bypass Tunnel,
these operating within the Greater Brisbane area.           producers and service providers in the areas of           will result in a pooling of resources and greater          the Northern Link and Airport Link.
Many major mining and resource firms have chosen            mining engineering, mining equipment manufacturing,       collaboration on potentially ground-breaking research.
                                                                                                                                                                                 To the west and Ipswich, located at the junction of
Brisbane as the location for their global, Asia-Pacific     mine and resource management (including coal and
                                                                                                                                                                                 the Cunningham and Warrego Highways, the SEQ
and national headquarters. Anglo Coal, Rio Tinto            water), commodity transportation, remote positioning,     LO G I S T I C S
                                                                                                                                                                                 Regional Plan has determined this western corridor
Aluminium, Peabody Pacific, BHP Billiton Mitsubishi         environmentally-sensitive mining/drilling, geotech        Sustained growth in the manufacturing and resource         will be the fastest growing precinct, in the fastest
Alliance and xstrata are just some of the global            exploration, and health and safety initiatives.           sectors has created excellent opportunities for            growing region of Australia. Access to a highly skilled
players capitalising on the city’s strategic location and   With the bulk of the local industry consisting of SMEs,   logistics, transport and warehousing providers.            workforce, and quick access to markets south to
knowledge economy.                                          many new and exciting technologies are constantly         Brisbane is the ideal logistics location offering          Sydney and west to the grazing, agricultural and
                                                            being developed. World-class universities operate         unequalled infrastructure, strategic location, land        resources centres of central Queensland, Ipswich and
Brisbane is renowned as an international centre of
                                                            in Brisbane, which are home to leading R&D bodies         availability, lower operating costs and significant        surrounding areas are fast becoming the logistics hot
excellence in the field of mining technology and mining
                                                            providing innovative technology advancements across       labour advantages.                                         spot for national carriers and distribution centres.
services. Driven by the industry’s commitment to
greater R&D infrastructure, there is strong government      the entire R&D supply chain.                              The existing infrastructure network in Brisbane is         As the global trend to shorten supply chains
collaboration and investment and an increased focus         The appeal of Brisbane’s research-intensive and           world class. Australia TradeCoast is Australia’s most      continues, Brisbane offers fast access to national
on education and developing a skilled workforce. This       innovative environment is highlighted through Rio Tinto   integrated trade precinct, combining both the Port of      and international markets. Direct air and shipping
combines to create an industry capable of delivering        Alcan’s announcement late in 2008 to move all of its      Brisbane and Brisbane Airport. The Port of Brisbane        links to all key Asian ports, means major Asian
an array of innovative technologies and expertise to        R&D activities from Melbourne to Brisbane. As one         is the only purpose-built, capital city, intermodal port   destinations can be reached by air in seven to nine
the global market.                                          of the world’s largest aluminium producers, Rio Tinto     complex in Australia, whilst the Brisbane International    hours. Continuing this efficiency, firms locating in
                                                                                                                      and Domestic Airports operate curfew-free, 24-hours

Brisbane have unique access to land and property in      Alphapharm, one of Australia’s largest pharmaceutical       The critical mass of aviation companies including           Case Study: Boeing Research
transport locations near the Brisbane Airport, Port of   companies has its research, production and                  the Boeing Australia headquarters, Virgin Blue              & Technology Australia
Brisbane, and domestic trade routes south and north      packaging facilities in Brisbane. It exports to more than   headquarters, Qantas 767 maintenance, EADS                  In 2008, aviation leader Boeing established a branch
via the Pacific and Cunningham Highways, along with      50 countries including those in Europe and the USA.         and Raytheon, provide excellent supply chain                of its advanced research and development unit in
standard gauge freight rail from the Brisbane Ports to                                                               opportunities. Brisbane’s major universities have over      Brisbane, with plans to employ 30 scientific and
                                                         Brisbane has also emerged as a major centre for the
all capital cities in Australia.                                                                                     5000 students enrolled in engineering technologies          engineering staff. Attracted to Queensland because
                                                         production and maintenance of the rapidly expanding
                                                                                                                     and the Boeing/University of Queensland training            of the state’s growing reputation as a major hub for
                                                         super yacht market. With over 252 marine companies
M A N U FAC T U R I N G                                                                                              facility, which offers a Masters degree in Systems          aviation and aerospace, the branch will concentrate on
                                                         and more than 43 per cent of the national industry’s
                                                                                                                     Engineering, is bolstering work force standards.            several major research programs, including advanced
Highly innovative in nature, Queensland industry         turnover, Queensland is Australia’s largest boat
                                                                                                                                                                                 composites, light robotics, unmanned airborne
has concentrated on specific niches – advanced           building state.                                             Quality land is available for development close to
                                                                                                                                                                                 vehicles (UAVs) and ageing aircraft technologies. It
manufacturing, machinery and equipment, plastics                                                                     Brisbane Airport within Australia TradeCoast precinct.
                                                                                                                                                                                 will also conduct research that addresses aerospace
and metals, packaging and recycling, and marine – to     AV I AT I O N                                               No other Australian capital city can offer such strategic
                                                                                                                                                                                 environmental issues through innovative air space
ensure long term growth.                                                                                             high-grade commercial and industrial land in such
                                                         Currently employing over 14,000 people, the aviation                                                                    management concepts to improve airport efficiency
Strong industry growth means manufacturers enjoy         and aerospace industry in Brisbane is the fastest           close proximity to the airport. Add to this the servicing
                                                                                                                                                                                 and reduce noise and fuel burn when aircraft land. It
well established infrastructure as well as solid         growing hub in South-East Asia. Brisbane Airport has        advantages gained from Brisbane’s proximity to Asia
                                                                                                                                                                                 has partnered with the University of Queensland on its
plans for future road and rail development. The          a 24-hour, curfew-free operating policy, and sits on        and strong government support – Brisbane aviation is
                                                                                                                                                                                 Scramjet Project. The partnership allows the University
Queensland Manufacturing Institute supports and          2700 hectares – a land space almost three times that        a world-class offering.
                                                                                                                                                                                 of Queensland’s Centre for Hypersonics to continue
promotes the sector through R&D and training, whilst     of Sydney Airport.                                                                                                      to build advanced scramjet prototypes and undertake
earmarked industrial land across Brisbane will provide                                                                                                                           prolonged flight tests at speeds of more than Mach 8,
development opportunity into the future.                                                                                                                                         or 8000 kilometres per hour.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 INVEST IN BRISBANE    23
investment attraction team                        I N V E S T M E N T AT T R AC T I O N T E A M
                                                  Brisbane Marketing’s Investment Attraction division
                                                                                                           We connect investors with our extensive networks to
                                                                                                           maximise opportunities for business success. Our
                                                  is the city’s business champion – an experienced         established and productive political, business and
                                                  and world class inward investment agency, we play        media relationships help investors to capitalise on
                                                  a strategic role in Brisbane business. The Investment    market entry and growth.
                                                  Attraction division is responsible for securing          We were named best City Agency worldwide for
                                                  investment that will maximise long term economic         2007/2008 London based consultancy, GDP Global
                                                  growth for Brisbane, whose vibrant economy is taking     Development. And in 2009, Brisbane was recognised
                                                  its place on the global stage.                           in the top 10 Asian Cities of the Future and was ranked
                                                  The team is deeply engaged with clients throughout       second in Asia for our foreign direct investment (FDI)
                                                  the inward investment life cycle. We examine growth      strategy, by the pre-eminent authority on FDI, the
                                                  opportunities and work with investors to determine       Financial Times FDI Magazine.
                                                  how Brisbane can best fit with their business            The Investment Attraction division forms part of
                                                  strategy. We consult from the initial business case      Brisbane Marketing, the economic development
                                                  to critical introductions, talent and labour analysis,   agency for Greater Brisbane. It promotes Brisbane as
                                                  property solutions and advice regarding grants           Australia’s new world city, focusing on the generation
                                                  and incentives. The team provides guidance during        of economic activity via investment attraction, export,
                                                  transition and implementation through to aftercare       tourism, CBD retail, conventions and major events.
                                                  and reinvestment services.

       P L AT I N U M PA R T N E R S   G O L D PA R T N E R S

BUSINESS CASE                                              TA L E N T                                                       up to date with the very latest in pricing, project       The partnership:
In order to determine and demonstrate Brisbane’s           With a comprehensive education system in place,                  developments and city planning.
                                                                                                                                                                                      f Heightens corporate partners affiliation and
suitability for your business, Brisbane Marketing’s        Brisbane prides itself on its well-educated and
                                                                                                                            GRANTS AND INCENTIVES                                       personal relationships with local, interstate and
Investment Attraction division will work with you to       highly-skilled workforce. The Investment Attraction
                                                                                                                            You will find a receptive, pro-business attitude at         international industry and government;
develop a full Business Case. Our team of specialists      team can help you identify and tap into this talented
will consult closely with you to fully understand          labour pool by conducting a labour analysis. Compiled            all levels of government within the Brisbane region,      f Achieves greater penetration of key investment
your business, and then provide a summation of             specifically for your business, this analysis considers          and grants and incentives may be available on a             target markets;
opportunities and key criteria solutions. Tailored         all the factors relevant to you, including staff type and        case-by-case basis. The team can assist with further      f Offers knowledge to ensure target industries and
specifically to your needs, the Business Case includes a   levels required. The team is also able to assist with the        information and applications.                               markets, together with marketing programs, are
business needs analysis, market research and statistics.   establishment of collaborative partnerships between                                                                          ‘steered’ towards relevant trends to maximise
                                                                                                                            C O R P O R AT E PA R T N E R S
                                                           businesses and universities.                                                                                                 attraction/investment opportunities; and
CRITICAL INTRODUCTIONS                                                                                                      The Investment Attraction division Corporate
                                                                                                                            Partnership is committed to the development of            f Provides a coordinated investment front creating a
With strong links to private enterprise and all levels     PROPERT Y SOLUTIONS
                                                                                                                            Brisbane as a strong, commercially competitive              point of difference over competitor locations.
of government, the Investment Attraction division          The dynamic Brisbane property sector is constantly
has all the right contacts to help you succeed. Our        evolving, so expert advice and impartial information             location for business. Established in 2000, this unique
unrivalled access to key corporate and political           is crucial. With our comprehensive view of the                   combination of private sector specialists and inward
contacts – including the Lord Mayor of Brisbane and        property market, the Investment Attraction team is in            investment experts provides investors with broad
senior State Government representatives – will turn        the perfect position to help you develop successful              business advice and operational assistance, as well as
your plans into reality.                                   property solutions. Our established relationships with           detailed industry-specific information.
                                                           major property players and government bodies – plus
                                                           our broad market exposure – mean we are always

                                                                                                                       S I LV E R PA R T N E R S

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      INVEST IN BRISBANE    25
Brisbane’s reputation as a progressive and globally competitive
destination has steadily developed over recent years and
Brisbane Marketing has been a driving force in supporting and
celebrating this success story.

Brisbane Marketing is the city’s economic development agency.
It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brisbane City Council, and the
official marketing authority for the greater Brisbane region. Its
prime purpose is to create economic value for the residents and
businesses of Brisbane through its various business sectors,
including CBD and Queen Street Mall retail, convention bureau,
export, investment attraction, leisure tourism and major events.

Brisbane Marketing’s central purpose as the creator of economic
value for Brisbane is highlighted through the single unifying
thought which underpins its strategies – positioning Brisbane as
Australia’s New World City in the hearts and minds of its key
target markets.
                                                                                                                                                                                            in Brisbane, Australia

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