Manchester Township High School by Zh4AKU


									                 Manchester Township High School
               Manchester Township, New Jersey 08759

                  THE ROAD TO GRADUATION

Senior Year

September    Prepare for the fall SAT by taking practice tests in a SAT
              review booklet.
             Register for the fall SAT I, SAT II test and/or ACT test.
             Attend mini college fairs
             Continue your college visits.

October      Complete Early Decision Applications.
             Visit and interview at colleges.
             Attend meetings with college representatives.
             Service Academy deadline – All supportive information must
              be completed.

November     SAT I and SAT II test this month.
             Meet with college representatives; interview at colleges.
             Complete college application forms. Remember to submit
              these forms to your counselor at least two weeks before
              individual deadlines.
             Application deadlines for some Early Decision candidates
              is November 15.
             Registration deadline for December ACT, SAT I and SAT II.

December     Most Early Decision replies come through.
             Submit your completed college application, checks and other
              information to your counselor as early as possible but at
              least two weeks before the filing deadline.
             Financial aid forms are available after December 15.
             Ask your counselor about all available scholarships.
             SAT I, ACT, SAT II tests given.
             Deadline for registration for January SAT I and SAT II.

January      Apply for college scholarships.
                Make certain all application materials have been forwarded
                 to the colleges. Remember, it is your responsibility to have
                 the SAT scores sent to the colleges.
                SAT I and SAT II given.
                Deadline for registration for February ACT.

February      Send updated application material to add to your file at each
               college (new honors, offices in school clubs and others).

March         Some college acceptances come this month.
              It is not too late to apply to some colleges.
              Keep your grades high.

April         Most college acceptances and financial aid replies announced.
              Decide which college you will attend and notify that school and
               your counselor. Many colleges require that you reply, with a
               matriculation deposit, by May 1.
              Notify school to which you have been accepted but do not plan
               to attend.
              Continue to apply for independent college scholarships offered
               by your community, local businesses, unions (see your
               counselor for details).
              Deadline for registration for May SAT I and SAT II.

May           Take SAT II tests for college placement, if required.
              Keep your grades high.

June          Graduation!

July          Study college course catalogs and make a list of subjects you
               would like to take in the fall.

August        Freshman orientation week at many colleges.

(Students should plan to take SAT II immediately upon successful completion of
the course.)

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