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									                                   JOB DESCRIPTION


Job Title: Lecturer

Grade: Band A


To develop, prepare and deliver high quality education and training programmes and to
provide other professional support to help the College meet its objectives.

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Head of School


1.    Prepare and deliver course material to a range of programmes as directed by your
      line manager.

2.    Carry out a range of lecturing and associated functions in connection with classroom
      teaching, tutorial work, assessment, residential courses, open and distance learning
      cases and student placements as required.

3.    Implement and take cognisance of all policies and procedures of the College and the

4.    Carry out tutorial duties and assist with the provision of an effective counselling
      service to students on academic, non-academic and welfare matters as required.

5.    Undertake liaison activities with parents/guardians, schools and employers as
      necessary. This will include participation in parents evening and visits to/from
      employers as appropriate.

6.    Participate in a range of marketing activities based in College, Schools or elsewhere.

7.    Undertake research and consultancy as required.

8.    Work as a member of one or more course teams and to take responsibility for the
      administration and management of specified courses or subject areas as required.

9.    Participate in curriculum development activities including the identification of
      consumer requirements, planning, development and evaluation of courses and
      course material.

March 2011
10.   Undertake staff appraisal and classroom observations in accordance with College

11.   Maintain class registers in line with College policy requirements.

12.   Keep appropriate records and provide reports and statistics as required.

13.   Contribute to extra curricular activities as required.

14.   Contribute to the delivery of key skill activity as required.

15.   Participate in arrangements for examinations, including writing and marking papers
      and invigilation duties as appropriate.

16.   Provide mentorship to new members of staff as required.

17.   Undertake professional development to update subject knowledge.

18.   Undertake staff development to meet the changing needs of the College.

19.   Work within Health and Safety guidelines to ensure safe working practice.

20.   Promote equal opportunities at all times.

21.   To manage one or more elements of School programme as directed by the Head of
      School and/or the appropriate Head of Department.

March 2011
N.B. All posts are required to work flexibly across all directorates in order to meet
     the needs of the college on a corporate basis.


Given the dynamic nature of the role and structure of South Tyneside College, it must be
accepted that, as the College’s work develops and changes, there will be a need for
adjustments to the role and responsibilities of the post. The duties specified above are,
therefore, not to be regarded as either exclusive or exhaustive. They may change from
time to time commensurate with the grading level of the post and following consultation with
the member of staff.


The College is committed to equality and diversity for all members of society. The College
will take action to discharge this responsibility but many of the actions will rely on individual
staff members at South Tyneside College embracing their responsibilities with such a
commitment and ensuring a positive and collaborative approach to Equality and Diversity.
This will require staff to support the College’s initiatives on Equality and Diversity which will
include embracing development and training designed to enhance practices and the
experiences of staff, students and visitors to the College with an all inclusive approach that
celebrates differences. Failure to embrace these commitments may lead to formal action.

If you as a member of staff identify how you or the College can improve its practice on
Equality and Diversity, please contact the Equality and Diversity Officer in Human


All members of staff have a duty to maintain safe and clean conditions in their work area
and co-operate with the College on matters of Health and Safety. This will include assisting
with undertaking risk assessments and carrying out appropriate actions as required. Staff
are required to refer to the College Health and Safety Policies in respect to their specific
duties and responsibilities.


All staff are required to participate fully in the college Staff Development programmes and
have a responsibility to identify their own professional development needs in conjunction
with their line manager.


South Tyneside College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
and young people, as well as vulnerable adults, and expects all staff and volunteers to
share this commitment.

March 2011

Internal Communication/Working Relationships

Liaison with:

Head of School
Curriculum Leaders
Other Lecturers
Central Admin
Additional Learning Support Staff

External Communication/Working Relationships

Liaison with:

Parents/ Carers, Schools, Services for Young people and other external agencies,
awarding bodies including external verifiers.

This is not an exhaustive list – it is for illustrative purposes only

March 2011

Knowledge/Experience                                             Essential Desirable

   Teaching qualification (eg CertEd or equivalent)                 
   Minimum of 2 year teaching/training or relative experience       
   Qualification or training relative to working with learning
   difficulties and/or disabilities ( LLDD)                         
   Minimum of 2 years experience of working with young              
   people with LLDD
   Assessor award and/or verifier qualification                     

Skills                                                           Essential Desirable

    Proven track record of successful teaching                      
    Experience in planning, reviewing and assessment                
   Evidence of good communication skills (verbal and                
   Ability to work effectively with external agencies and           
   partner organisations
   Personal and professional integrity                              
   Ability to work in a timely and effective manner                 
   Team worker                                                      
   Commitment to continuing professional development
   ( that can be demonstrated)                                      

March 2011

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