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					                                   Castle Howard
                     Farm Shop Retail Assistant - Job Description
                            (Skills Framework Level 1)

Job Title :                Farm Shop Retail Assistant

Place of work:             Farm Shop, Coffee Shop, Boathouse cafe

Hourly rate :              £6.57 per hour (18 years and over) plus Group Personal
                           Pension Scheme (including death in service benefit)

Reports to :               Farm Shop Supervisor/Farm Shop Manager

Main Objectives :          To help establish and maintain the Castle Howard Farm
                           Shop as the region’s premier food retail outlet

                           To help achieve, and where possible exceed, the
                           financial parameters set down in the departmental

                           To increase basket spend in the Farm Shop through
                           excellent product knowledge and customer service

                           To help to maintain a high quality, consistent and
                           distinctive retail offer, consistent with the Castle
                           Howard brand

                           To promote and safeguard the Castle Howard brand at
                           all times

Liaising with :            Colleagues within the Retail and Catering departments
                           Other managers and key employees

Key Tasks :                To assist in the efficient running of the Farm Shop,
                           Coffee shop and Boathouse cafe, open from 10 am until
                           5.30 pm daily, including helping with the opening and
                           setting up, as well as the closing down and locking up of
                           the shop and the external sales area

                           To pro-actively identify customers' needs and to deal
                           with any customer requests in a timely manner

               CASTLE HOWARD YORK YO60 7DA
         Registered Office: Castle Howard Estate Limited, The Estate Office, Castle Howard, York, YO60 7DA
                                    Registered in England and Wales No. 480214
                  To serve, sell to and assist customers at the butcher’s,
                  delicatessen, self-service and till counters, as well as in
                  the Coffee Shop and Boathouse cafe.

                  To handle cash, cash up and reconcile till and credit
                  card machines at the end of the day

                  To assist with the ordering of stock and the receiving,
                  checking off, pricing and storage of new deliveries, as
                  well as helping with the control of stock and stock-

                  To help display merchandise maintain a clean and
                  hygienic showroom and store room at all times

                  To maintain an excellent standard of personal

                  To comply with all aspects of Food Hygiene and Health
                  and Safety

                  To operate in accordance with Castle Howard’s Health
                  and Safety policy at all times

                  To be aware of the security of the shop, stable
                  courtyard, house and grounds and to report any
                  suspicious activity to the Farm Shop Manager or Duty

                  To contribute to the departmental business plan and
                  assist with achieving the objectives and goals set

                  To undertake any other duties that may reasonably be
                  required by the Farm Shop Supervisor/Farm Shop
                  Manager, Retail Manager or Resident Agent.

Registered Office: Castle Howard Estate Limited, The Estate Office, Castle Howard, York, YO60 7DA
                           Registered in England and Wales No. 480214
                            CASTLE HOWARD – SKILLS FRAMEWORK

The Castle Howard Skills Framework is used for a number of personnel management
purposes including recruitment and selection, the appraisal process, as well as for longer
term training and development needs. The Framework should not be seen as a tick list,
rather it is indicative of the types of behaviour that should be observed at a particular
level of competence. Further guidance can be found in the Skills Framework booklet,
which is available from the Estate Office or via the intranet.

As a Level 1 employee you are expected to demonstrate the following skills and

Teamworking - Supporting each other to produce better results
   Is tactful, patient and courteous with others irrespective of their status
   Listens to others and tries to see things from their point of view
   Recognises when help is needed and offers support to others
   Helps colleagues to understand the department’s role and activities
   Understands and applies the principles of health and safety both for self and for others

Leadership - Taking personal responsibility and empowering others
 Adopts a positive approach to work
 Knows own objectives fit in with the Estate’s activities
 Reliable under pressure and remains calm and tactful when dealing with difficult
 Challenges unacceptable behaviours or discrimination
 Is able to state own positions and views
 Readily accepts responsibility for own and delegated work
 Adapts to suit different situations and responds constructively and flexibly to change

Building Relationships - Working in co-operation across the Castle Howard Estate
 Knows who the internal and external customers are and what service they require
 Takes responsibility for finding solutions to customers, referring up the line if

Communicating - Sharing information and opinions to achieve understanding
 Chooses content, language, style and medium to suit the audience/recipient and
 Communicates accurately and to the point, avoiding jargon
 Pays careful attention and asks questions to check detail or understanding remains
 Is calm and persuasive even when dealing with difficult people
 Contributes to team meetings when there are opportunities to do so
 Records messages and information accurately and passes them on promptly

               CASTLE HOWARD YORK YO60 7DA
          Registered Office: Castle Howard Estate Limited, The Estate Office, Castle Howard, York, YO60 7DA
                                     Registered in England and Wales No. 480214
Delivering a Quality Service - Focusing on results
 Organise workload to meet deadlines and objectives
 Understands the main functions of one’s own department and how it affects the work
    of other departments
 Knows and applies rules and legislation relevant to one’s own department
 Focuses on priorities and is not easily distracted or put off by minor set backs or
 Applies Castle Howard’s financial, personnel and resource management rules and
 Recognises problems and alerts those likely to be affected

Developing and Applying Expertise - Making the most of our own and others’
personal qualities and contribution
 Asks questions and is not afraid to admit to mistakes or lack of knowledge
 Takes an active interest in matters affecting the work of their department
 Willing to learn new skills as the job changes
 Identifies own development needs and agrees a development plan with line manager
 Keeps relevant knowledge and expertise up to date
 Applies previous experience to new situations

Thinking and Decision Making - Making sound operational and policy decisions
 Identifies the essential information needed to do the job and knows when and where to
   seek additional information and advice.

              CASTLE HOWARD YORK YO60 7DA
         Registered Office: Castle Howard Estate Limited, The Estate Office, Castle Howard, York, YO60 7DA
                                    Registered in England and Wales No. 480214

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