NUGENT CARE
                                      99 Edge Lane, Liverpool, L7 2PE
                                       Telephone No: 0151 261 2000

                                JOB DESCRIPTION
                                            HEAD OF EDUCATION
                      Nugent House School, Carr Mill Road, Billinge, Wigan, WN5 7TT
                                     Telephone Number: 01744 892551

1        NUGENT CARE
         Nugent Care is the social work service of the Catholic Archdiocese of Liverpool. The origins of
         Nugent Care date back to Victorian Liverpool and the pioneering work of Father James Nugent
         (1822-1905) in relation to child welfare, poverty relief and social reform.
         Today Nugent Care is one of the leading charities in the North West of England, caring for
         children, disabled and marginalised people of all ages. We continue to fulfil a major social welfare
         role throughout the North West by acting as both a service provider and a major employer. The
         scale of our work is immense and we currently provide the following services;
                   Residential Special Schools, including day places;
                   Children’s homes, including a secure unit;
                   Care Homes for adults and older people;
                   A very wide range of Community Services for children and adults of all ages;
                   Supported living services;
                   Adoption agency work;

         Nugent Care celebrates diversity in our organisation and in society as a whole and is an equal
         opportunities employer welcoming all people with a positive view of age, caring responsibilities,
         gender, disability racial origin, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic background

2        THE SCHOOL

         This residential special establishment, registered and approved by the DfES opened in January 1983
         to cater for the individual needs of boys of all denominations between the ages of 7 and 17 who have
         been unable to adjust to the demands of mainstream education.

         The establishment is situated in the pleasant residential district of Billinge, surrounded by attractive
         countryside. The provision of the establishment’s own transport and excellent local facilities giving
         access to the national motorway and rail systems makes readily available the nearby National Parks
         of the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales, Peak District and Snowdonia, as well as the urban
         conurbation’s of Liverpool and Manchester.

         The Establishment operates a 38 week academic year with the majority of boys as attending as day
         boys. It is also registered with Ofsted to provide both 38 and 52 weeks residential placements and is
         increasingly accepting 52 week referrals.

3        THE STRUCTURE             See attached.


5.       ACCOUNTABLE TO: Principal

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6.       WORKING WITH:

         All colleagues; relevant professionals; Governors; Nugent Care; external agencies including
         training providers.

7.       LIAISON:

         All staff; parents/guardians; mainstream Leadership Teams; Nugent Care; reporting agencies;
         schools and LAs, National development officers.


8.1      Responsible for the effective management and running of the school in the absence of the
         Principal, as and when directed.

8.2      With the Principal, the promotion of continued school development and improvement.

8.3      The continuity and progression of all pupils across key phases

8.4      The annual production of the educational timetable and deployment of staff, including the
         oversight of cover arrangements for teaching and non-teaching staff.

8.5      Working with colleague Key Stage co-ordinators, the effective deployment of all staff in support of
         the whole school curriculum.

8.6      to be an integral member of the Senior Leadership Team by discharging responsibilities to a high
         standard as well as supporting the work of colleagues in order to ensure the effectiveness of the
         SLT at all times;

8.7      to lead the development of the curriculum and raise standards of learning, teaching, assessment
         and achievement;

8.8      the implementation of a coherent assessment policy across the school

8.9      to work closely with the Principal, SENCO and Senior Management Team and colleagues in the
         strategic development of the school’s Special Educational Needs (SEN) policy and oversee the
         day-to-day operation of that policy with the aim of raising SEN pupil achievement.

9        Curriculum

         The Head of Education will;

9.1      ensure the schools complies with the statutory regulations for the curriculum, teaching and
9.2      lead the development of a curriculum in which all young people have access to a broad, balanced
         and inspiring curriculum that contributes to their academic, emotional, social, physical and mental
9.3      have oversight of all subject development and overall curriculum provision
9.4      ensure that learners experience an educational programme that is personalised
9.5      oversee the effective development of pupil’s literacy, numeracy and information technology skills
         and take appropriate actions to improve learners’ outcomes
9.6      to oversee the role of the Senior Teacher – KS4 and other staff, as appropriate, to ensure
         curriculum continuity and progression
9.7      be accountable for the work of teachers and support staff
9.8      evaluate teaching in the school, use this analysis to identify effective practice and areas for
         improvement and take action to improve further the quality of teaching.

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10.      Achievement and Progress

         The Head of Education will have responsibility for improving the educational outcomes and
         progress of all learners by:

10.1     monitoring progress and take appropriate action to ensure progress
10.2     monitoring the quality of teaching and learning and share judgements with teachers and support
         staff as appropriate
10.3     contribute to the ongoing review of the SIEF by providing the Principal with evaluations and
         judgements on the quality of the curriculum, teaching and assessment, pupils’ progress in
         learning and the spiritual, moral social and cultural development of young people.

11.      Assessment

         The Head of Education will:

11.1     establish and implement clear policies and practices for assessing, recording and reporting of
         pupil achievement
11.2     use assessment processes to analyse and evaluate achievement
11.3     oversee individual pupil target setting processes
11.4     ensure that information about pupil’s achievements in previous classes and schools is used
         effectively to secure good progress throughout the school
11.5     lead, supported by the Senior Teacher – KS4, the implementation of, and monitor, evaluate and
         review, assessment processes by:
                       Overseeing the organisation and managements of statutory tests and
                       leading formative assessment, including assessment for learning and
                          personalised learning
                       collating summative assessment, analysing and identifying implications for
                          improving progress and achievement
                       monitoring, evaluating and reviewing systems for reporting to parents/carers on
                          standards of achievement
                       each year, produce a detailed evaluation report in July of the school’s

12.      Special Needs

         The Head of Education will:

12.1     exercise a key role in assisting the Principal and SENCO with the strategic development of SEN
         policy / provision and ensure the school complies with statutory requirements relating to special
         education needs
12.2     support all staff in understanding the needs of SEN pupils and ensure the objectives to develop
         SEN are reflected in the school improvement plan
12.3     work with staff to ensure that Individual Education Plans are used to set specific targets and that
         work is well matched to pupil’s needs
12.4     in partnership with the SENCO advise the Principal on the level of resources required to
         maximise achievement
12.5     support the identification of and disseminate the most effective teaching approaches for pupils
         with SEN
12.6      work with the SENCO, Therapy team and staff to develop effective ways of bridging barriers to
         learning through:
                      assessment of needs
                      monitoring of teaching quality and pupil achievement
                      target setting, including IEPs
                      developing a recording system for progress
                      provide regular information to the Principal on the evaluation of SEN provision
                      co-ordinate all Annual Reviews and attend / chair when directed by the Principal

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13.      Staffing

13.1     Ensure that all staff are aware of and fulfil their roles and responsibilities.

13.2     To support the development of a clear and informative intra-school communication system.

13.3     Ensure that staff are given support and guidance, in line with national and local curriculum
         initiatives and developments, on subject content and teaching and learning styles.

13.4     Ensure that staff professional development is matched with the needs of the school and its
         improvement programme.

14.      MAIN TASKS:

14.1     Member of Senior Leadership Team

As a member of the SMT the Head of Education will be expected to:

14.1.1    take an active role in school self-evaluation, determining priorities for development and devising
          appropriate action plans
14.1.2 attend school meetings as directed by the Principal, including teacher and full staff meetings,
          and to chair these meetings when required.
14.1.3 maintain positive professional relationships with colleagues, pupils and external agencies.
14.1.4 share the responsibility for the induction of new staff
14.1.5 promote the Every Child Matters agenda.
14.1.6 cover for absent colleagues
14.1.7 lead the performance management of thE Education department, in line with the school’s policy
14.1.8 uphold standards of professional and personal conduct whenever representing UHS.
14.1.9 undertake evening and weekend work by negotiation, and any other duties as deemed
          appropriate by the Principal.
14.1.10 Lead day-to-day educational provision within the effective management of the school.
14.1.11 Be a contributing member to the strategic development of Nugent House School through the
          address of the School Improvement Plan.
14.1.12 to work where required across all sectors where appropriate and reasonable

14.2     Budget

14.2.1 Manage the allocated budget ensuring accurate monitoring and coherence within the school
       improvement programme.
14.2.2 Ensure that the accommodation and resources are fit for purpose, with particular regard to health
       and safety.

14.3     Pastoral

14.3.1 Ensure high standards of behaviour of all pupils and staff in line with agreed policy.
14.3.2 Oversee and monitor the policy for the safeguard of pupils’ welfare.
14.3.3 To work within the Christian ethos of the school.

14.4     Professional development

14.4.1 The Head of Education must demonstrate a commitment to their continuous professional
       development by taking responsibility for their own professional programme in relation to relevant
       academic and care matters.
14.4.2 Undertake regular PRICE training and statutory child protection training
14.4.3 Actively participate in their performance management cycle
41.4.4 Maintain a record of Continuing Professional Development that contributes to the development of
       the post holder at local and national levels and has regard to the Raising of Achievement Plan.

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14.5     Other Professional Responsibilities

         In consultation with the Principal the Head of Education will:-

14.5.1 teach as necessary to ensure the effective delivery of the School’s curriculum.
14.5.2 undertake other identified areas of responsibility as necessary to ensure the effective delivery of
       the School’s curriculum


         Ensuring safe practice guidelines are followed and Safeguarding policies and procedures are
         adhered to


         It is the nature of the work of Nugent Care, Liverpool that tasks and responsibilities are, in many
         circumstances, unpredictable and varied and may include weekend and evening working. All
         staff are, therefore, expected to work in a flexible way when the occasion arises, when tasks not
         specifically covered in their job description have to be undertaken. These additional duties will
         normally be to cover unforeseen circumstances or changes in work and they will normally be
         compatible with the regular type of work. If the additional responsibility or task becomes a
         regular or frequent part of the member of staff’s job, it will be included in the job description in
         consultation with the member of staff.


         Nugent Care affords all employees equal opportunities in employment irrespective of disability,
         gender, race, religion, age, sexuality, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status etc.
         Nugent Care will ensure that discriminatory practices are identified and removed and non-
         discriminatory practices introduced in all areas of employment.


         Nugent Care is a Charity and as such relies on its good reputation and voluntary contributions
         and donations from members of the public, from grant making bodies and corporate sponsorship.

         All employees of Nugent Care are expected to behave in a way that enhances the reputation and
         image of the Charity. In addition staff are expected to be responsive to fundraising initiatives,
         attend public events whenever possible and generally take seriously their role in raising income
         for the Charity at every opportunity.


         It is expected that all Nugent Care employees will understand that our work is confidential and that
         personal details about residents and their families should NOT be divulged to members of the public.


         The postholder is expected to be familiar with and have regard to the Basic Principles of Nugent
         Care and work within that framework. He/she must be prepared to operate within a Catholic
         Agency, but ensure that people of all denominations and religions have their spiritual needs met.


         The Conditions of Service are set out in Nugent Care’s Teachers handbook.

         Nugent Care has a probationary period of up to one year.

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                                            PERSON SPECIFICATION

JOB TITLE                   HEAD OF EDUCATION:

ESTABLISHMENT:              Nugent House School

QUALIFICATIONS:             Essential
                            Qualified Teacher status.

                            Degree/Higher Degree.
                            Evidence of further study/qualifications in Special Education.
                            Interest in Management Training.

                            Application Form, Interview, References, Certificates.

EXPERIENCE:                 Essential
                            Recent and relevant teaching experience with pupils with Emotional and Behavioural
                            Responsibility for organising and managing an aspect of the curriculum.

                            Experience of working in a variety of school situations.

                            Application Form, Interview, References

SPECIAL                     Essential
KNOWLEDGE AND               Experience of teaching and applying the National Curriculum to pupils with BESD.
SKILLS:                     Knowledge of current issues in Special Education.
                            Knowledge of relevant legislation.
                            Effective communication skills.
                            Team building and leadership skills.
                            Knowledge of behaviour management techniques.
                            Ability/willingness to develop a high level of pupil respect and control.
                            Knowledge of appropriate routes to accreditation.
                            Experience of working within a multi-disciplinary team.

                            Experience of effective leadership and management.

                            Application Form, Interview, References

PERSONAL                    Essential
QUALITIES:                  Clear Education Philosophy.
                            Clear leadership style.
                            Commitment to residential education.
                            High level of professional commitment.
                            Can demonstrate an impact on improving achievement in current role.
                            Flexible, adaptable, durable.
                            Ability to teach to a high standard.

  Head of Education jd/ps
  Created June 2012
                          Membership of appropriate professional organisations.

                          Interview, References

Head of Education jd/ps
Created June 2012

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