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					        Camp Registration                              St. Pius X                  St. Pius X
                                                                                Summer Baseball
  There will be two sessions to                     Panther Baseball
  choose from, the Morning Session,                                                  Camps
  and the All Day Session. In the
  Morning Session there will be desig-                                              June 4th-7th
  nated times for water and conces-                                                June 11th-14th
  sions. The All Day Session will also
  have designated water breaks, con-
  cessions, and Lunch. “Lunch for the
  All Day participants will be provided
  by the camp coordinator.”

  Morning Session 9—12:00 =$100

  All Day Session             9—3:00 =$200

        Location: SPX Baseball Field
             **Credit Cards not accepted**

   Make checks payable to: St. Pius X
   High School…memo line ”Baseball
               Camp”                                                            Summer Baseball
Name:     ____________________________

Session Attending: (Circle One) Morning   All Day
Age: _______ Bats: L ___ R ___ S ___                     Camp Location @           4-Day Camp
                                                       811 W. Donovan Street
School : _____________________________
                                                        Houston, TX, 77091
                                                                                    Ages: 7-14
Phone Number: _(______)______________

                                                       Coach Adam Massiatte
                                                       Phone 713.579.7531
                                               Objective                                           Registration and Insurance Information
             Camp Overview                     This camp is designed to teach ambitious            DATES: June 4h—7th & June 11th-14th
                                               youth the fundamentals, drills, and skills to
                                               bring out the best in each individual.              OPEN TO ALL CAMPERS AGES 7-14
Offensively                                                                                        TIME: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. or 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
                                               What to Bring
Each participant will work on all aspects of                                                          Morning Session=$100/4 days/9 to 12 p.m.
the offensive side of the game of baseball.    Glove, spikes, shoes (for cages and locker
                                               room) pants, bat, helmet, shorts, and whatever         All Day Session = $200/4days/9 to 3 p.m.
                                               you would bring to a regular baseball game.
                                                                                                   All campers must provide proof of insurance
   Fundamentals of hitting
                                               Camp Coordinator                                    coverage for any injury or sickness incurred while
   A cage routine                                                                                 attending the St. Pius X High School. I waive and
                                               Adam Massiatte, Head Coach @ St. Pius X             release St. Pius X High School, and any camp in-
   Bunting                                                                                        structors from any liability from injury or illness
                                               Coach Adam Massiatte :                              incurred going to camp from home or while at
   Fundamentals of base running                                                                   camp or returning home. I, as parent/guardian,
                                               Finishing his 4th season at St. Pius X High         have actual knowledge and appreciation of the
Defensively                                    School, Coach Adam Massiatte has led the            particulars of the program and hereby voluntarily
                                               Panthers to another impressive record of 26-5.      consent to said minors’ participation, and assume
Each participant will learn to understand
the fundamentals of a solid defense.           Currently attending the 2012 State Tourna-          the risk arising there from. I herby give my permis-
                                               ment the panthers hope to capture their 2nd         sion for emergency medical treatment in the
   General fielding and throwing              state title in 4 years.. This season the Panthers   event I cannot be reached.
                                               claimed another District Championship. The
   Specific instructions for each position                                                        Date____________________________________
                                               Panthers and Coach Massiatte have a history
   Breakdown of individual positions          of success. In his first season as Head Coach       Print Name_______________________________
                                               of St. Pius X, Coach Adam Massiatte completed
   Pitchers will learn the idea of pitching                                                       Signature________________________________
                                               the season with a 21-12 record and captured
    along with a bullpen routine               the State Title for 2009.                           Relationship______________________________
                                               Make checks payable To:                             Insurance Company________________________
   A chance to apply the fundamentals
                                               St. Pius X High School                              Company Address__________________________
    learned, in a live game atmosphere.
                                               “Baseball Camp”-memo
                                                                                                   City__________ State________ Zip___________
Water Day– Last Day
                                                                                                   Policy Number_____________________________
   Practice Sliding, Diving Catches, Soft
    Hands, and Throwing for Accuracy                                                               Type of Coverage___________________________

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