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					Scientific Support to Policies

                                          European Analytical Quality Control
                                 in support of the Water Framework Directive
                                 via the Water Information System for Europe

                           EAQC-WISE supporting the QA/QC
                           Commission decision development

                                                 Co-ordinator: BRGM (Fr)
                                       Scientific co-ordinator: JRC/IRMM

CMA 23 March 2006                                                               1
 General Context / Link between several actions
 in parallel
  >    A Common Strategy for Implementation
        •   aiming to a Common understanding and approach
        •   Elaboration of guidance on key challenges / exchanges of good practices on
            specific issues / development of legally binding documents

  >    6thFP Research projects in Priority “Scientific Support to Policies”
        •   such as EAQC-WISE (European Analytical Quality Control), SWIFT-WFD
        •   Developing scientific knowledge in direct support to (water) policy needs

  >    Timeframe of the implementation of the WFD
        •   monitoring programme to be operational by the end of 2006
        •   first River Basin Management Plan: 2009 (updates every 6 years)
        •   Programme of measures: 2012, then Follow-up of the efficiency of measures
        •   Environmental objectives to be reached in 2015

CMA 23 March 2006                                                                        2
QA/QC Commission decision development

  > Necessity
        •   Timing of implementation of WFD to be respected
        •   Implementation of the WFD based on measurement results
       – Need for ensuring data quality and data comparability at EU level
       – Notably with regard to the legal compliance regime
  > QA/QC Commission decision development
        •   Is a cross-cutting document (SW, MW, GW) on criteria regarding the
            performance of analytical methods
        •   will pose the foundation concerning analytical issues to ensure that
            QA/QC principles established under existing standards (ISO17025) will
            be mandatory within the WFD monitoring framework.
        •   Intends to be pragmatic: minimum requirement
        •   has to be available before the start of the WFD monitoring programmes
            (end of 2006)
        •   is a legally-binding text which has to be developed with Member States
            and with support from RTD experts

CMA 23 March 2006                                                                    3
A Step further….

European Analytical Quality Control in support of the Water
Framework Directive via the Water Information System for Europe

            >   provide the scientific basis for developing and maintaining
                a sustainable pan-EU QA/QC system for water, biota,
                sediment and related soil monitoring data that can be
                deployed in an integrated way at the regional, national and
                European level
            >   to ensure the reliability and comparability of these data
            >   in support of the Water Framework Directive and the future
                EU soil policy related-monitoring programmes
            >   Priority should be given to priority pollutants in the case of
                surface waters, and to pollutants for which groundwater
                threshold values will have to be established under the new
                Groundwater Directive.

CMA 23 March 2006                                                                4
 EAQC-WISE project
 Contract n°: 022603 (SSPI)

 >    6th Framework Programme, priority 8 “Scientific Support to Policies”
 >    Coordinator : BRGM (FR) & Scientific coordinator : JRC-IRMM
 >    17 partners: 1 European reference centre, 2 academia organisations,
                    7 public organisations, 7 independent organisations
 >    10 countries : FR, AT, UK, SL, SK, DE, IT, NL, PL, SE
 >    Duration: 36 months
 >    Start date: 1st December 2005

CMA 23 March 2006                                                            5
EAQC-WISE Objectives
>   In the short-term objective (within the first 6 months of the project)
           – To study different structures & existing QA/QC system at national and EU level
           – To identify gaps and needs for additional research and standardisation
>   In the medium-term (2006-2007)
           – To develop activities to fill in the gaps identified above
           – To derive a recommended approach of a QA/QC system that is likely to work at
             Member State, at river basin and at European scale
           – To assess the impact of such a recommended AQC system.
           – To check the applicability and validity by means of case studies
           – To derive a communication system to efficiently link scientific and policy-making
           – To derive a sustainable dissemination mechanism of reliable training
             appropriate to laboratories engaged in the analysis of matrices associated with
             WFD implementation
>   In the long term (beyond 2008)
           – The establishment of a quality control system, which would coordinate tailor-
              made proficiency testing activities, reference material production, research and
              training at the EU level in support of water and soil policies, with regular
              exchanges of good practices.

CMA 23 March 2006                                                                                6
 EAQC-WISE Progress / short-term objective

 > Contribution to review and drafting of CMA QA/QC paper
 > Opportunity of Integration of some elements from EAQC-
      WISE in the current CMA drafts

 > Review and consolidation of existing knowledge and
      activities at EU level

CMA 23 March 2006                                           7
EAQC-WISE Progress / short-term objective
Review and consolidation of existing knowledge and
activities at EU level

 >     Enquiry at EU level through a common questionnaire
       •   Target people: monitoring labs, competent authorities including PRB
           authorities, accredited bodies
       •   Clusters of questions addressing certain issues in order to disclose gaps
           and needs (e.g. Sampling practices, knowledge about uncertainty,
           checking AQC issues assignment of responsibility ….)

 >     Links / interactions with other RTD projects and
       networks dealing with:
       •   AQC schemes
       •   specific WFD matrices
       •   the implementation of WFD

CMA 23 March 2006                                                                      8
EAQC-WISE Progress / short-term objective
Links / interactions with other RTD projects & networks
    1. On-going or recently completed RTD projects dealing with AQC schemes

    2. Inventory of European RTD networks, projects or protocols dealing with
        specific WFD matrices
          –   Soils, sediments and suspended matters: SEDNET, AQUATERRA
          –   Ground water: BASELINE, BRIDGE
          –   Coastal and transitional waters: QUASIMEME, ICES, OSPAR
          –   Drinking water (surface water used for production of): WEKNOW

    3. Review of research projects related to the implementation of WFD for:
          –   Surface water (River Basin Commissions): Danube, Elbe, Rhine, Odra
          –   Transitional waters: The Netherlands, Danube, Delta
          –   Coastal waters: Baltic Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea
          –   Ground waters: The Netherlands, France, Austria

CMA 23 March 2006                                                                   9
EAQC-WISE Progress / short-term objective
WP2 – Research and standardisation needs
   A special attention will be paid to:

   >   Sampling
   >   Research for analysis of “difficult” WFD Priority Substances
   >   Research into minimum requirements on quality of data
       feeding statistical programmes and databases
   >   Harmonisation of data reporting (minimum QA/QC requirements)
   >   Research into traceability for "on-site" measurements
   >   Research into the problem of interaction between soils and water for
       QA/QC aspects : gaps in leaching/extraction tests
   >   Usability of WFD data obtained under different monitoring schemes
   >   …

CMA 23 March 2006                                                         10
EAQC-WISE Progress / short-term objective

       •   Preliminary draft report on the state of the art of QA/QC in
           environmental monitoring and identification of gaps in knowledge
            May 2006

       •   Presentation of the decision about the direction to be followed for
           the QA/QC to be recommended / interaction with stakeholders
           and end users
            Two-day workshop in November 2006, Paris

CMA 23 March 2006                                                                11
                    EAQC-WISE: EC FP6 funded project - Contract N°022603 (STREP)

                           Thanks for your attention !

                    “The views expressed are purely those of the writer and may not
                     in any circumstances be regarded as stating an official position
                                     of the European Commission”

CMA 23 March 2006                                                                       12

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