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									Vehicle Options Subsidy Scheme
Fact sheet 2: Registered VOSS Prescriber (RVP)

Who are Registered VOSS Prescribers and what does this mean?
RVP’s may include occupational therapists, physiotherapists and rehabilitation engineers who
provide specialised support to people with a disability, their family and/or carers, who require
access to safe driving or passenger travel in a private vehicle.

RVP’s have the professional experience, information and commitment to providing a quality, client
centred service for people with disabilities living in Queensland. Some occupational therapists will
have additional qualifications that allow them to complete driving assessments for people who want
to return to driving after having an accident or who wish to explore if they are capable of driving with
their disability. These occupational therapists will be identified as RVP – Driver Trained (RVP-DT).

How do I become a RVP?
If you’re interested in becoming an RVP you will need to go through a process that includes:
   Familiarise yourself with VOSS Guidelines and ensure you have either participated in a
   VOSS information session or downloaded and viewed the recorded information session from
   the LifeTec website: www.lifetec.org.au

   Completion of a registration form with professional details. All registrants will need to
   demonstrate that they have met relevant professional registration requirements. The registration
   form is available on the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services

   Committing to providing feedback on the VOSS processes from a consumer and RVP

   Further information about VOSS, can be found on the Department of Communities, Child Safety
   and Disability Services website at:
   subsidy-scheme-voss, or by emailing: vossmail@communities.qld.gov.au.

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