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                                     ТОРГОВО-ПРОМЫШЛЕННАЯ ПАЛАТА
                                    MOSCOW CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND

                                               The Eighth International Forum
                                             «HIGH TECHNOLOGY OF XXI »
                      April 23-26, 2007, Russia, Moscow, “Expocentr”, Krasnaya Presnya Fairgrounds

Dear Sirs,
         The Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry invites you to participate in the Eighth International Forum and
Exhibition «High technology of XXI» to be held in Moscow in April 23-26, 2006.
         The 8th International Forum “High Technology of XXI” is organized by the government of Moscow and
supported by the government of the Russian Federation as well as federal and regional authorities of the Russian
Federation, the Russian Academy of Science.
         Traditional annual “High Technology of XXI” Forum provides good opportunity for companies to meet achievements of
Russian Defense and Conversion Industry, allows to find new partners, strengthen and expand contacts of Russia with world
economic community.
         From year to year the Forum attracts more and more business-people engaged in the high-tech complex as well as
potential users of science-intensive products.
The participants of the Forum:
                 Companies and organizations working in the high-tech area including enterprises of the defence industry;
                 Administrations of Russian regions;
                 State scientific centers of the RF, R&D institutes, higher and military schools;
                 Small business enterprises;
                 Venture enterprises, investment and trade companies;
                 Banks, insurance companies;
                 Consulting firms.
Events of the Forum:
 International Exhibition “High technology of XXI century” showing achievements of enterprises of hi-tech
     complex of Russia, CIS and foreign countries in the following fields of science and industry:

- aviation and space                                                - consulting and license services
- radio-electronics and communication                               - machinery building
- ecology                                                           - laser technology
- medicine and biotechnology                                        - chemistry and new material
- specialized editions and literature

    Specialized Salons will be arranged in the framework of the exhibition :

                   “Nanotechnology”                                    “Hi-tech Science”
                  “Hi-Tech Medicine”                                   “Science-towns”
                   IT                                                  “Technopark”
                  “Cryogenic technology”                               “Hi-Tech Consumer goods”

    Specialized exhibitions:
        - 2nd International Exhibition “Ocean-2007”
        - 1st International Exhibition “Certification and technical regulations -2007”
        - 1st International Exhibition “Energy-2007”

    International Conference “High Technology – strategy of XXI century” includes sessions, “round tables”, seminars where
     different problems concerning new technologies, innovations projects etc. will be discussed.
    Round Tables « Russia – NATO »
    Presentations of technological and innovative projects.
     Business-club

Join as an attendee to take part in the International Conference, visit the exhibition and establish contacts with producers and
suppliers in person.
Join as an exhibitor to present your products, technologies, projects to Russian market and to the other visiting business entities,
meet the local producers in person.
                                                                  * * *
          Obligatory registration fee is 250 EUR (including taxes) per attendee. The registration fee includes:
           Full accreditation and one badge;
           printed materials and documents of the Forum including specialties;
           attendance of all events of the Forum;
           one ticket for the official reception and the plenary session;
           assistance in organizing talks, visiting enterprises and companies subject to pre-request is received;
           Expenses of organizers.
          The Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to announced that we prepared a promoted
package program to our guests for 8 th International Forum “High technology of XXI” including visa-support, hotel
reservation, transfer (airport - hotel – airport ), cultural program, etc.
        Application form duly completed is to be sent to the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry by April 10, 2007.
        For more information regarding the participation in the Forum, please contact the Moscow Chamber of
Commerce and Industry:
                          22, Ak.Pilugina str., Moscow, 117393
                           tel./fax (+7-495) 132-74-29

        Looking forward to your participation

President of the Moscow Chamber
of Commerce and Industry                                                                    L. Govorov

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