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									                            Shelbyville Fire Department
                            Monthly Safety Information
                                  Fireworks Safety

Summer is fast approaching us and with
it comes added hazards. Some of which
are the many celebratory holidays in
which Pyrotechnics or fireworks are
involved. All too often we see the
aftermath of the misuse of fireworks.
The Shelbyville Fire Department wants
all of the citizens of Shelbyville to have
a safe and happy celebration. Here are
some tips and facts to help you realize a      holidays fireworks may be discharged
Happy 4th of July.                             from the hours of 9:00 am to 12:00 am.
House Bill 1099, enacted in 2006, states        Holidays include:
that there are three types of fireworks.       Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day and
Consumer types of 1.4G fireworks               New Years Eve. Further information
(bottle rockets, roman candles and             regarding the Indiana State Laws on
firecrackers), Sec.8(a) (sparklers, ground     fireworks can be obtained on the Indiana
spinners, cone fountains wheels,               Home Land Security Website.
cylindrical fountains), and special
fireworks - 1.3G fireworks - for which a       Statistics for the State of Indiana in 2006
permit from the ATF is needed to be            regarding Fireworks related injuries
obtained prior to purchase, storage or         stated that there were 251 unduplicated
use.                                           cases of fireworks related injuries
                                               reported to Indiana State Dept. of
     Fireworks can be purchased only          Health.
      by persons 18 years or older.                 55% of all reported injuries
    Children may only possess or                      involved children and
      use any kind of fireworks when                   adolescents.
      an adult is present.                          73 % of these injuries were burns
    Fireworks may be used only on                     to the hands.
      the user’s property or on the                 11% of injured persons were
      property of someone who has                      admitted to the hospital in 2006,
      consented to the use of fireworks                which is an increase of 5% from
      on the property and at special                   the last documented year of
      discharge locations.                             2004.
Consumer fireworks may only be used
                                                    Sparklers, rockets and
between the hours of 9:00 am and 11:00
                                                       firecrackers were associated with
pm on days other than holidays. On
                                                       58% of all those injuries.
                            Shelbyville Fire Department
                            Monthly Safety Information
                                 Fireworks Safety
     70% of the injuries were due to                   dry cool place out of reach of
        mishandling, malfunctioning or                  children.
        errant path of fireworks.                     Dispose of all fireworks
The Shelbyville Fire Department
recommends that people not light their           The Shelbyville Fire Department wishes
own fireworks. We recommend going to             you and your loved ones a safe and
a public display and enjoying a show put         happy holiday!
on by professionals.

However should you choose to partake
in private fireworks, the following safety
precautions should be taken:

      Observe all State and Local laws
       regarding fireworks.
      Never allow children to use
      Keep lighters and matches out of
       reach of children
      Never carry fireworks in your
       pocket or shoot them into metal
       or glass containers.
      Light fireworks outside, one at a
       time, on a clear, smooth, flat
       surface in an open area, away
       from any structures, dry leaves,
       grass, or any other combustible
       or flammable materials.
      Keep a bucket of water or garden
       hose nearby for emergencies and
       for wetting down misfired or
       spent fireworks.
      No running or horseplay in firing
      Be sure people and pets are out
       of range of fireworks
      Never experiment with fireworks
       or ignite them in containers
      Never attempt to make your own
      Keep unused fireworks away
       from firing areas. Store them in a

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