Sources Sought Synopsis for Property Mgmt Services 18May2012 by 6y0zN4


									REQUIREMENT: Property Management Services for Qatar and Afghanistan

The Army Contracting Command - Qatar (ACC QA) has a requirement for a non-personal
services contract to provide property management services in various military installations in
Qatar and in Afghanistan. The contractor shall provide all labor, expertise, quality control and
supervision necessary to accomplish all contract requirements. Location of work will be
primarily in Qatar with periodic temporary duty in Afghanistan. Housing, meals and one (1)
round-trip airfare to the U.S. per performance period, will be provided by the Government. The
contractor shall work 12-hour work days, 72 hours a week.

This will be Firm-Fixed-Price contract for a base year and 2 option years thereafter. In
accordance with Qatari labor and immigration laws, the contractor must be able to legally do
business in the country of Qatar on the 1st day of the contract’s performance period. The
contractor shall have the ability to be vetted through Army security screening. ACC QA
intends to issue the Request for Proposal (RFP) solicitation for this requirement in June
2012. Proposed start date of contract is 01 August 2012.


This sources sought announcement is published for market research purposes. This market
research will be used to help identify sources in the country of Qatar. Prospective offerors are
requested to complete and return a Capabilities Statement as described below to determine which
companies possess the capability, experience and financial ability to perform the project
requirements of the proposed contracts. The Government is in no way obligated to do business
with, or to enter into, any form of contract with any person, firm, or other entity that receives or
responds to this announcement. No reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with
providing information in response to this announcement. Proposals will be evaluated using best
value source selection evaluation procedures pursuant to FAR 15.


The contractor will provide 2 employees who will perform a variety of functions including
property book management; property accountability; supply room management; document
management; and, development of spreadsheets. The contractor must be experienced and skilled
in property management, ware house inventory, supply management, and use of hand-held
barcode/scanning equipment. Must possess the experience and skills to perform Microsoft
Office programs, such as Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Word and Outlook. Prior military
experience in the MOS 92Y preferred. Must have a current Secret security clearance. Must be a
U.S. citizen and possess at least one (1) year of college education.

CAPABILITY REQUIREMENTS: The contractor must have the capabilities essential to meet
the mission requirements of providing administrative management services. Responses to this

survey should represent the offeror's best attempt to demonstrate it possesses the capabilities and
experience necessary to meet the requirements of the above scope, and also lists their previous
and current customers.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR RESPONDENTS: Interested companies who have the necessary
capabilities should respond by providing a brief summary of your company's capabilities to
include a description of proposed methodology to meet the requirements of the above scope,
personnel, and related relevant experience. It is requested that all offerors submit the above listed
information no later than 31 MAY 2012.

Responses to this synopsis must be submitted via email to the following: Contract Specialist,
SFC Michael McTague at, and Contracting Officer,
Ms. Mary Harding at, by the time and date outlined in this

DISCLAMER: This is a request for information (RFI) and is issued solely for information and
planning purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation. Neither unsolicited proposals nor
any other kinds of offers will be considered in response to this RFI or accepted by the
Government to form a binding contract. Contractors are solely responsible for all expenses
associated with responding to this RFI. All information received in response to this RFI that is
marked proprietary or confidential will be treated accordingly. Information received in response
to this RFI will not be returned.


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