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					                        APEEJAY SCHOOL, SAKET

                                                Date : May 22, 2010

Dear Students,

I am sure that all of you are enjoying the summer vacation. Vacation time is
fun time but you could also use it to do things you had planned to do over the
year. Give a vent to your creative energies. The learning tasks planned by the
teachers for you this summer are aimed at bringing out your innovativeness
and imagination. This is an opportunity to practice your time management
skills with the right measure of fun and work.

Do your work well and get the 5 marks assigned for each subject.
Good luck and happy holidays. Look forward to meeting you when the school
reopens on Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mrs. Anita Paul

                            HOLIDAY LEARNING



1. Mathemind
   Exercise: 1 to 4
   Worksheet: 1, 2 and 3.

2. Do the following activites in your classwork notebook.
   Activity 1-
   Objective: Making a protractor using paper folding method.
   Material Required :origami sheet ,a pair of scissors ,geometry box and
   sketch pens
   Procedure : Fold the origami sheet using the steps given below:

Objective :To play with numbers by using basic operations .
Procedure: Look at the picture below
         1.There are 21 big squares for numbers and 15 small squares for
           the operation signs.
         2.Each big square must have a number that is the sum or difference
           of the numbers on squares just below it. The square must carry
           the necessary operation signs.
         3.Some of the big squares and small squares are filled with
           numbers and signs. Use these as hints to fill the rest of the big
           squares and small squares to complete the pyramid.

Develop a questionnaire of 8 to 10 questions to conduct a survey of the eating
habits of the teenagers of at least 5 families based on the following
parameters .

1. Basic information about the family.( occupation, size, number of members,
   age, weight etc.).
2. Frequency of eating fast food.
3. Specifying the details of the items purchased like:
a) Brand of oil used
b) Type of bread used
c) Kind of milk used by the family
d) Brand & type of butter used

Sample of type of questions to be framed:
Example A.) Open ended question
If given a chance, what would you prefer; fast food or homemade food? Give
reason for your choice
Example B.) Closed ended question

Which brand of cooking oil is used by the family?
a) Olive oil b) Mustard oil c) Pure ghee d) Saffola e) Cornolla
f) Any other (specify).

The questionnaire should be typed and a sample of the same to be pasted in
the science notebook. Take 5 copies of the questionnaire (one per family) and
get it filled by the families.
Based on the information collected from the questionnaire draw conclusions
about their eating habits and the relation between the eating habits and weight
of children of the family.


Visit to a planet.
Imagine you are going to visit a planet during the summer vacation. Write your
experience mentioning the following:
   a) The planet you have visited.
   b) Its distance from the earth.
   c) A brief description of the planet.
   d) Your experiences on that planet.
   e) Things you saw and also what you brought back from there.
   f) Climate and geographical conditions of that planet.
   g) Compare the planet you have visited with Earth.


1. During the summers all sixth standard students are required to read
at least two of the given books by different authors.
Suggested reading:
        1. Alice in wonderland
        2. Round the world in 80 days – Joules Verve
        3. Uncle Tom’s cabin- Harriet Beecher Stowe
        4. Malory Towers – Enid Blyton
        5. Any book from the series ‘ Five find outers’
 Choose one book from the list, and write a friendly letter to your
 teacher, indicating that you have read the book.
Your letter should include the following:
 1st paragraph : A short introduction , including your name , a few facts about
   yourself, and the date you completed the book.

 2nd paragraph : The title and the author of the book , a description of one
  or two of the main characters , the setting, and a summary of the story.
 3rd paragraph : Your personal rating of the book , from 1-5 , with 5 being
  the highest, plus your reason for the rating.

  For your other book, just take some brief notes on an index card.
  A card for this book should include:
    Title and author
    Genre – Type of book (eg: mystery, fiction, adventure)
    Who – Main characters
    What – Short summary of the story.

2. Find 25 words from the books read. Find one antonym and one
   synonym for each word and design a dictionary of your own.
3. A project on SPORTS.
   Your project should include the following:
    i) A paragraph on why you love sports.
    ii) A specialized feature (detailed information) on any sport of your
    iii) A quiz on sports.
    iv) Your view on whether the common wealth games are a boon or a
         bane for Delhi .(120-150 words)
    v) Add as many pictures and articles related to your project and make
         your project colourful and interesting.


1. On the outline map of France mark the capital city, main rivers, main
   cities, main mountain ranges and neighboring countries of France.
2. Write and draw 10 masculine nouns in French and 10 feminine nouns
   and change them into plural.


I. Type the letter which is given in English holiday home work in Ms-word
with the following formatting options.
    Font Style – Comic Sans MS
    Font Size - 14
    Address – Bold
    Title and author – Italics
    Book rating – In bullets
Take a printout for the same and paste it in your computer note book.
II. Solve the Crossword and paste it in your computer note book.




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