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Senior Manager IT Governance and Compliance Job Description by 56lqR8b2


									Job Title:    Senior Manager, IT Governance & Compliance

Position Description:
The Senior Manager, IT Governance & Compliance will have a passion for technology,
automation, risk management and security along with a desire to relentlessly champion best
practices in a high-volume, dynamic environment. Provide leadership in Compliance Strategy
and Compliance execution in supporting governance processes, deployment and improvement
initiatives. Create strategy and processes related to all areas of Governance, Risk Management
and Compliance. Also, coordinate the efforts of several groups to ensure compliance with SOX
404, HIPAA, PCI, as well as other federal and industry regulations and requirements.

Primary responsibilities and duties include, but are not limited to:
       Provide strong central oversight to deliver consistency and quality in compliance
          work across the organization—all IT functions and capabilities
       Communicate governance and compliance objectives to ensure an appropriate
          compliance and risk aware culture
       Support the evaluation of program resources and assist in the procurement of tools,
          internal resources and/or external resources, as applicable, to ensure proper
          execution of the compliance program
       Evaluate general and specific training needs and perform such to support the control
          environment and associated control framework
       Interact with various business groups to understand how they use IT systems in
          order to assess whether systems should be included within the scope of the various
          compliance areas (SOX, HIPAA, PCI, etc.)
       Oversee the team(s) that performs IT General Computer Controls (GCC) testing and
          ensure quality of testing results and working paper documentation
       Identify gaps in the design and operating effectiveness of controls, and identify
          opportunities for more efficient and effective controls
       Lead the innovation and continuous improvement of internal control framework,
          including the integration of multiple compliance requirements
       Work with other IT managers, Internal Audit and External Audit to develop
          continuous monitoring and technology-enabled audit techniques
       Regularly interact with Senior management to convey findings identified through
          walkthroughs and testing, assess the risk and impact of deficiencies, and make
          recommendations for remediation

Skills and Knowledge
    Ability to interpret regulations and laws and communicate effectively to all levels of the
    General knowledge of ERP systems (SAP preferred), databases (Oracle, SQL, etc.),
        operating systems and network operating system, with a strong desire to learn more
        about these and other technologies.
    Hands-on knowledge of audit working paper organization and preparation, including test
        and remediation plans and supporting documentation
    Excellent presentation, project management, problem-solving, training/coaching, and
        conflict resolution skills.
    General knowledge of COBIT, Sarbanes Oxley, ITIL or other control frameworks
    Ability to explain technical jargon in simplified terms.
    Ability to track and manage numerous parallel activities.
    Ability to work efficiently and independently with minimal supervision (i.e. self-motivated
        and willing to stretch to meet important deadlines)
    Ability to work successfully in a cross-functional team environment.
    Ability to learn new technologies quickly.

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