Beauties of Nature

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                        “One impulse from a vernal wood may teach
                   you, more of man, OF moral, evil and of good, Than
                   all the sages can ”


        Every thing that ALLAH has created is beautiful in one or more sense. whenever I
think of the beauties of nature, I am lost my imagination. A strange beautiful world opens up
before my eyes. It is a world with wide landscape,high mountains, deep velleys,forest and
vast desert.

       It’s a world of rain and sunshine,clouds and                                rainbows
present a seplended view and it always very nice                             to see rainbow
hanging out on the sky after a rainy day. This is an                         amazing seen
to watch the children always cheer up to see the rainbow.

       Hills have ever since                     captivated every ones attentions. During
my childhood, I often looked                        towards the north where peaks of hills
were visible especially. And                            after my matriculation; I visited
MUREE and surrounding                                        hills. I can’t describe the
sensation, witch I felt                                           during first introduction to
these awe-inspiring                                                  hills and lofty green
trees on the slopes and amazing snow fall on the peak of hills.

        I also than visited sawat and,
kalam,kaghan,malam jabba,dir,chitral and
kalash.all these beautiful valleys and hilly areas
attract millions of visitors from all over the world
each year. The beauty of these valleys beggars
description . I believe that grandeur and glory of
GOD dwells here in their most splendid form.
       Flowers of countless varieties also fascinate the eyes and enraped the sensitive
souls. What is needed is the aesthetic sense. Violets and roses,
sunflowers and snowdrops, daises and dahlias. Heather and
hareball, traveler joy and forget-me-not, tulips and poppies; O! I
wonder how beautiful are the flowers and how musical are their

        And last but not                   least, are the butterflies, humming birds, and
birds of paradise in                             their dazzling costumes. Vain are my
efforts to describe                               the beauties of natural objects! When the
soft wind blows                                   and the springing sway and kiss each
other, when                                       nightingales sing and butterflies flitter ;
when birds twitter                              and bees hum, my heart dances with

       And the beauty of dark night with       countless twinkling stars in the sky, as if
smiling and inspiring us to rise higher          and higher are also among the beauty
of nature. The sky is shining with stars                     and this shows a wonder
able view to the sight of human beings.

                           THE END

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