Paper of Chemistery by Adisweet77


									Class: 10
Paper: chemistry
        Part(1)                             objective type
       Max.Marks: 15                              TimeAllowed:30minuts
Q.1 Four choices are given against each statement .tick the
correct ones.
  i.     Which of the following is a crystalline allotrope of carbon?
         (a) Carbon black            (b) graphite (c) coke    (d) coal tar
 ii.     The density of diamond is:
         (a) 1.53g/cm        (b)2.53g/cm          (c)3.53g/cm        (d)4.53g/cm
iii.     Catenation is a property of:
         (a) Silicon         (b) carbon           (c) hydrogen(d) nitrogen
iv.      sodium silicate is used in the manufacture of :
         (a) Soap            (b) paint            (c) plastic        (d) baking
 v.      Silicon is not present in :
         (a) Sand            (b) Silicate (c) Quartz          (d) Limestone

Q.2 Write short answers of the following questions.
  i.     Define allotropy.
 ii.     Give two uses of diamond.
iii.     How silicon occurs in nature.
iv.      What is silica gel?
 v.      Describe the structure of Bucky balls.

                   Part(2) subjective type
   Max.Marks: 20                                    Time Allowed: 40
Q.3 How silicon can be prepared?
Q.4 What are silicates? Write down their structure and uses.

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