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                               Pakistan is an agricultural country. The
                 farmers grow two type of crops, food crops and non food
                               Non food crops are cash crops.
                               Cash crops are those crops which are
                 exported to other countries and they earn foreign
                               The most important cash crops are cotton,
                 rice, sugar cane, tobacco and seed oils.
                               The textile, the sugar and tobacco industry
                 of pakistan largley depend on these crops.

       Pakistan is an agricultural country. Most of its population lives in villages. The
farmers                            of pakistan live on farming and agriculture. They grow
two                                types of crops food crops and non food crops. The non
food                               crops are called cash                            crops.
By cash                            crops we mean those                               crops
which                              earn foreign exchange                                for
the country. They are exported to foreign countries and                               they
do a roaring business there. The most imortant cash crops                              are
cotton, rice, tobbaco, fruits and oil seeds.

      Cotton                         is the major crop which is               exported. It
is called the                         silver fibre. The textile               industry of
pakistan                              largely depends on it.                  Tousands of
families in our                       country live on this                        industry.
Cotton is grown                      in sind and punjab. The                farmers work
very hard to cultivate it. They use all types of pesticides to             save it from
the attack of various diseases.
      Rice          is the other crop which earns a                                   rich
amount                   of foreign exchange. It is                               grown
on      a                large scale in sindh and in                             punjab.
We grow                  some of the finest variety                              of rice.
Our rice is            in great demand all wver the                               world.
Our farmers work very hard to grow and cultivate good                          quality of

      Sugarcane                    is another popular cash crop. It is grown every where
in       pakistan.                   Sugar    is    needed                everywhere in
the world. We                         export     surplus                     sugar     to
other countries.                       Our         sugar                         industry
largely depends                        on its production.                 We can earn a
large amount of foreign exchange if we work hard to produce more sugarcane.

      Tobacco                 is another cash crop. It is cultivated in different parts of
the country.                          However                                  N.W.F.P is
known for the                     roduction of best                            quality of
tobacco. Our                     tobacco industry                                  largely
depends on it. The world’s famous variety of                                      tobacco
called virginia tobacco is grown and produced in                                peshawar.
We export the surplus tobacco to europeon countries and earn a great amount of
foreign exchange.

      Oil      seeds             are also exported to other countries but in limited
quantity.                            Cotton seeds,                          mustard
seeds and sun                        flowers    are                      commonly,
used          to                       manufacture                         vegetable
ghee. The surplus                 oil seeds are                         exported to
other countries.

      Fruits     like      apples,                   mangoes and kinoos are also sold
abroad. Their best qualities are                      exported to other countries. All
these cash crops bring in a                           large amount of foreign exchange
which is spent on the                                development of the country.

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