Operational Risk Management (ORM) by 45GhV20m


									NOAA Risk Management

Risk Management is a decision making process that enhances operational
capability. It helps the decision maker in identifying hazards, assessing risks and
implementing controls to reduce the risk associated with any operation.

In an effort to integrate risk management throughout NOAA several SECO
members attended an instructor’s course offered by the US Air Force. These
SECO members will become NOAA’s Risk Management Instructor’s and will
provide lessons and training on risk management for all types of operations.

A USAF Risk Management Fundamentals Course has been placed on the SECO
web site to help employees and managers get familiar with the basic risk
management principles and how to apply them on their daily operations and
hazardous risk work tasks. Although the training examples within these modules
are USAF specific, the principle and concept is universal and can be adopted to
fit any task within NOAA.

Course Note: It is recommended that you complete each module in sequence
and in its entirety before exiting the program. This will allow you to begin another
module from the start. If you have any questions regarding the on-line course,
please contact Tom Altvater at (301) 713-2870, ext 132.

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