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Ideas for Social Studies projects


									                  Social Studies 10
                                 Ms. Odegaard
                                     Fall 2007

    Socials 10 explores the development of Canada
from colony to nation, focusing on the years 1815
to 1914. Current events will also be discussed
throughout the course. You will complete a variety
of activities during this course, including:
debates, multi-media presentations, oral/interview
presentations, mini-essays, political cartoons,
journal writing and so much more!

Time Frame:

Unit                          Topic                          Time
Unit 1                        Canadian Geography and         Weeks 1-3
Unit 2                        Rebellions and Road to         Weeks 3-6
Unit 3                        Western Expansion              Weeks 6-8
Unit 4                        British Columbia to 1896       Weeks 9-10
Unit 5                        Emergence of Modern            Weeks 11-12

Expectations: PPRR

Prompt – Being on time for class is essential. Homework will be passed in and
sometimes quizzes will take place at the beginning of class. Late students will receive a
0. If you are more than 15 minutes late you will be marked absent.
Prepared – You are required to bring all necessary materials and assignments to class.
There will be a late policy of 10% per day for assignments. Depending on the
circumstances, assignments may or may not be accepted after 3 days.
Responsible – You are responsible for keeping your binder neat and organized. You are
responsible for completing and handing in assignments on time. You must keep track of
when tests and quizzes will take place, and study for them. Please come see me at lunch
or after school if you need help. If you miss class you are responsible for finding out
what you missed. Only students with excused absences will be allowed to make up
missed tasks.
Respectful – You should be working quietly and diligently in class. A positive,
cooperative attitude during class is essential. Listen when somebody is talking, and treat
others as you would be treated. Please raise your hand to make a comment or ask a
question. Please leave the classroom neat and do not write in school textbooks. Cell
phones and music players are not allowed in class. English must be spoken in class!


Participation (PPRR)                  10%
Assignments and Homework              30%
Projects                              10%
Tests/Quizzes                         30%
Midterm Exam                          10%
Final Exam                            10%

      There are never surprise questions on my tests. I will only test you on material
       that has been covered in class and is on your review list.
      You are responsible for completing your own work – cheating will result in a
       mark of zero!


The main textbooks that will be used are Canada Revisited (Clark and McKay) and
Horizons (Cranny, Jarvis, Moles and Seney). The internet and other book sources will
also be used.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”
      - Nelson Mandela

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