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001.4 LOC      LOCKE, LF        Proposals that work                    Guide for planning dissertations and
                                                                       grant proposals.

001.42 RUM     RUMSEY, S        How to find information                Guiding researchers to track down
                                                                       information access and evaluate it.

004 FOR        FOROUZAN, BA     Foundations of computer science        From data manipulation to theory of
004.03 ROG     ROGERS, T        Basic guide to computer terms          Multilingual dictionary in English,
                                                                       Afrikaans, isiZulu and Sepedi.

004.21 AVI     AVISON, D        Information systems development        Guide to methodologies, techniques
                                                                       and tools.

004.6 DEA      DEAN, T          Network+ guide to networks             Fundamental and advanced
                                                                       networking topics.

004.62 HUN     HUNT, C          TCP/IP network administration          Guide to setting up and running a
005.74 RAM     RAMAKRISHNAN,    Database management systems            Practical approach to current
               R                                                       standards.
021.2 GIL      GILLESPIE, KM    Teen volunteer services in libraries   Starting and maintaining effective
                                                                       volunteer programs in school and
                                                                       public libraries.

025.21878      HUGHES-          Collection management for youth        Develop and manage library collection
HUG            HASSELL, S                                              that meets the changing needs of

027.8 CHU      CHURCH, AP       Leverage your library program to       Guide for school libraries, principals,
                                raise tests scores                     teachers and parents.

031 WOR/R      ANON             World Book encyclopedia of people      Set of 6 volumes gives information of
                                 and places                               countries all over the world – not for

032.02 ASH      ASH, R           10 top of everything                     Entertaining and educational with 700
                                                                          fascinating facts on every subject.

                               1 0 0 ~ PHILOSOPHY & PSYCHOLOGY

150.7 SHA       SHAUGHNESSY,     Research methods in psychology           Methods explained and published
                JJ                                                        psychological research is used to
                                                                          provide examples.

152.1 BLA       BLAKE, R         Perception                               Introduction to studies done on

152.28 FRA      FRANSELLA, F     Manual for repertory grid technique      Guidance on designing and how to
                                                                          choose elements of eliciting personal
                                                                          constructs that can influence results.

152.4 EMO       PAYNE, RL        Emotions at work                         Theory, research and applications for

153 LEA         LEAF, C          Switch on your brain                     Understand your unique intelligence
                                                                          profile and maximise your potential.

155.2 LAR       LARSEN, RJ       Personality psychology                   Knowledge about human nature.

155.9042 SEA    SEAWARD, BL      Managing stress                          Principles and strategies for health
                                                                          and well-being.
155.9042 SEA    SEAWARD, BL      Managing stress. Student note-taking     To be used with above textbook.

155.9042 VDM    VAN DER          Stress solutions                         Understand and manage stress for
                MERWE, A                                                  balanced and energised life.

158.2 MAX       MAXWELL, JC      Winning with people                      Discover the people principles that
                                                                          work for you every time.

158.7 INT       HODGKINSON,      International review of industrial and   Comprehensive and critical survey of
                GP               organizational psychology                different topics.

158.7 SPE       SPECTOR, PE      Industrial and organizational            Research and practice through case
                                 psychology                               studies.

174.4 SHA       SHARMA, P        Managerial ethics                        Choices when managers are
                                                                          confronted with ethical dilemmas.

174.930523072   FARRELL, A       Ethical research with children           Conceptual, methodological and
ETH                                                                       procedural issues are discussed.
                                            2 0 0 ~ RELIGION

203.8 REL/J     LIEBENSON, M       Religious celebrations                  Part of series World Book’s
                                                                           Celebrations and rituals around the
                                                                           world – for juvenile readers.

                              3 0 0 ~ SOCIAL SCIENCES (incl EDUCATION)

300.72 BAB      BABBIE, E          Practice of social research             Essential source for theory and
                                                                           methods (SA edition).

300.72 BLE      BLES, C            Fundamentals of social research         Guide with an African perspective for
                                   methods                                 a range of social sciences.

300.72 DEN      DENSCOMBE, M       Ground rules for good research          Guide for social researchers.

302.14076       BARKER, K          Tuis met lewensvaardighede. Graad 2     Life skills learning program for parent
BAR                                                                        assisted learning.

302.14076       TRAIN, B           Tuis met lewensvaardighede. Graad 3     Life skills learning program for parent
TRA                                Life skills at home. Grade 3            assisted learning.

302.14076 TUI   ANON               Tuis met lewensvaardighede. Graad 1     Life skills learning program for parent
                                                                           assisted learning.

302.2 TOS       TOSCA, E           Communication skills profile            Process of communication and skills
                                                                           needed to improve as communicator.

302.35 DAR      GRIFFEN, RW        Dark side of organizational behaviour   Causes, consequences, etc of
                                                                           negative behaviours in organizations.

303.69 CLO      CLOKE, K           Mediating dangerously                   Frontiers of conflict resolution.

303.69 HAN      DEUTSCH, M         Handbook of conflict resolution         Theory and practice.

305.231 INT     KEHILY, MJ         Introduction to childhood studies       Examining childhood from historical,
                                                                           socio-cultural and policy perspectives.

306.0968 CUL    KRIGER, R          Culture in the new South Africa         Views on the dynamic role of culture
                                                                           in the post apartheid society.

306.3 BAG       BAGOZZI, RP        Social psychology of consumer           How theories in social psychology can
                                   behaviour                               be applied to consumer behaviour.

306.43 HUR      HURN, CJ           Limits and possibilities of schooling   Introduction of the sociology of

306.85 ELL      ELLIOT, FR         Gender, family & society                Relationships between structures and
                                                                           concern of contemporary societies.

320.80968       CLOETE, JJN        South African municipal government      Information on processes for informed
CLO                                and administration                      citizens, councillors and officials.
320.968 BAU    BAUER, G         Politics in Southern Africa            States and societies in transition,
                                                                       facing entrenched problems and

327.116 SAN    SANDLER, T       Global collective action               Surveys promise of collective action
                                                                       for solving pre4ssing global problems
                                                                       and for avoiding others.

330 GRE        GREYLING, C      Economics. Hg and SG. Gr 12            Study guide in the X-kit series.

330.03 EKO/R   STEENKAMP, WFJ   Ekonomiese en bedryfswoordeboek =      One way dictionary – English to
                                Dictionary of economics and business   Afrikaans. Not for circulation.

330.0968       MOHR, P          Economics for South African students   Basic reference on economics in
MOH                                                                    general and on SA economy in more
330.9 BRU      BRUE, SL         History of economic thought            History to sharpen the understanding
                                                                       of contemporary economics.

332.024016     SCOTT, J         Estates & wills                        Estate planning and will preparation.
333.72071      LOUBSER, CP      Environmental education                SA perspective on a variety of issues
ENV                                                                    related to teaching of environmental

336.54 KUM     KUMAR, N         Public finance                         Covering theory, revenue, debt,
                                                                       expenditure, etc – especially in India.

337 DOR        DORRIAN, P       Making of South Africa Inc             Strategic guidelines on how to
                                                                       become globally competitive.

337 GLO        PHILLIPS, N      Globalizing international political    International economic relations and
                                economy                                globalization’s effect.

338.4791 TRI   TRIBE, J         Economics of recreation, leisure &     Theories as applied to range of
                                tourism                                problems and issues.

338.5 ARN      ARNOLD, RA       Microeconomics                         Lively representation of real-world
                                                                       theory and applications.

339.0968       MOSTERT, JW      Macro-economics                        Introduction set against a
MAC                                                                    contemporary SA background.

340 DUP        DU PLESSIS, L    Introduction to law                    Basic concepts of law, how the law
                                                                       operates and the administration of
341.0968 DIG   DUGARD, J        International law                      South African perspective.

346.066 COM    PRETORIUS, JT    Companies Act 61 of 1973 & Close       Acts and regulations with the notes,
                                Corporations Act 69 of 1984            index, etc.

351.68 CAS     MAFUNISA, MJ     Cases in public administration         From SA perspective, relates theory
                                                                       to practice.

361.06 LAG     LAGO, C          Race, culture and counselling          Influence of race and culture on
361.06 MACL    McLEOD, J        Counsellor’s workbook                  How to become an effective
                                                                       counsellor, what values mist be
                                                                       explored, etc.
361.4 NIC      NICHOLS, K      Leading a support group              Practical guidelines for healthcare,
                                                                    education, areas of industry and
362.1969792    VISAGIE, CJ     Complete story of HIV and AIDS       Practical guide that could save lives.
362.38 LEA     GRANT, G        Learning disability                  How to support people with learning
                                                                    disabilities in achieving healthy and
                                                                    valued lives.

362.70941      WEINBERGER, J   Learning from Sure Start             Working with young children and their
LEA                                                                 families within health, education and
                                                                    social welfare.

362.883 LEW    LEWIS, S        Dealing with rape                    Guide to help a woman / girl through
                                                                    the trauma.
370.117 LEM    LEMMER, EM      Multicultural education              Guide to provide learners from
                                                                    different backgrounds with equal
                                                                    opportunities to learn.

370.152 LEA    SHAYER, M       Learning intelligence                Cognitive acceleration across the
                                                                    curriculum from 5-15 years.

370.1523       BOWERS, CA      False promises of constructivist     Why these educational reforms fail to
BOW                            theories of learning                 take into account current critical
                                                                    issues like globalization, ecological
                                                                    crisis, etc.

370.1523 LEA   HART, S         Learning without limits              Critique on practices of ability labelling
                                                                    and ability-focused teaching.

370.72 LAN     LANKSHEAR, C    Handbook for teacher research        Guidelines to conduct good quality
                                                                    practitioner research.

371.042 LEA    MEIGHAN, R      Learning from home-based education   Rich diversity of home-based
                                                                    education is discussed and what
                                                                    schools may learn from the flexibility
                                                                    of practise.
371.042 LOW    LOWE, J         Educating your child at home         Guide for parents thinking about
                                                                    home-based education.

371.102 CAS    GOLDBLATT, PF   Cases for teacher development        Discussion of situations that most
                                                                    teachers will encounter in the
371.102 GIL    GILL, V         Ten commandments of                  Wisdom from a veteran teacher.
                               professionalism for teachers

371.102 TIL    TILESTON, DW    10 best teaching practices           How brain research, learning styles
                                                                    and standards define teaching
371.192 PRE    WEISS, HB       Preparing educators to involve       To assist teachers to partner
                               families                             effectively with the families of children
                                                                    in the primary school.

371.2 JON      JONES, J        Management skills in schools         Practical book on developing
                                                                    interpersonal skills rather than the

371.2 MUK      MUKHOPADHYAY,   Total quality management in          Practical guide to management of
               M               education                            quality education through TQM.
371.2011 KER   KERRY, T        Mastering deputy headship                Acquiring skills for future leadership.

371.2011 LEA   COLLARD, J      Leadership, gender & culture in          How these issues weave patterns in
                               education                                the lives of leaders and the impact
                                                                        there of.
371.2011 PRY   PRYOR, BW       School leader’s guide to                 Working with teachers, parents,
                               understanding attitude and influencing   students and the community.

371.2011 SPE   LUPI, M         Special women, special leaders           Special teachers and the challenge of
371.207 BUS    BUSH, T         Leadership and strategic                 Of central importance in raising
                               management in education                  standards in schools.

371.30281      BEEKMAN, L      Study power                              Mastering study and thinking skills.
371.33 MACK    McKENZIE, WL    Standards-based lessons for tech-        To inspire, encourage and support
                               savvy students                           learning across the curriculum.

371.33 ROB     ROBLYER, MD     Educational technology in action         Problem-based exercises for
                                                                        technology integration.

371.33446      PISKURICH, GM   Preparing learners for e-learning        Methods to become successful e-
PRE                                                                     learners.
371.3344678    SHANK, P        Making sense of online learning          Shows how these technologies work
SHA                                                                     and how to use them.

371.358 GLO    CARR-           Global perspectives on e-learning        Cases of international online
               CHELLMAN, AA                                             education showing problems and
371.358 HOF    HOFMANN, J      Live and online!                         Tips, techniques and activities for the
                                                                        virtual classroom.

371.425 GWI    GWIJI-ABU, B    Infinite career options                  Guide to all available career options
                                                                        and to make realistic plans for the
371.58 ROB     ROBINSON, G     Crying for help                          No blame approach to bullying.

371.90446      DOWNING, JE     Teaching literacy to students with       Support for obliterating obstacles to
DOW                            significant disabilities                 effective literacy instruction.

371.9046       McNARY, SJ      What successful; teachers do in          60 research-based training strategies
MACM                           inclusive classrooms                     to help learners to succeed.

371.9144 RAY   RAYMOND, S      Supporting dyslexic pupils 7-14          Structured programmes of learning
                               across the curriculum                    support for pupils.

372.21 EXC     MOYLES, J       Excellence of play                       Examines importance of play as tool
                                                                        for learning and teaching.

372.21 MACD    MacDONALD, S    Squish, sort, paint & build              200 easy learning center activities.

372.21 SCH     SCHILLER, P     Complete resource book for               More than 2000 activities and ideas.

372.6 WES      WEST, S         Literacy play                            300 dramatic activities that teach pre-
                                                                        reading skills.
372.6044 HOF   HOFMEYR, L      Tuis met Afrikaans. Graad 1              Afrikaans literacy learning program for
                               Tuis met Afrikaans. Graad 2              parent assisted learning.
                               Tuis met Afrikaans. Graad 3
372.6044       SWANEPOEL, G     English at home. Grade3                   Literacy learning program for parent
SWA                                                                       assisted learning.
372.7044 MAT   ANON             Maths at home. Grade 3                    Numeracy learning program for parent
                                                                          assisted learning.
372.7044 NUR   NYREN, P         Tuis met Wiskunde. Graad 2                Numeracy learning program for parent
                                                                          assisted learning.
372.7044 TUI   ANON             Tuis met Wiskunde. Graad 1                Numeracy learning program for parent
                                Tuis met Wiskunde. Graad 3                assisted learning.

373.14 LOU     LOUIS, KS        Aligning student support with             Guide for secondary principals.
                                achievement goals

374 FAS        FASOKUN, T       Psychology of adult learning in Africa    Cultural factors that influence
                                                                          behaviour and thinking of adult
374.13 CRA     CRANTON, P       Finding our way                           Comprehensive and practical guide
                                                                          for teachers who want to help adults
                                                                          to learn.
374.13 CRA     CRANTON, P       Planning instruction for adult learners   Practical procedures to plan
                                                                          instruction regardless of the content
                                                                          within which that instruction will take
379 EDU        SATTERTHWAITE,   Educational counter-cultures              For those interested in opposing
               J                                                          dominant educational discourses and
                                                                          to explore other ways of thinking.

390 EVE/J      LIEBESON, M      Everyday celebrations and rituals         Part of series World Book’s
                                                                          Celebrations and rituals around the
                                                                          world – for juvenile readers.

392.12 BIR/J   LIEBESON, M      Birth & growing up celebrations           Part of series World Book’s
                                                                          Celebrations and rituals around the
                                                                          world – for juvenile readers.

392.5 MAR/J    LIEBESON, M      Marriage celebrations                     Part of series World Book’s
                                                                          Celebrations and rituals around the
                                                                          world – for juvenile readers.
393.9 END/J    LIEBESON, M      End-of-life rituals                       Part of series World Book’s
                                                                          Celebrations and rituals around the
                                                                          world – for juvenile readers.
394 CUM/J      LIEBESON, M      Cumulative glossary and index             Part of series World Book’s
                                                                          Celebrations and rituals around the
                                                                          world – for juvenile readers.
394.26 NAT/J   LIEBESON, M      National celebrations                     Part of series World Book’s
                                                                          Celebrations and rituals around the
                                                                          world – for juvenile readers.
394.261        LIEBESON, M      Winter celebrations                       Part of series World Book’s
WIN/J                                                                     Celebrations and rituals around the
                                                                          world – for juvenile readers.
394.2614       LIEBESON, M      New Year’s celebrations                   Part of series World Book’s
NEW/J                                                                     Celebrations and rituals around the
                                                                          world – for juvenile readers.
394.262        LIEBESON, M      Spring celebrations                       Part of series World Book’s
SPR/J                                                                     Celebrations and rituals around the
                                                                          world – for juvenile readers.
394.264        LIEBESON, M      Harvest celebrations                      Part of series World Book’s
HAR/J                                                                     Celebrations and rituals around the
                                                                          world – for juvenile readers.
395.52 VANS    VAN              Etiquette                                 Guidelines to ensure business is
               SCHALKWYK, H                                               carried out with success and finesse.
                                        4 0 0 ~ LANGUAGE

401.9VYG       VYGOTSKY, L      Thought and language                   Interrelation of thoughts and speaking.

410.3 MAT/R    MATTHEWS, PH     Oxford concise dictionary of           Entries from phonetics to formal
                                linguistics                            semantics.

439.36321      WALPOLE, EW      My eerste tweetalige woordeboek =      More than 1000 words in both
WAL/J                           My first bilingual dictionary          languages – with Illustrations.

496.39775      WILKEN, P        Understanding everyday Setswana        Vocabulary and reference book for the
WIL                                                                    English speaking person to learn
                                                                       conversational Setswana.

                                 5 0 0 ~ SCIENCE (incl MATHS)

500 BRY        BRYSON, B        Short history of nearly everything     Quest to understand everything that
                                                                       happened from the Big Bang to the
                                                                       rise of civilizations.

507 LLE        LLEWELLYN, D     Teaching high school science through   Understanding inquiry-based
                                enquiry                                instruction.

507 UNI        COMMONWEALTH     Using museums to popularise science    To bring fun and relevance in the
               SECRETARIAT      and technology                         teaching.

507.1 COL      COLBURN, A       Lingo of learning                      Education terms every science
                                                                       teacher should know.
507.1073 PRO   RHOTON, J        Professional development leadership    For science teachers to understand
                                and the diverse learner                the circumstances in which
                                                                       professional development most
                                                                       influence learner learning.

507.12 GIL     GILBERT, SW      Understanding models in earth and      Examples and background on models
                                space science                          to help students make sense of the
                                                                       subject area.

507.6 HUD      HUDSON-LAMB, D   Science SG, Gr 12                      Matric examination papers with
507.6 SCI      DORAN, R         Science educator’s guide to            Activities with scoring rubrics.
                                laboratory assessment

510.71 MAR     MAREE, K         Ontrafel wiskunde                      How children can overcome their fear
                                                                       for maths.
510.71 SUT     SUTHERLAND, R    Teaching for learning mathematics      Exploring the factors that influence
                                                                       learners’ learning of the subject.

510.76 WIS     ANON             Wiskunde SG, Graad 12                  Study guide in the X-Kit series.

520.78 SMI     SMITH, PS        Project earth science: astronomy       Information and activities to explain
551.07 FOR     FORD, BA           Project earth science: geology        Information and activities to explain
551.46 FOR     FORD, BA           Project earth science: physical       Information and activities to explain
                                  oceanography                          concepts.

                              6 0 0 ~ TECHNOLOGY (incl MANAGEMENT)

613.071 GIL    GILBERT, GG        Health education                      Creating strategies for school and
                                                                        community health.
615.5 RAT      RATTENBURY, J      Understanding alternative medicine    Description of history, key principles
                                                                        and required education of five
                                                                        different medical systems.

616.852606     GILBERT, S         Counselling for eating disorders      Practical guide using techniques from
GIL                                                                     “cognitive behavioural therapy.

616.9792003    WATSTEIN, SB       Encyclopedia of HIV and AIDS          Comprehensive guide to biological,
WAT                                                                     medical, financial, legal, political and
                                                                        social terms.
618.9285506    JOHANSSON, I       Language development in children      Programme encourages language
JOH                               with special needs                    acquisition and using the type of
                                                                        language appropriate in different

618.9285889    PAUC, R            Is that my child?                     Exploring myths of Dyspraxia,
PAU                                                                     Dyslexia, Tourette’s Syndrome, ADD,
                                                                        ADHD and OCD.

620.82 NOR     NORMAN, DA         Design of everyday things             Cognitive aspects of design to design
                                                                        of objects that are more usable.

621.381 BRI    BRINDLEY, K        Starting electronics                  Practical guide to electronic
                                                                        construction and the design of simple
621.381 FRY    FRYLINCK, CJ       Electrotechnology 1 for technicians   Textbook on theories with problems
                                                                        likely to encounter in real situations.

621.3916076    MEYERS, M          All in one A+ certification           Exam guide for hardware and
MEY                                                                     operating system technology.

624.1 STR      OWEN-JACKSON,      Structures                            Developing subject knowledge in
               G                                                        design and technology.

635.9772       MORROW, C          Bonsai success in Southern Africa     As hobby, horticultural practice and
MOR                                                                     art form.

639.9 LAG      LA GRANGE, M       Capture, care and management of       Process of working with wild life n
                                  wildlife                              southern Africa.

641.5622 STE   STEENKAMP, G       Sustained energy for kids             Recipes for healthy food that kids will
646.7 FRI      FRIEDLAND, L       Self                                  Health and life guide for women.

649.1 MAR      MAREE, K           My kind slimmer sonder sukkel         How parents can stimulate their
                                                                        children form an early age to become
                                                                        mere intelligent.
652.307 LOT    LOTZ, E          Typing techniques – Tiktegniek           Exercises for speed and accuracy.

657.076 HAT    HATTINGH, A      Rekeningkunde. HG en SG. Gr 11 &         Study guide in the X-kit series.

658.049 HIL    HILL, CWL        International business                   Competing in the global marketplace.

658.15 SWA     SWAN, J          Practical financial modelling            Guide to building and using financial
658.1511 DRU   DRURY, C         Management and cost accounting           Textbook for the ways of constructing
                                                                         accounting information. With
                                                                         Student’s Manual.

658.155 VAL    VALSAMAKIS, AC   Risk management                          Guidelines to managing enterprise
658.3 LUC      LUCIA, AD        Art and science of competency            Pinpointing critical success factors in
                                models                                   organizations.

658.30019      COOK, M          Psychological assessment in the          Guide for selecting, promoting and
COO                             workplace                                assessing in an organisation.

658.300285     GUEUTAL, HG      Brave new world of e-HR                  How technology is used in the
BRA                                                                      effective management of employees.

658.3008 SAL   SALISBURY, JC    Investigating harassment and             Practical guide when conducting a
                                discrimination complaints                sound investigation.

658.3124 CAR   CAREW, J         Mentor                                   Keys to success in sales, business
                                                                         and life.
658.3124 DES   DESSINGER, JC    Confirmative evaluation                  Practical strategies for valuing
                                                                         continuous improvement.

658.3124 DRI   DRISCOLL, M      Advanced web-based training              Strategies for addressing common
                                strategies                               challenges when designing e-learning.

658.3124 HAL   HALE, J          Performance-based evaluation             Tools and techniques to measure
                                                                         impact of training

658.3124       SWART, J         Human resource development               Strategies and tactics.
658.3124 LEA   MASIE, E         Learning rants, raves, and reflections   Feelings and perspectives on learning
                                                                         and development.

658.3124 SIL   SILBERMAN, M     Active training                          Techniques, designs, case examples
                                                                         and tips.
658.3124 PIK   PIKE, B          50 creative training openers and         Innovative ways to start training with a
                                energizers                               bang.

658.3124 UKE   UKENS, LL        Energize your audience!                  Quick activities to get them started
                                                                         and keep them going.

658.312404     BARBAZETTE, J    Instant case studies                     How to design, adapt and use case
BAR                                                                      studies in training.
658.312404     EL-SHAMY, S      How to design and deliver training for   Tools to change training styles to be
ELS                             the new and emerging generations         learner-centred.

658.312404     SILBERMAN, M     101 ways to make training active         To promote learning, involvement and
SIL                                                                      change.
658.312404     VALENTI, DC      Training budgets step-by-step            Guide to planning and budgeting
VAL                                                                      strategically-aligned training.
658.312404     WACKER, MB      Stories trainers tell               55 ready-to-use stories to making
WAC                                                                training stick.
658.314 FRE    FREEMANTLE, D   Biz                                 50 little things that make a big
                                                                   difference in team motivation and
658.314 PSY    SONNENTAG, S    Psychological management of         Performance concepts, work design,
                               individual performance              cognitive ability and personality as
                                                                   predictors of performance.

658.3145 PRO   FRITZ, JMH      Problematic relationships in the    Workplace relationships, how they
                               workplace                           have impact on people and
                                                                   approaches to increase wellness.

658.315 TUS    TUSTIN, C       Labour relations                    Psychology of conflict and negotiation.

658.4012 HAL   HALE, J         Performance-based management        What every manager should do to get
658.4012       HODGKINSON,     Competent organization              Psychological analysis of the strategic
HOD            GP                                                  management process.

658.4012 STR   KAUFMAN, R      Strategic planning for success      Aligning people, performance and
658.4022 PAR   PARKER, G       Team depot                          585 tools to reassess rejuvenate and
                                                                   rehabilitate the team.

658.4022 PFE   BIECH, E        Pfeiffer book of successful team-   Models for building a high-
                               building tools                      performance team.

658.4022 REE   REES, F         Facilitator excellence handbook     Comprehensive guide to range of
                                                                   skills, processes and knowledge.

658.4022 REE   REES, F         How to lead work teams              Skills for becoming a successful team
658.4038       KOENIG, ME      Knowledge management lessons        Survey of recent applications and
KNO                            learned                             innovations.

658.404 EDW    EDWARDS, PJ     Risk management in project          For anyone involved in organisational
                               organisations                       decision-making for projects.

658.404 NIC    NICHOLAS, JM    Project management for business     Origins, philosophy, methodology and
                               engineering                         applications.

658.406 GAL    GALBRAITH, J    Designing dynamic organizations     Hands-on guide for leaders at all
658.406 LEE    LEE, WW         Organizing change                   Approach to maintain productivity and
                                                                   achieve results.
658.406 REI    BRADFORD, DL    Reinventing organization            New approaches to change in
                               development                         organizations.

658.407 HUG    HUGHES, M       Emotional intelligence in action    Training and coaching activities for
                                                                   leaders and managers.

658.4092       MAXWELL, JC     360º leader                         How to develop influence and
MAX                                                                leadership from anywhere in the
658.4092       MAXWELL, JC     Word die leier wat jy kán wees      Principles of inspiration, motivating
MAX                                                                and influencing others.
658.4092 YUK   YUKL, G         Flexible leadership                 Creating value by balancing multiple
                                                                   challenges and choices.
658.4095 CLA    CLARKE, S         Managing the risk of workplace stress   Guidelines for audit, assessment and
                                                                          mitigation of workplace stressors.

658.45 BRA      BRANDT, RC        Flip charts                             How to draw and use them.

658.45 CLA      CLAMPITT, PG      Communicating for managerial            Strategic-choice approach to
                                  effectiveness                           organizational communication.

658.45 FIE      FIELDING, M       Effective communication in              Preparing wide range of written and
                                  organisations                           spoken business messages.

658.45 PUT      PUTH, G           Communicating leader                    Guidelines on how to unlock the
                                                                          secrets to strategic alignment in a

658.8 MAC       MACHADO, R        Marketing for entrepreneurs             Basic understanding and steps in
                                                                          developing marketing plan.

658.8342 SCH    SCHIFFMAN, LG     Consumer behaviour                      Impact of the new media on
                                                                          information seeking, purchasing
                                                                          options and decision making.

                                7 0 0 ~ ARTS, SPORT & RECREATION

708.968 ART     BECKER, R         Art routes                              Guide to SA art collections.

741.2 EDW       EDWARDS, B        New drawing on the right side of the    Guided practice in the 5 basic skills of
                                  brain                                   drawing.

741.6 CLA       CLARK, RC         Graphics for learning                   Guidelines for planning, designing and
                                                                          evaluating visuals in training material.

745.922 SCH     SCHOLTZ, N        Flowers for your home                   Breaking the mould in flower

796.069 COM     PARKS, JB         Contemporary sport management           Comprehensive introduction.

796.0968 TOU    EATON, T          Touchlines and deadlines                Collection of SA sport writing.

796.01 LER      LE ROUX, R        Optimise your sports performance        Reaching potential by developing the
                                  through emotional intelligence          inner qualities.

796.334 BAI/J   BAILEY, D         Great moments in World Cup history      Tells the story of the tournament. Part
                                                                          of juvenile series “World Soccer

796.334         SOMMERS, AL       Great national soccer teams             Part of juvenile series “World Soccer
SOM/J                                                                     Books”.

796.334         VELáZQUEZ DE      Top soccer tournaments around the       Part of juvenile series “World Soccer
VEL/J           LEóN, M           world                                   Books”.
                                8 0 0 ~ LITERATURE (incl FICTION)

DUP            DU PLESSIS, H     Splinters                        Collection of the author’s short stories.

ENC            MEDALIE, D        Encounters                       Anthology of SA short stories.

MAT            MATTHEE, D        Fiela se kind                    Novel about a boy’s origins and
VDV            VAN DER VYVER,    Vergenoeg                        Novel about human relationships.
VANH           VAN HEERDEN, E    Stilte na die boek               Collection of essays.

VONM           VON MECK, A       Vaselinetjie                     Novel about child abuse.

808.066 WEI    WEIDEMAN, A       Academic literacy                Range of skills, competencies and
                                                                  learning strategies needed by
808.87 LAU     BRETT, S          Laughter is the best medicine    Collection of jokes, comics, poems,
                                                                  etc for use at any occasion.

839.3609 KAN   KANNEMEYER, JC    Afrikaanse literatuur            Comprehensive history of the
                                                                  literature from 1652-2004.

                                 9 0 0 ~ HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY

910.76 MAN     MANSON, A         Aardrykskunde. HG en SG. Gr 12   Study guide in X-kit series.

920 A-Z/J      THOMPSON, B       They are Africans                Biographies of 17 personalities who
                                                                  have contributed towards the goals of

920 A-Z/J      VELáZQUEZ DE      20 soccer legends                Part of juvenile series “World Soccer
               LEóN, M                                            Books”.

920 A-Z/J      VELáZQUEZ DE      20 soccer superstars             Part of juvenile series “World Soccer
               LEóN, M                                            Books”.

920 A-Z/JR     ANON              World Book’s biographical        8 volume set with short information
                                 encyclopedia of scientists       and photographs. Not for circulation.

920            ROBERTS, RS       No cold kitchen                  Biography of the author.

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