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									                                                                          2013 Guidelines

                                   New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Programs

            Deadline:October 12,2012
The Community Arts Grants are competitive arts grants that provide financial and technical
assistance for community-based arts and culture program by eligible non-profit organizations
or sponsored artists in Allegany, Cattaraugus and Chautauqua Counties. These grants are
administered by The Cattaraugus County Arts Council (CCAC) and funded by the New York
State Council on the Arts (NYSCA).

    Purpose of the Decentralization Program (DEC) is to foster the continued development
      of local cultural resources responsive to community needs

       The DEC program is funded by the New York State Council on the Arts and is
        administered locally by the Cattaraugus County Arts Council

       DEC helps to ensure access to arts and culture in each of the 62 counties of New York
        State, including areas that are geographically isolated, economically disadvantaged,
        and ethnically diverse.

       DEC funding provides support for community-based arts & cultural activities through a
        local decision making grant process that reflects the unique character of each

Grant Workshops
The following free information workshops offer assistance in understanding the grant process,
the program guidelines, the grant application and provide grant writing tips. All grant
applicants are required to attend a grant workshop. No pre-registration required; just drop in!
Individual grant assistance and planning sessions are available. Contact Courtney at
716.372.7455 or

Grant Workshops                                            Dunkirk, NY
8/20- 12pm- CCAC, 100 West Main St, Allegany NY
                                                           9/6- 6-8pm- Patterson Library, 40 Portage St,
8/20- 6pm- Cuba Circulating Library, 39 E. Main St,        Westfield, NY
Cuba, NY
                                                           9/10- 6-8pm- Randolph Free Library, 26 Jamestown St,
8/23- 6pm- Wide Awake Club Library, 46 W. Main St,         Randolph, NY

8/28- 6-8pm- David Howe Public Library, 155 N. Main        Online Applications, PDF's and Computer Assistance
St, Wellsville NY                                          Only: Worried about applying online? We can help.

9/4- 12-2pm- Jamestown Audubon Society                     8/31- 12-2pm- Reg Studio Theater, 108 East Third
                                                           Street, Jamestown, NY
9/4- 5-7pm- Dunkirk Free Library, 536 Central Ave,         9/7- 6-8pm CCAC, 100 West Main Street, Allegany, NY
Applicants must be an established nonprofit organization, a local government
municipality, or sponsored artist legally located in Allegany, Cattaraugus or
Chautauqua County.

Applicants must have an active Board of Directors/ Trustees or volunteer group that
meets on a regular basis.

Applicants must demonstrate a need for funding through updated financial data.

Applicants must not exclude persons with disabilities, according to the 1991 Americans
with Disabilities Act

Chapters of national organizations must have their own non-profit status in the tri-
county service area and may not use the non-profit status of group-ruling parent

Individual artists and non-incorporated arts organizations residing or legally located in
the tri-county service area may apply for CAG funding through the fiscal sponsorship of
a qualified non-profit that meets the above criteria

Artists must be over the age of 21

Students enrolled in a degree program are not eligible for funding

NOTE: Organizations that apply directly to NYSCA for 2013 funding may NOT apply for
funding from CCAC, regardless of the status of the NYSCA application

An organization can apply for CAG and AEG within the same year. The total number of
projects can be three and the funding request can not exceed $5,000.

Funding Policies
Grants are awarded from $300-$5,000

Organizations may submit up to three (3) separate grant applications for three
separate and distinctly different programs but funds may not exceed a total of $5,000.

Community Arts Grants is not intended to fund the total expense of any project.
Applicants must seek and commit other sources of revenue and support in addition to
the requested funds. Creative collaborations and support from community
organizations and businesses are strongly encouraged. All proposals must show income
that is equal to or greater than 20% of the total project request.

The priority of CAG is to fund the arts related aspects for the proposed project:
-artist fees, supplies and materials needed for the execution of the program,
production costs.

Funding may also be requested for marketing/publicity and other outreach costs and
administrative expenses.

Projects must be open to the general public in a fully handicap accessible location and
take place between January 1, 2013- December 31, 2013.
Funding Restrictions
Funding can NOT be provided for:

Any applicant that does not demonstrate          20% or more income towards project

Requests that are greater than an organizations total operating expenses minus total
operating income.

Capital expenditures

Equipment purchases

Expenditures for the establishment of a new organization

Cultural activities restricted to an organization’s membership. Funded activities must
be open to the general public and advertised as such.

Programs targeted primarily for home-schooled populations.

Commission or installations of art.

Operational expenses of privately-owned facilities (home and studios)

Entertainment costs (theatre parties, openings, receptions and fundraising)

Accumulated operating deficits or debt reductions

Awards or prizes for contests or competitions.

Programs or projects outside the county of the legal address of the applicant

Programs that are essentially recreational, therapeutic, rehabilitative or social.
Decentralization funds are not appropriate for magic shows, clowns, balloons,
bubble demonstrations, nature or animal presentation, refreshments or portable
restroom rentals.

Application Evaluation
A diverse panel of artists, art professional, educators and local civic, business, and
community leaders will review all applications. The panel recommends a level of
funding based on the degree to which the applicant meets or exceeds the evaluative
criteria. The applications that will remain competitive through the grant process will
be those that provide clean and succinct answers to the points listed below.

 CCAC’s Programs & Grants Manager will gladly review and critique a draft of
your narrative up to two weeks prior to the deadline date. All drafts have to be
                 submitted by email to Courtney Blackmon at
Review Criteria
Narrative: Your proposal will be evaluated primarily on the basis of your project narrative.
Using up to two 8 ½” x 11” single-sided sheets of paper, give a complete description of your
project for which you are seeking grant funding. Please do not use a font smaller than 10 pt or
margins less than ½”. Attach the narrative to the application in PDF format. If you need help
creating a PDF please visit When you are composing your narrative
please be sure that the evaluative criteria that are outlined above have been
incorporated into your project’s description. You may arrange your narrative in any format
that you choose, but please address the following points:

Artistic merit
    o Describe the artistic merit represented with this project.
    o Describe the artistic component of the project including ways in which the
        program contains artistic, innovative, creative, original, and/or diverse
    o Describe the artistic personnel associated with this project including their
        qualifications, role, and degree to which they were involved in planning this

Community need and/or community benefit
   o Describe the current community need and/or community benefit that this
     project will meet.
   o Describe how the project offers artistic or creative opportunities and
     experiences to communities and people in areas that are underserved by the
   o Describe how your project demonstrates or encourages collaborations among
     other organizations or businesses
   o Describe demonstrated or anticipated support within the community for this

Project management and implementation
   o Describe who will be responsible for the development, programmatic and
       financial management, and implementation of this project.
   o Describe the logistics of this project such as the venue(s), site capacity, and
   o Describe the marketing and publicity plan that will be designed for this
   o Provide a complete and reasonable project budget that demonstrates a valid
       need for this grant request. All proposals must show income that is equal to or
       greater than 20% of the total project expenses.

Goals and objectives
   o Describe the goals and objectives established for this project and the
       anticipated actions to achieve them.
   o Describe how you will evaluate and assess this project to determine the degree
       to which the goals and objectives are achieved.
   o Describe what adjustments you will have to make to this project if partial
       funding is awarded and whether the adjustments will have an impact on the
       overall project.

Organizational responsibility
 o Provide a brief background on your organization/artistic resume describing its
    history, mission, purpose, administrative/management structure and financial
Grantee Responsibilities
Successful applicants are responsible        The contact people listed on the
for administering and executing funded       application should be the people most
projects in a professional, accountable      knowledgeable about the project.
and business-like manner.
                                             Failure to complete this part of the
Grantee’s must sign a Cultural Service           process will result in no funding.
Agreement outlining expectation.
                                             Following a thorough collective review
All unspent funds must be returned to        and discussion, the panel will make
CCAC for redistribution.                     recommendations to fund a proposed
                                             project at a certain level of funding or
Final reports must be completed 30           to deny funding.
days after completion of project or
Notify CCAC of events                        All applications will now be online.
                                             Please visit under
Publication and promo material MUST          grants to find the application link.
give proper credit to NYSCA and CCAC.        Below you find required application
                                             information. A version of the online
Provide CCAC 2 tickets to every event        application for print (not to be turned
where admission is charged.                  in) is available on

Send acknowledgement of Community
Arts Grant to all state elected officials.   Please have this information ready
                                             when completing your online
A representative must attend the             application
annual grants award reception in early       - Organizational Information (address,
2012.                                        website, nonprofit status, fiscal year
                                             - One sentence explanation of your
                                             request (in this form) Who your
Appeals                                      organization is, how much you are
Appeal of a decision may be made to an       applying for and what is your project.
independent three-person appeals
panel. Appeals are heard only on the         - List of your board of directors (names
following grounds:                           and titles only)

 o   Non-presentation of information         - Please explain the contact your
     by Council staff or panelist.           organization has had with any
                                             performers, artists or hired personnel
 o   Misrepresentation of information        specifically for this project.
     by Council staff or panelist.
                                             -If you are a sponsored artist, what is
 o   Improper procedure.                     the agreement you have with the
                                             sponsoring organization.

Application Review                           -If you have applied for this grant in
All applications will be checked for         the past, please explain how your
eligibility, completeness, and accuracy.     organization or programs have changed
The applicant’s contact person may be        for the better. What did you learn from
asked to meet with the Community Arts        your past programs?
Grants Coordinator to review the
application and to answer questions
proposed by the panel members.
                                              Separate Attachments/Uploads

Major Artist/ Performers-Please list
artistic personnel involved with project
including artists, instructors etc.
Include their name, short bio and/or
websites. This is now limited to 1 page.

Budget Sheet- Please use provided
budget sheet, save as a pdf and upload
as an attachment. ( I have provided
steps on on how to
create PDF documents)

Support Material– Panelist also like to       All grant applications must,
see photographs, video, and promotion         without exception, be received
material that will (or has been used)         by 5pm on Friday October 12th,
for your events. Please only submit 2-3       2012. This is not a postmark
of the best representation of your
organization.                                 deadline!

NonProfit Status Paperwork
-IRS Section 501(c)(3) Letter

-NYS Not-for-Profit Charter from Board of
Regents under Section 216 of Education

-NYS Charities Registration (Article 7A),
with the organizations registration number
                                              Courtney Blackmon
-Certificate of Incorporation under Section
                                              Programs & Grants Manager
402 of the NYS Not-For-Profit Law,
                                     | 716-372-7455
                                              100 West Main Street | Allegany NY 14706
Financial Statement
From applicants more recent
completed fiscal year. Can be audited
financial statement, treasures report,
or applicants most recent IRS Form 990

Application Instructions:
No paper or email applications will be
accepted. All applications must be
completed online

Must be E-Signed by appropriate
officers from the organization.

Received by October 12th, 2012 at
5pm. CCAC will NOT accept any late

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