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									                     Washoe Tribe of Nevada & California
                           Native TANF Program
                           Request for Proposals

       Facilitation of Community Youth Education and Recreation Activities
                                 February 8, 2006

Project Need:
The Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California administers the Native Temporary
Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program for Washoe families residing in
Woodfords, Dresslerville, Carson and Stewart Communities. This program has a duty to
provide services to directly address the four following TANF purposes 1) provide
assistance to needy families so that their children may be cared for in their own homes or
in the homes of relatives; 2) to end the dependence of needy parents on the government
benefits by promoting job preparation, work and marriage; 3) Prevent and reduce the
incidence of out-of-wedlock pregnancies, and 4) to encourage the formation and
maintenance of two parent families.

The Washoe Native TANF Program is in need of assistance with the facilitation of Youth
Activities including after-school tutoring, recreation, cultural and prevention activities.
This process will involve a commitment from each Washoe Community responding to
this RFP to provide specific activities designed to promote achievement of educational
goals, and enhance cultural ties, and promote healthy lifestyle choices. The following is a
request for proposals to assist with the facilitation of Washoe Community Youth
Education and Recreation Activities.

Project Description:
The goal of this program will provide a stable and safe environment for children to learn
about healthy endeavors, including sports, cultural activities, hobbies, nutritious foods
and enhance educational achievement which will encourage students to stay in school and
avoid substance abuse, thereby reducing teenage pregnancies.

Project Locations: The Washoe Tribal Communities of Alpine, Dresslerville, Carson
and Stewart.

Scope of Work:
Proposals must provide clear description of the specific services and activities the
community proposes to provide and the timeline within which these services will be
provided. These activities must be designed to promote the goals of TANF as described
above. The proposal must also clearly define the Community Staff members that will be
responsible for carrying out the scope of work. Activities and services may include but
are not limited to:
              Academic tutoring
              Study skills and time management
              Leadership activities and training
              Career awareness
              Cultural activities including language, art and crafts, basketry, native foods,
               survival skills and ceremonies
              Traditional and non-traditional youth prevention activities
              Recreation activities
              Teen pregnancy prevention
              Healthy lifestyles
              Vocational training

Timeline: Each project shall be for a period not to exceed one year. Contracts must
have a specific start and end date.

Prior to the beginning of the project, each community must provide monthly calendars
which include the planned activities and events. Monthly reports will be required and
must include the daily sign in sheets, a summary of the activities and services provided
during the month. A final report will be due upon completion of the project which will
include an evaluation of the effectiveness of the program, summary of the activities
provided to the participants, evaluations completed by the participants and the total
number of participants served.

Budget: Proposals will be limited to $15,000 per proposal with a maximum of 4
proposals per year per Community. The budget must include a detailed line item budget
with all costs included and a narrative budget justification which clearly describes each
line item in the budget. Expenditures must meet the allowability standards of the 45 CFR
286 and OMB circulars A-102, A-133, A-87 and the Common rule. TANF funds can not
be used for construction.

Proposal Format:
If interested in providing these services, please submit the following:
      Cover letter, briefly summarizing the proposed Community Youth Education and
         Recreation Activities to be provided.
      Explain the administrative capacity and staff members’ knowledge and skills
         available to facilitate the services.
      Location(s) where the proposed services and activities will be held.
      Proposed scope of work which must provide specific calendars of proposed
         activities, target population (ages of youth to be included in specific activities),
         how these activities address the goals of the program, and how the Community
         will provide these services.
      The program budget should be as detailed as possible, and line item details and
      Include resumes of each and all individuals proposing to work on this project – all
       adults that will be working with the youth must complete a drug test and
       background check through the Washoe Tribe.

Selection Process and Timeline:
Proposals may be submitted via mail, email or fax to:
       Jorge B. López, Executive Director
       Sacramento Tribal TANF
       3831 North Freeway Boulevard, Ste. 100
       Sacramento, CA 95834

       Telephone: (916) 920-3150
       Fax: (916) 920-7959
       Email: jraju@washoetanf.org

Deadline for submissions: Proposals will be considered on an ongoing basis as they are
received. Proposals will be reviewed and awarded within four weeks of the submission

Evaluation Criteria: A total of 20 points will be weighted as follows:

           5 points   Detailed scope of work and timeline
           5 points   Linkage of project activities to the goals of TANF
           5 points   Demonstration of capacity to fulfill the objectives of the program
                      and meet the reporting requirements
           5 points   Budget – total cost, and detailed line item justifications

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