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					Consumer Behavior

   What is consumer behavior?
Why do we study consumer behavior?
       Consumer Behavior
• The decision process and physical activity
  that individuals or groups of individuals or
  organizations engage in when:
        » evaluating
        » acquiring
        » using, or
        » disposing
  of goods and services they expect will
  satisfy their needs.
Consumer Behavior Researchers:
• Try to answer the following questions:
  »   Who buys what?
  »   What is bought? What is the decision process?
  »   Why is something bought?
  »   When is something bought?
  »   Where is something bought?
  »   How often is something bought or consumed?
      Development of Consumer
         Behavior Research
• Related to marketing orientations
  »   Production orientation
  »   Product orientation
  »   Selling orientation
  »   Market orientation, marketing concept
   Development of Consumer
  Behavior Research, continued
• Related to economic and social factors
  »   Accelerated rate of new product development
  »   Consumer movement
  »   Public policy concerns
  »   Environmental concerns
  »   Growth of international markets
         Ethics in Marketing
• Related to the study of consumer behavior
  is the issue of ethics, both from the
  consumer’s standpoint and the marketer’s
  – Marketers are often blamed for being unethical
  – Consumers also engage in unethical behaviors
        Ethical Philosophies
• Teleology
  – Utilitariansim; cost/benefit analysis
  – Moral worth of a behavior is determined by its
• Deontology
  – Moral worth is determined by the results of a
    particular action
  – Categorical imperative--willing to have actions
    become universal laws applying equally to
    Societal Marketing Concept
• Social responsibility

  – Marketers should meet needs of target markets
    in ways that improve society as a whole while
    fulfilling the objectives of the organization.

  – All companies prosper when society prospers.

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