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This year although the ‘business as usual’ work has
      continued in order to distribute timely and
   accurate information to would be graduates; it is
   those exiting HE who need more real help now
             rather than those entering it

Overall Communication Plan
                                   Graduate Leaflet / Press Ads

                                                              Button sent to stakeholders
 Button sent to graduate recruitment &
    graduate careers info websites

                   Graduates                                          Employers
Life after graduation                                     Press Ads featured
    leaflet sent to all                                       in national and
   university careers                                            trade press.
                      PR                       4

On going activity until March 2010 telling the very positive 5K or 10K internship story
                      Direct Mail                 5

  Employer focused e-mailer                           Graduate focused e-mailer
                                                          and AGCAS PDF

Direct Mail – to Grads and parents, and
employers offers precision targeting by using
most accurate mailing lists (a rifle shot not a
                   Supported by:           6

•   Radio – targeting graduates and primarily their
    parents but also employers to create halo effect,
    and provide campaign stature and drives
    awareness over three bursts reaching 70%
    parents @ 14 OTH

•   Search – maximised via Google to drive clicks to
    the website from both Graduates and employers
    Est 400,000clicks
•   Online digital display driving response in relevant
    editorial to graduates. Estimated 1.1 million
    unique users

•   Online partnership – using face book we estimate
    we will reach 100,000 for 10 minutes on average
    targeting graduates

•   Pre-wave to gauge awareness of the opportunities available to graduates
     –   2009 Graduates
     –   Parents of 2009 Graduates
     –   General Public
•   Representative sample of all businesses to gauge awareness and attitudes of
    GTP as well as usage and attitudes towards employing graduate interns

Other areas we are working on

•   PCDL
•   14-19
•   Vocational Qualification Reform
•   Apprenticeships
•   Aimhigher

•     2009/2010 tour now underway with 5 new facilitators (recent graduates)
•     Recent update of the Aimhigher Brochures
•     New interactive system on the laptops

    The 2008/2009 Aimhigher roadshow has increased the amount
    of students reached from previous year by 23% and continues
    to receive encouraging feedback from both tutors and students.

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