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					             About Good Catch and the organisations involved
Good Catch – cooking for change, serving the future
Good Catch is a collaborative project that helps the foodservice sector navigate seafood
sustainability. It brings together the work of organisations including: the Marine Conservation Society
(MCS), the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and SeaWeb’s Seafood Choices. Good Catch directs
foodservice professionals to a range of user-friendly materials and activities on sustainable
seafood. These create a collection of clear, consistent information and practical support, specifically
designed to help restaurants and related businesses improve the sustainability of the seafood
they buy, serve and promote.

                 Marine Conservation Society (MCS)
                 The Marine Conservation Society is the UK charity dedicated to caring for our seas,
                 shores and wildlife. MCS campaigns for clean seas and beaches, sustainable fisheries,
and protection for all marine life. The MCS aquaculture and fisheries programme promotes sustainable
seafood consumption through its consumer awareness programme and by working directly with the
seafood industry. The MCS’ web resource,, provides information on the relative
environmental sustainablility of seafood available in the UK, along with information on fishing and farming

                    Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)
                    The MSC is an international non-profit organisation that was set up in 1997 to
                    promote solutions to the problem of overfishing. The MSC runs the only widely
recognised environmental certification and eco-labeling programme for wild capture fisheries. It is also
the only seafood eco-label that meets the highest international eco-labelling guidelines.
The MSC operates two standards – one for well-managed sustainable fisheries and one for traceability.
In order to bear the MSC label, every link in the supply chain – from ocean to plate –has to be certified
for traceability so that if you buy fish with the MSC tick, you know if can be traced back to the certified
sustainable fishery that caught it.
In total, over 200 fisheries are engaged in the MSC programme; cod, haddock, coley and mackerel are
all available with the blue MSC eco-label.

               SeaWeb – Seafood Choices
                Seafood Choices, an international programme of SeaWeb, provides leadership and
                creates opportunities for change across the seafood industry and ocean conservation
community. Seafood Choices is about co-operation and identifying creative solutions to long-held
challenges. By building relationships and stimulating dialogue, Seafood Choices is encouraging and
challenging all sectors of the seafood industry along the path toward sustainability.

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