New Hampshire Aging and Disability Resource Center by 5N343H


									               New Hampshire ServiceLink Aging and Disability Resource Center - Functional Staffing Model
                                                  Updated 7\22\04

    Needs assessments, LTS counseling and                                                               Site operations & team process mgt; team
    referrals; site visits to persons discharged                                                        supervision; performance measurement
    to rehab & SNF; lead some public                                                                    reporting; subcontract mgt; mgt of public
    education; team coordination of referrals,                                                          education curriculum; mgt of volunteer
    case management, case tech components                                                               program; public awareness; community &
    & short term case tracking; QA related to                    ServiceLink RC Manager                 provider relationship development;
    LTS provider performance; some                                                                      program review & CQI w/State Office;
    telephone/walk-in intake & provider                                                                 some consumer intake
    relationship development
                                                                                                                       First contact with
    Office appointments and                                            LEGEND                                          consumers, phone/web
    site visits for face-to-face                                                                                       intake; information &
    LOC assessments and              LTS Counselor(s)                  = Office based            Referral              referral; resource research;
    redeterminations for                                               at Resource              Specialist             application assistance;
    Medicaid and private-                                              Center                                          appointment scheduling;
    pay consumer; HCBC                                                                                                 consumer satisfaction
    eligibility determination;                                         = Available at                                  follow-up; database
                                        LTS Nurse(s)                                             Caregiver
    care plan development                                              the Resource                                    update; library
    and authorization of care                                          Center                                          maintenance; Medicare
    plan changes; some                                                                                                 Learning Center consumer
    telephone/walk-in intake                                                                                           assistance
                                                                      HCBC Case            APS Social
                                                   DFA,DEAS           Management           Worker(s)              Caregiver support and
                                                    Support          Agencies’ Reps        Supervisor             consultation, some telephone
                                                   Specialists            (3)                                     intake/information and referral,
                                                                                                                  facilitate development of family
   Financial eligibility determination &                                                                          caregiver network.
   processing; case troubleshooting;                        HCBC consumer assignments to
   monitoring of re-determination                           case managers; ongoing              APS investigation, counseling, and
   requirements; opening/closing HCBC                       management of service plans         related services; administration of Title
   status in NewHeights                                                                         XX services


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