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student flow chart by 5N343H


									                             GREENFIELD MIDDLE SCHOOL
                                Student Behavior Management Process

                                         Teacher observes your behavior.

                                                                                                   You will get a
        Re-direct             No                     Is the behavior a                   Yes
                                                                                                 pass to in-house.
                                                     MAJOR offense?

       Give Verbal
     Warning (Yellow)

                                     MINOR OFFENSE                  MAJOR OFFENSE
                                   (dealt with by teacher)    (dealt with by administration)         Administrator
       appropriate             Defiance/Disrespect –            Abusive Language                    determines
                                Low Intensity                    Arson                              consequence
    behavior to meet
                               Disruption – Low Intensity       Bomb Threat/False Alarm
                               Dress Code Violation             Defiance/Disrespect – High
        (Yellow)               Inappropriate Language            Intensity
                               Other                            Disruption – High Intensity
                               Physical Contact/                Dress Code Violation
                                Physical Aggression              Fighting
                               Property Misuse                  Forgery/Theft
                               Tardy                            Gang Affiliation
       Classroom               Technology Violation             Harassment/Bullying
                                                                 Inappropriate Display of
     Consequence &
     Minor Incident
                                                                 Inappropriate Location/Out
    Report & phone-                                               of Bounds
    call home (Red)                                              Dishonesty
                                                                 Other Behavior
                                                                 Physical Aggression
                                                                 Property
                                                                 Truancy
   Have you received                                             Technology Violation
     3 REDS in this                                              Alcohol
    classroom in the                                             Combustibles
                                                                 Drugs
       last WEEK?
                                                                 Tobacco
                                                                 Weapons
      No         Yes

Change your    This is now
 behavior       a major
 and earn       offense.
Hawk Pride                           EVERY DAY IS A CLEAN SLATE. MAKE GOOD CHOICES
                                              AND DISPLAY HAWK PRIDE!!

    Be Ready                       Be Responsible                                Be Respectful

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