How To Obtain AT raining Feedback Number by 5N343H


									                       How To Obtain A Training Feedback Number

All preparedness grants, including EMPG, are required to have a training request (feedback/tracking) number
within 30 days of a training event (DHS requirement).

This Training Feedback Number must be obtained by the subgrantee, prior to the event, which affords the Cal EMA
Training Division a chance to look at the training that is requested and make sure that it meets DHS/FEMA

All EMPG funded subgrantees must obtain a tracking number through the Cal EMA Training Division.

Obtain the Feedback Number from Once on this page, proceed through the following links:
 1. From the Tool Bar, select “Training Division” from the “TRAINING”
    drop-down menu
 2. On this page, select the “Training Request Form” link
 3. In the middle of this page, select the “TRAINING REQUEST FORM” link
 4. Complete the Training Request Form and click “Submit” at the bottom of
    the page

Or follow the direct link listed below to the “Training Request Form”:

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