Cross Functional Team Setup Steps by 5N343H


									Cross Functional Team Setup Steps and Guidelines
June 22, 2008

Startup Activities

   1. Cross Functional Team Sponsor (CFS)/Cross Functional Team Manager(CFM)
         a. Creates Goal and Success Statement (G&SS)
                  i. Send to Directors for approval and to ensure no overlap of duties –
                     escalation to VCIT if needed
         b. Review policy/procedures on OIT web site –
         c. Develop team membership
                  i. Discuss with member’s functional manager
                         1. Review any policy issues (telecommuting, on-call, etc)
                         2. Review how much effort needed
                         3. Review changes to team member’s work plan
         d. Begin completion of Cross Functional Team Setup Template and forward to
         e. Create QuickBase Project for team based on PMO Cross Functional Team
             project template.
         f. Set up recurring meetings for Cross Functional team
   2. CFM assembles team (include PMO office in first meeting for intro)
   3. CFM provides
         a. G&SS to the team
         b. Any and all procedures created by upper management
                  i. Escalation (See below)
                 ii. Telecommuting
                iii. Comp-time
                iv. Flextime
                 v. On-call
                vi. Adverse Weather

   4. Team starts to create:
         a. Communication plans in accordance with the Communication Framework to
                  i. Team-to-Team Communication
                 ii. Team-to-Management Communication.
                iii. Team-to-Helpdesk Communication.
                iv. Other plans created as needed over time
         b. Complete Cross Functional Team Setup Template and forward to PMO
Ongoing activities
       Update PMO Quickbase Project with:
             o Team status (monthly)
             o Critical Issues List (as needed)
             o VCIT Update if needed
       Raise issues and concerns via the escalation procedure listed below
       Meet monthly or more often with Functional Managers of Cross Functional Team
       Schedule regular meetings with Sponsor
       Review Work plans and appraisals with Functional Manager (20% rule – Craig
         Zimmer to provide links)

   CFM/CFS Guidelines and Procedures
      Escalation procedure (Conflict of Resources :human, funding, machines ,time :
        technical direction or prioritization)
            1. Review with Functional manager
            2. If needed escalate to CFS
            3. If needed have CFS escalate to the directors
      Process Improvement
             Anonymous feedback via web post or email to PMO
             PMO Office will evaluate response and forward to Directors
             Directors will review and make decision
             Add to this document if needed and re-publish
             PMO will evaluate regularly to verify improvements and make requested
               changes as needed.
      Directors are responsible for defining who has allocation of funding.
      Changes in strategic directions need to be reviewed by management.

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