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									                                           Consultants to Management
Who we are … BPS delivers business solutions to the healthcare industry by combining a unique blend of technology and
marketing to:

                    Help reduce costs …
                    Improve patient satisfaction …
                    Build a competitive advantage in your market …

                    We have been providing management consulting
                    services to our clients for over 15 years. Our goal is
                    to help clients drive improved profitability and market
                    share through the use of IT automation, business
                    process improvements and marketing services.

                    Our Healthcare practice includes:
                                                                                          Smart Card
                       Strategic Consulting
                       Marketing Services
                       IT Strategy
                       System Integration
                       Infrastructure Advisory Services
 Kiosk                 EMR/EHR Assessment
                       Hospital Dashboard

BPS’s expertise with the functional/operational, management, and technology requirements of physician practices,
hospitals, and health systems, combined with our insight into the vendor market, makes us well qualified to assist our
clients through an efficient and complete system acquisition process. We employ a comprehensive system acquisition
methodology that is easily adaptable to a client’s unique needs and requirements.

Our application expertise focuses on patient access and enterprise resource
planning, as well as decision support systems. We have a breadth of knowledge
in those core applications and are experienced regarding the requirements of
healthcare organizations in today’s complex environment. Our strength lies not
only in our experience with the leading vendors and system technologies, but
also in our strong understanding of the client organizations and operations that
these systems must support.

Own Patient Loyalty in Your Market—Send Revenue Faster to
Your Bottom Line
    Are you looking to purchase an EMR/EHR system?
                                                                                           Smart Card Reader
    Do you know which technologies best suits your needs?
    Do you have the resources and time to evaluate the best solution for
       your specific needs?
    Are you aware of the marketing benefits of EMR/EHR?

Our EMR/HER Assessment includes:

        Comprehensive Requirements Definition
        EMR Research
        Technology Options
        Return on Investment Calculations
        Vendor Selection/Solution Demonstrations
        Contract Negotiations

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