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									Company Profile:

        World of Summit Innovation (W.S.I. Co.,Ltd.) is a holding company of Summit
Group, Energy Conservation, Engineering, Consulting and service provider which
managed by our executives representing administration, engineering, marketing, sales,
and finance. These executives bring to the company a large degree of experience in the
electricity utility industry. They perceived and opportunity to acquire a significant
amount of market share by focusing on the specific needs of the industry and by
providing greater precision controls to their products than other competitors.

Mission Statement:

W. S.I is dedicated to helping business reduce energy cost by lowering their energy
consumption and save earth by helping the global warming

Our service
        We provide energy services to reduce energy consumption and save energy cost
to suitable with customer system

                                           W.S.I Co; Ltd

                                            27/34 Sukumwit 19 Bangkok 10110,

                                           Tel: +66(0) 2 642-2478,

                                           Fax: +66(0)2 642-3085
Energy audit

        The energy audit is a measure of the energy used in the present and find
effective ways to reduce energy consumption. The service will have three levels for
households, Business and industry
        Energy saving consult team will audit of energy use in the area and identify
locations that can reduce energy consumption.
        This service is a thorough analysis of energy consumption data by measuring the
energy consumption of appliances and lighting in all areas that require authentication
and then to find an effective way to reduce energy consumption include the proposal for
calculating costs and saving rate to customer for decision to investment

Coverage of the service

       This service is ideal for business and industry to reduce energy consumption
provide maximize profits to customer and calculate base on current data to define
production costs saving, the payback period and the cost of the investment

Data analysis

        W.S.I will initial analysis energy consumption data base on the charge of
electricity, equipment, AMR meter, the control system
        For detailed analysis will record data from the survey onsite by power analyzer to
monitoring and record for calculation energy consumption

Energy saving provide

       W.S.I to record and monitoring energy consumption by installation of measuring
the real space for analyze and understand the power system of customer

Technical assessment and project management

       W.S.I will provide energy saving project proposal based on measurements of
energy consumption and indentify the way to deal with the potential to reduce energy
consumption and energy costs
      W.S.I monitoring and record by installation equipment and program to determine
the power consumption during project period

 Training and support

       Employees are important key that will provide and analysis to reduce energy
consumption and energy saving plan approach to the customer.
      W.S.I provides Energy saving training course to employees and also provide
seminar on energy to staff

Infrared testing services

       W.S.I can be tested for the infrared scan testing, which has become one of the
most powerful diagnostic technologies in the field of building management systems.
        We use our infrared surveys to detect and an analysis of the temperature in the
building systems, electrical systems, mechanical systems and other structures.
       Our service will help you find out and fix problems that may be harmful and the
damage which is not visible.
       We also have to fix, maintenance, fault analysis and repair for improvement
system performance.
Our Product:

        Improve Your Efficiency, Increase Your Productivity, and Saving the Energy
The modern industrial world is changing, and faced with increasing energy costs,
stricter regulation and globalization we must demand more performance from the
machines that we use. That’s why W.S.I is employing the unique electrical properties of
superconductor materials to construct Energy Saving Device that redefine the way in
which use electrical energy.
      Together with our technology partner from Korea Keseco who developed
sophisticated electrical saving device by improving current without dropping the voltage .
       W.S.I has collaborated and co-operation with the PEA Encom, in the direction of
the Authority to operate in the energy business. We have a product called ULTRA that a
revolutionary new technology to save energy by improving the current of electricity
without load effect or to reduce the voltage.

       In addition, we have LED bulbs designed to be used for lighting the road for a
replacement for traditional uses High-pressure lamps (HPS) both products will help you
save money and energy and reduce carbon and greenhouse effect gases and promote
policies to reduce global warming and energy efficiency.

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