Dear vice presidents and deans by J12XI447


									                                                      November 29, 2005
Dear vice presidents and deans:

        President Casteen has received notification of the Commonwealth Management
Institute’s spring 2006 management development programs sponsored by Virginia
Commonwealth University. Detailed program information and application forms are
available at:

        The Advanced Management Institute (AMI) is a three-day professional
development program for graduates of the Commonwealth Management Institute (CMI).
It provides an opportunity to continue growth as leaders and managers, building on the
management and leadership skills gained in the CMI. The spring session will be June 6-8
in Charlottesville. Application deadline is April 28, 2006.

       The Commonwealth Management Institute (CMI) is a five-day program for
mid-level managers that identifies and enhances management and leadership skills. The
program is for staff who have responsibility for developing policy options, managing
other people, or managing a major program or administrative function. Spring 2006
sessions are April 24-28 in Hampton, or May 15-19 in Williamsburg. Nomination letters
and candidate information forms are due by January 6, 2006.

        The Virginia Supervisory Institute (VSI) is a two-and-a-half day professional
development program that provides an opportunity for experienced front-line supervisors
to enhance their skills and abilities. The VSI is designed specifically for experienced
supervisors who have as their primary responsibility overseeing the day-to-day work of
one or more employees and who have previously attended or received supervisory
training. Participants may earn 1.5 continuing education credits for this institute. Two
spring 2006 sessions are scheduled: Session 1 on May 9-11, and session 2 on June 27-29.
Both sessions are in Richmond. Applications are accepted until each class is full.

         Fundamentals for Supervisors (FFS) is a three-and-a-half day program, offered
in two sessions spaced approximately one month apart. FFS, designed for new
supervisors or those individuals who wish to hone their supervisory skills, delivers
practical, timely, skill-based activities that address the fundamentals required to supervise
staff effectively. Two spring 2006 sessions are scheduled to take place in Richmond. The
first session will be held on March 15-16 and April 5-6; the second session will be held
on April 26-27 and May 24-25. Applications are accepted until each session is full.
        Supervision Preview Institute (SPI) is a two-day program for public sector
employees who aspire to a supervisory position. The session is designed to provide
participants with a chance to explore the realities of managing the work of others and of
appreciating the difference between “doing the work” and in getting work done through
others. Participants may earn 1.2 continuing education units for this institute. The spring
2006 session will take place on March 28-29, in Richmond. Applications are accepted
until the class is full.

        Please share this information with people who are interested and who might
benefit from this leadership training.

                                                     Joan B. Fry
                                                     Special Assistant to the President

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