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									Have a SUCCESSFUL Senior Year
               Timelines for 9th – 10th
•   For Freshmen and Sophomores
•   Before the school year gets underway, you should start practicing good time
    management and organization skills.
•   If you don't already, start using a daily planner to organize your schedule and keep
    track of homework and other activities.
•    Get involved! If you are involved in extracurricular (Clubs) & volunteering
    activities, you should start keeping track of your hours and activities/projects for
    college admission applications.
•   Plan ahead so you can balance your time successfully between these activities and
    your school work.
•   Start a PORTFOLIO of all your activities both on campus as well as in the
•   CLASS RANKING starts HERE!!!! This impacts admissions as well as scholarships!
•    At the end of your sophomore year, begin finding out about DUAL Credit and AP
    courses for college credit from your guidance counselor.
•   The PLAN test will be given your sophomore year. This is a good indicator as to
    where you are for the ACT. You can also take the PSAT your sophomore year.
Personality/Career Test
• It is a great idea to take a personality test
  (ASVAB) your junior year to begin identifying
  which career your personality is best suited
• Once you have identified the career, you can
  begin to see which colleges are the best
  choice for that type of career
• You can inquire at your local school, Guidance
  Office, for more information.
                             11th (Assessment/Scholarship search)

•   11th Grade
•   Academics are always your first responsibility in high school, but in-depth
    involvement in extracurricular activities provides another learning experience
    (Keep track of your GPA and class ranking).
•   Volunteer to lead a project: Serve as a committee or project chair. Develop your
    problem-solving, organizational, and leadership abilities. (add to PORTFOLIO)
•   Know the sponsor: Interact more with the adult or faculty sponsor of the clubs or
    organizations you belong to. This person may prove to be a great advisor through
    high school (You will need to ask them to provide you with a LETTER of
    RECOMMENDATION for college)
•   Continue taking AP classes as well as DUAL Credit classes, if available.
•   Begin to take ACT prep classes and take exam as early as possible
•   Register to take the ACT. You will take the ACT in March for free, you do not need
    to register for the March test given at school.
•   Begin scholarship search: online application to local scholarships, online
    scholarships, as well as institutional scholarships (those provided at the
    college/university you are applying to).
•   Make sure you are on track to graduate, if not, what do you need to do about it?
                           SENIOR YEAR
•   Check to see that you have completed all the courses necessary for graduation. If
    not, make sure they are on your schedule for your senior year.
•   Take and Retake (if necessary) ACT and/or SAT. Study and work hard to pass all
    sections of required tests NOTE: Check EARLY to see which is accepted at the
    college/university you are applying to..
•   Ensure you have done the following:
     – submitted applications (common application or individual application to
         college/university) prior to deadlines
     – Submitted all scholarship applications prior to deadline
     – Requested a PIN for you and for your parent in order to complete the FAFSA
•   Completed the FAFSA (www.fafsa.gov) as early as possible (applications can be
    submitted starting January 1st of each year for the following academic year.)
    Accept Financial Aid offered.
• Most schools require you to fill out the FAFSA whether you are attending a
  technical school, University, College or if you know you won’t qualify for
  financial aid.
                     Admissions Process

•   Research Your Options
•   Not sure which college or university you'd like to apply to? Not sure about the requirements
    for applying to the one you’ve chosen? Here's some information you might find helpful:
•   Take a Campus Visit
•   You are allowed 2 excused college visit absences per year, your Senior year. You will need to
    check the website of the school you are interested in visiting, for Spotlight days or days/ times
    they offer campus tours. Some schools will waive the application fee if you visit their school.
    Ask questions about admission acceptance when you are on your visit. All schools have
    different admissions policies.
•   Admission Applications
•   If you apply with a paper application or online, most schools require you to pay a fee to apply.
    Sometimes the application fees are cheaper if you apply online. If you are on Free/Reduced
    lunch and applying to colleges, your Guidance Counselor can fill out a fee waiver for
    application fees for schools in Kentucky. Not all colleges, technical schools or universities
    accept fee waivers, however, we can send an application fee waiver for you. Schools will also
    need a copy of your high school transcripts, you will need to get a copy from the Guidance
    Office or have the Guidance office mail your transcript to the school of your choice.
                        ACT Information
•   Important dates
•   Test Name          Scheduled                   Regular             Late
•                       Test Date                  Reg. Deadline       Reg. Deadline
•    ACT              February 11, 2012            January 13, 2012    Jan. 14-20, 2012
                      April 14, 2012               March 9, 2012       Mar. 10-23, 2012

•   To get more information on the SAT or SAT Subject Tests, access useful tools, or
    register, visit the College Board's Web site(www.collegeboard.org) or call (866)

•   To get more information on the ACT and to access useful tools, or register, visit :
           Scholarship Search
• Check the Guidance Counseling website for
  Scholarship information. All Scholarship
  information that is offered to students at our
  high school is on the website. We have a
  spreadsheet with detailed information on the
  name of the scholarship, when it’s due and
  where to get an application. Please check the
  website regularly and also check your school
  email account for scholarship applications
  emailed directly to you.
         Creating a College Budget
• 1) Access the college “Cost of Attendance” link on the college
  website or from the Getting In book that is distributed to Seniors at
  the beginning of the year.
• 2) Pay attention to the costs for each item (tuition/fees,
  books/supplies, transportation, personal items, room/board)
• 3) Log on to www.kheaa.com and create a zip access account then
  fill out your college cost and planning report.
• 4) www.GoHigherKY.org is also a great website for checking out
  different financial aid avenues and processes.
• 5) Compare school award letters (loans, scholarships, etc.)
• 6) Create a PIN from www.pin.ed.gov and Apply for federal/state
  scholarship/loans ASAP after January 1st at (www.fafsa.gov).

• Please contact the Guidance Counselor at
  (502)484-4197 or email

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