Head of Science Person Spec by N0bd7F


									                                     Alfreton Grange Arts College

                                Head of Science - PERSON SPECIFICATION

                                                Essential                                          Desirable
Education and          A Degree.                                                               Further relevant
Training               Qualified Teacher Status.                                                qualifications
                                                                                                 eg. Higher Degree, LftM
                       Evidence of relevant continued professional development over the
                        last three years.
Experience             Proven record of successful middle management.                          Implementation of a
                       Sound knowledge of Post 16 development                                   whole school initiative.
                       Proven track record in raising standards of learning and teaching.
                       Development of innovative learning and teaching.
                       Experience of development planning and monitoring its
                       Experience of working in at least two educational establishments.
                       Experience of promoting the general progress and well-being of
                        students, including ‘groups’.
                       A record of implementing change programmes to raise standards
                        relating to student progress.
                       Evidence of successful leadership and management.
                       Experience of carrying out monitoring, evaluation and review
Specialist Skills      The ability to communicate and implement a clear vision.                The ability and desire to
and Knowledge          Able to think and act strategically.                                     teach across the age and
                                                                                                 ability range.
                       Able to relate to, and work with, college stakeholders, the local
                                                                                                Good understanding of
                        and wider community.
                       Able to implement the Headteacher’s vision and direction for the
                       High-level personal ICT skills.
                       Committed to workforce reform.
                       Able to contribute to the College Behaviour Management systems,
                        so that effective learning can take place.
                       The ability to generate high expectations, enthusiasm and
                       Wisdom to delegate where appropriate.
                       One of the lead professionals in the college.
                       High level of written, oral and presentational skills.
                       Excellent organisational skills.
                       High-level ability to understand and use performance data to
                        inform development activities.
Personal               Energetic, able to work under pressure and meet deadlines.              Be willing to lead
Attributes             Exceptional interpersonal skills in managing individuals.                extra-curricular
                       An awareness of, and an understanding and commitment to,                 activities.
                        inclusion and equal opportunities.
                       Understanding of the importance of a work/life balance.
                       Approachable, consistent and highly emotionally intelligent.
                       Able to vary leadership style to best address leadership issues.
                       Visible, high profile leader.
                       Able to work in a non-smoking environment.
                       Have the potential for further professional development and/or
                        future promotion.
                       All staff must adhere to the college professional dress code.

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