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                      Online Certificate Program Application

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The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership is
centered on building core competencies necessary for leaders in the nonprofit sector.
Students must fulfill all 10 competencies to receive their certificate. These competencies
are met through academic coursework, co-curricular activities, a 300-hr internship and
attendance at one Management/Leadership Institute (AMI). The certificate is conferred
upon the completion of these requirements and verification that the student has received a
bachelor’s degree from an accredited four year institution of higher education.

I, _______________________________________________, have read the UNT Online Nonprofit Leadership
Alliance certificate requirements document and reviewed the 10 Nonprofit Leadership
Alliance competencies and would like to pursue the online certificate option. I understand
it is my responsibility to ensure all requirements are met, in consultation with the Campus
Executive Director (CED) and proper documentation of my activities are filed with the CED
to ensure certification.

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