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					Why you need a resume even if you own your own business

As a business owner, you may think that having an up-to-date resume is
not as important as it would be if you were actively seeking a new job.
However, having an updated resume is critical for any professional, even
if you are not looking for a job. Small business owners should have an
updated resume in order to be able to share their professional experience
with potential investors, vendors, clients, etc.

If you have a viable business idea and are looking to start your own
business, it is important that you have a very well written, polished,
professional resume. You will need to use your resume, along with your
business plan, in order to gain investment opportunities for your
business and gets started. Your resume should be written as if you are
applying to be a business owner of the organization you wish to start.
While this may sounds silly, as you would of course be working for
yourself, it is important to show your investors that you have
professional experience to run the business you are proposing. Your
qualifications, career goals, education and prior experience should all
be aligned with your business venture.

Once you have started your own business, you will come in contact with
vendors, independent contractors, and clients who will want to know what
you are about before they decide to do business with you. While you can
promote your business through a web site, or other advertising mediums,
if you are new to what you do, people will want to know about you. To
help assure then in your abilities, you can use a resume to let them know
of your qualifications. You can use the same resume for your vendors or
clients as you used you’re your investors. Keep in mind that any
financial goals pertaining to the business, that may be necessary for
your investors, should never appear on the resume or personal letter you
send to your clients or business partners. Your professional summary
should be changed to show how you would service your clients or your
vendors; a statement about client satisfaction would be necessary in a
resume you are to share with your clients, for example.

Additionally, as a small business owner, you may have an opportunity to
branch out into another business, start a new location of your existing
business, partner with another company, or even have an opportunity to go
work for a larger company in your field. In each of these scenarios, you
may need an up-to-date resume highlighting your professional and
entraprenureal experience. It is best to have a prepared resume, and keep
updating it or customizing it for specific audiences as necessary. Avoid
finding yourself in a position of not having a resume when requested, or
having to develop a resume from a blank page in a short period of time.
This exposes you to appearing unprofessional, and not representing
yourself or your business in a professional and serious light. Thus, you
will want to have a well-written and a well-formatted resume even if you
own your own business; marketing yourself well, in addition to marketing
your business well, will assure your success as a business owner.

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