Panorama Elementary 2006 - 2007 by N0bd7F


									        Panorama Elementary 2007 - 2008
  Physical Education Behavior Management Plan
                                 Teacher: Mr. Davenport

        All classroom procedures and rules have been repeatedly reviewed in P.E. classes.
Teachers have ensured repeatedly that the rules and procedures have been reviewed with
the students through class discussions. Occasionally, the teachers will review all of the
rules and procedures at any point in time throughout the course of the year.

                                      Discipline Rubric:

          Offense #                    Consequence                    Consequence

         1st Offense                 Verbal Warning            No additional Consequence

                                                               Severe behavior in the time
         2nd Offense                 5 minute time out           out will warrant name
                                                                written down. Call home.

                                                                  Name written down on
         3rd Offense                 5 minute time out            “Call parents to these
                                                               students” form. Call home.

                                                                   “4 Square Writing
         4th Offense                 5 minute time out
                                                                   Assignment” given.

       Further offenses             Parent conference          Administrative intervention

             Other Classroom management actions that have been implemented:

       Students who do not meet behavioral standards may be assigned responsibilities.
        For example, if their behavior allows it, responsibilities could include the
        following: daily stretching leader, end of day clean up / collection of equipment.
       Two “Sports Awards” will be given every class for students that follow
        directions, play the games fairly, and have good sportsmanship
       Two students will be chosen to lead warm-ups every day.
       Lunch with Mr. Davenport tickets.

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