Job Description for Temporary Primary Consultant - Teaching and by WOGu5ZKm


									Job Description for Literacy/Numeracy Consultants - Teaching
and Learning
Reports to:
Responsible for: Contributing to raising standards in Literacy and Numeracy in North Solihull
                 Collaborative of Schools
Main Purpose:      Consultants will be expected to:

                   • provide training, and school-based consultancy to all schools in the North
                   Solihull Collaborative;

                   • provide advice to schools to promote and ensure the improvement of
                   teaching and learning and the implementation of agreed strategies;

                   • assist in the raising of standards in schools and particularly at the end of key

                   • assist in promoting best practice across all schools in the collaborative;

                   • monitor, evaluate and report to the NSC management board on the progress
                   of the LAs primary schools and settings.

                   Consultants will be based at Yorkswood Primary School. Daily use of a car
                   and possession of a current, valid driving licence are essential.

Main Activities:   SPECIFIC DUTIES

                   To provide support for schools in improving the quality of teaching and
                   learning, and with raising standards, particularly in English and Mathematics,

                   • supporting curricular and standards audits of schools;

                   • leading courses based on the outcomes of audits and in conjunction with all
                   headteachers to support schools in developing positive teaching, learning and
                   effective leadership and management especially of English and Mathematics;

                   • running twilight sessions, according to identified needs;

                   • working closely with identified schools by offering support, guidance and
                   challenge to teachers, co-ordinators, headteachers, staff and governors;

                   • providing school-based consultancy, including support for school meetings
                   and training, and modelling successful teaching and management strategies in

                   • supporting effective links between schools;

                   • advising senior management teams and co-ordinators on the management
                   and monitoring of English and Mathematics;

                   • developing strategies to help schools to promote and sustain high standards
                   of teaching and learning, in particular English and Mathematics, without
                   intensive external support;

Car Allowance:     Essential user car rates payable

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