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									Resident Involvement Impact Report 2010/11

Title of engagement activity: Dodworth Area Steering Group 23rd May 2012
Brief description of activity: Regular meetings held in the community to discuss service priorities, BH performance in Estate
Management issues, discussing local issues/ concerns and to agree how to spend local devolved budget

Purpose/Expected outcomes: To agree local action plans to address local concerns in partnership with other service providers. Report
back on outcomes from Estate Walkabouts, matters raised at previous meetings and work ordered from devolved budget

The meeting discussed local issues                                        Who attended :
and agreed several action points for     Matters arising from previous
next meeting.                                                                   5 Berneslai Homes Officers
Agenda Items were:
                                         minutes                                2 local members                 At next meeting to provide feedback
Welcomes and Introductions                                                      1 Neighbourhood Pride officer   on action points in minutes.
Apologies                                   Eric updated the group on          3 residents
Minutes of previous meeting                  the current situation with         1 North Area Partnership        Housing Management Team to seek
Matters arising                                                                  Officer BMBC                    to increase number of resident reps
Housing Management                           the Garages at Gilroyd.                                             attending the meeting .If you are
Estate Walkabout updates                                                                                         interested in attending this Steering
Devolved Budget                             Grass cutting now up and                                            Group please contact Suzy Brown
SNT / ASB Update                                                                                                 07976 531937
                                             running, Paul informed the
Time and date of next meeting :              group that they do 12 cuts a Date of Next Meeting
11th July 2012 1pm                           year.
The meeting followed on directly after
the Crime and safety meeting                Eric explained how the       The Dodworth Crime and Safety
                                             Welfare Benefit changes      Sub Group Meeting will be held
Eric Steer , Housing Management              will affect residents and
Team Leader , presented his
                                                                          on Wednesday 11th July 2012 at
housing management and
                                             Berneslai Homes.             1:00 pm followed by the
performance report for period since                                       Dodworth Steering Group
last meeting                                Tom explained the new        Meeting at 2pm
                                             RTB regulations to the       The meetings will take place at
                                             group.                       Pollyfox Community Centre.
Resident Involvement Impact Report 2010/11

                                       Councillor Carr raised the
                                        issue of Furnished
                                        Tenancies; Joanne
                                        informed the group how
                                        they work.

                                   Housing Management Team

                                   Eric provided information on
                                   team performance:

                                        Environmental Delegated

                                       Eric asked the group for
                                        ideas for potential projects.

                                       One possible scheme is the
                                        Saville Road Flats and the
                                        erection of new gates.
                                        David asked whether they
                                        could use a key pad entry
                                        system. Eric will check the
Resident Involvement Impact Report 2010/11

                                       Councillor Carr asked if the
                                        grassed area on Naylor
                                        Grove could be considered.
                                        Eric explained that this has
                                        previously been looked at,
                                        but was found to be too

                                         Repairs Service

                                         Tom Feeney & Bernice
                                          Bowler explained to the
                                          group what there section
                                          does and how it works.

                                         Cllr Perrin asked Tom
                                          about the poor condition
                                          of the footpaths in
                                          Gilroyd/ Dodworth
                                          around the bungalows.
                                          Tom to arrange for
                                          another inspection and to
                                          feed back to the
                                          councillors. Eric is to co-
                                          ordinate a joint inspection
                                          with local members.
Resident Involvement Impact Report 2010/11

                                         Cllr Perrin raised an issue
                                          where a new tenant
                                          moving into a property
                                          where decent homes work
                                          was previously refused,
                                          would we carry out the
                                          work now. Tom informed
                                          us that unfortunately there
                                          is no budget, but he will
                                          arrange for an inspection
                                          to be carried out and then
                                          inform the councillors of
                                          his decision.

                                         Cllr Carr raised issue over
                                          some roads in area being
                                          in a poor condition. Tom
                                          explained that these
                                          should be passed onto the
                                          Highways department.
Resident Involvement Impact Report 2010/11

                                   Safer Neighbourhood Team

                                       Unfortunately there was no
                                        one present from the SNT
                                        to report to the group.

                                   Neighbourhood Pride Report

                                       Paul informed group grass
                                        cutting on 3rd cut but there
                                        have been some issues with
                                        the poor weather.

                                       Jackie mentioned drying
                                        area at Wharncliffe needing
                                        weed killing and Pollyfox
                                        patio area also needs weed

                                       Malcolm asked if a litter
                                        bin could be sited in
                                        Higham near Playground.
                                        Also David asked if a bin
                                        could be sited on junction
                                        of The Link and Saville
Resident Involvement Impact Report 2010/11

                                         Road, Gilroyd.

                                   Environmental Issues

                                       Garage Sites : Nothing to

                                       Fly Tipping : No issues

                                       Abandoned Vehicles :

                                       Graffiti : Nothing to report

                                       Dog Fouling: Still an issue
                                        at the bottom wreck, Pilley
                                        Hill and near Higham
                                        cricket club & wreck.

                                       Litter : No major issues

                                       Grass Cutting : No issues
Resident Involvement Impact Report 2010/11

                                   Any Other Business

                                       Cllr Carr asked about the
                                        Berneslai Homes
                                        succession policy. Eric
                                        explained how the policy

                                       Cllr Carr informed the
                                        group about up coming
                                        events and issues of interest
                                        within the Steering Group

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