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									                                  Shirenewton Community Council
Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Shirenewton Community Council held on May 11th 2009 at Shirenewton
Recreation Hall.

             Ms B Moore
                 J Harvey
                 C Eickhoff
            Mrs S Saysell
                 K Morton
            Mrs B Leaf
                 J Eede
                 R Mitchell
            Mrs E McCombe
 Councillor G Down Monmouthshire County Council
 PC Cowburn

In attendance:
             Mrs C Jones      Clerk

 Minute 2317 To appoint Chairman for 2009/2010
The out-going Chairman, Cllr Mitchell, thanked members and the Clerk for the support they had given
throughout the year. He reflected on the past year and the various issues that the Community Council had
been involved in ( report attached)
It was unanimously agreed that Cllr Eede be elected as Chairman for 2009/2010

Cllr Eede expressed thanks to Cllr Mitchell on behalf of the Community Council for his year in Office

Minute 2318 To appoint Vice Chairman for 2008/2010
It was unanimously agreed that Cllr McCombe be elected as Vice Chairman for 2009/2010

Minute 2319 To appoint representatives
It was unanimously agreed to appoint Representatives as follows:-

a) One Voice Wales
Cllr John Harvey
Cllr Liz McCombe

b) Shirenewton Recreation Association
Cllr Beverley Moore
Cllr Sally Saysell

c) Monmouthshire County Planning Committee
Cllr John Eede

d) Shirenewton and Mynyddbach Fields Association
Cllr Beverley Leaf

e) Environment Sub-Committee
Cllr Beverley Leaf
Cllr Charles Eickhoff
Cllr Robin Mitchell

f) Llanmelin Hill Fort Management Committee
Cllr John Eede
Cllr John Harvey
Cllr ken Morton

f) Shirenewton School Board of Governors
There is no requirement to appoint a representative at this time as Cllr Mitchell is the representative until

Minute 2320 To adopt Community Council accounts
The Community Council accounts for the year ending 31st March 2009 were introduced to Members. They
had been audited by Mr Phil Brabon. Members certified that the Financial statement represented the
Council’s financial position and adoption of the accounts was approved.

The Chairman closed the Annual Meeting and the Ordinary meeting followed.




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